Out-of-the-Box Life Insurance Opportunities

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.
Let’s make the most of it!


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“Great to become aware of all the resouces available on lifehappens.org. I will start using the social media posts.” – Sarah Skofield

“There is so much information that is available through the Life Happens website. I’m excited to use some of the material.” – Keith Eakins

“Didn’t realize Life Happens had material that can be customized – looking forward to using it.” – Joe Swiderski

“What a great idea to send the calculator to clients as a response to “I don’t believe in life insurance.” Loved the pre-approach letter with 1,000,000 bill idea. I just signed up for Life Happens resources.” – Jim Kinser

“Marvin’s book, ‘Man on a Mission’ looks awesome. I will reach out to lifehappens.org to get started.” – Albert Kirchner

“Learned the real advantages of using Social Media in marketing.” – Duke Marston

“Great to learn about the early use of reverse mortages. Also looking forward to using the Life Happens material.” – Jim Shaffer

“NAIFA has excellent resources. I will utilize NAIFA resources more often.” – Andrea Harbin

“Awesome to listen to Marv Feldman’s information on how I can use Real Wealth® Marketing and Life Happens to promote my brand/business. I am just returning to the personal production business. Also, Ramona Fasula’s information was excellent . . . I agree that her services could be a great value added. I’m going to become a subscriber of Life Happens Pro and Real Wealth® Marketing.” – Donald Fleming

“Great info. Would like to hear more about reverse mortgages in the future.” – Tony Woelfel

“Great resources at www.Lifehappens.org. I will be using the insurance calculator.” – Laura ScobeeAwareness of the DOL Issues More time spent looking at the DOL issues Paul Morassutti

“Good awareness of the DOL Issues. I will spend more time preparing.” – Paul Morassutti

“There are so many possibilities for client contact using Life Happens! Looking forwar to attending a DOL workshop in Dallas.” – Sarah Kerr

“Didn’t know about Marv Feldman’s new book – can’t wait to read it and sign up for life happens pro.” – Kevin Scott

“The DOL update, resources for life awareness month, helping awareness of my practice… great stuff. I need to start using the web and social media to grow my practice.” – Michael Labedz

“This was a good reminder to sell more life insurance.” – Andrea Groeneweg

“Awesome marketing tools. I’ll be adding the videos to my website.” – Chuck Tiedje

“Good review of Life Happens. I will start using Life Happens Social Media more actively.” – Bob Isley

“Loved the additional info on the DOL. I am registered for the Nebraska NAIFA DOL workshop.” – Dave Skutnik

“Learned so much about the Life Happens resources and how to connect with prospects with it.” – Mark Miller

“Don’t ask the $$$ questions…ask the ‘touchy-feely’ questions.” – David Tetschlag

“DOL is not total death to the industry if you’re prepared. I’m excited to sell more permanent life insurance.” – Curtis Neuman

“Glad I know how to be proactive with LIFE materials and also how to sell with a wellness edge. I’ll use the Life materials better and engage the wellness where appropriate.” – Glenn Newlin

“It was great to see how Life Happens creates a great partner for an agent.  I’ll be sure to make use of more of their resource information.” – James Boylan

“It got me motivated to get involved & stay involved in our industry.  I will have more appointments to position my carriers and services in the minds of the general public.” – Dana Hayes

“Jules Gaudreau update it was very good!” – Randall Reichenbach

“I liked Marv’s approach with Life Happens, I’ll be buying his book.” – Chris Liebum

“I really liked both the update on reverse mortages and on the DOL rule! Thanks!” – Debra Stein

“There were some refreshing ideas, I’ll just continue contacting people, and telling the story.” – William L. Dunbar

“This inspired me to think outside the box.  I will follow the DOL more closely and get more back into L.I. business.” – Robert Heller

“I’m looking forward to reading Marv’s book Man on a Mission.” – Noel Lezama

“I liked the Life Happens information. Look at every business as an opportunity.” – Edna Perkins

“Great marketing opportunities through lifehappens.org, I’ll send life insurance calculators to clients!” – Dave Barr

“Interesting Health Coach idea.  I’m not sure of direction yet with my agency because of DOL rule, so I’ll be sure to attend the DOL seminars.” – Brian Thomson

“I learned about Life Happens.org, I’ll try and connect better with clients more on the emotional level.” – Douglas Miller

“This motivated me to increase my social media presence.” – Glen Montgomery

“Great to lear about the resources available through Life Happens. I’ll start using Life Happens materials via email.” – Merrell Dean

“Marvin Feldman is great, can’t wait to read his top questions to ask and his book Man on a mission.” – Anthony Petrozzella

“Marv’s talk summarized and organized all the LIAM material for me, the summary made it usable. I will incorporate the LIAM material this month. The idea about the health coach was a good differentiator.” – Wade Scott

“I learned the ease of availability of life happens resources, can’t wait to jump in and start using it.” – Larry Langford

“Thanks for the Life Happens resources and preparing for DOL Rule deadlines.” – Rick Thomas

“Liked learning about life happens and Marv Feldman, I’ll check out life happens and will try to be more proactive in using their tools.” – Paul Woita

“[Today’s presentation] put more emphasis on regular policy reviews with existing clients. I’ll be sending out more info on life insurance to leverage LIAM.” – Rodney Trottman

“It showed how to access things from Life Happens and how to get a membership to life happens PRO.” – Gina Mills

“I was impressed by the large amount of resources available through Life Happens. I’ll look into more social media out reach.” – Deven Norried

“I liked that Marv stressed that some topics are too complex and too important to be covered so briefly. Also, Ramona made me realize that you can work with people who are highly rated or have been declined to improve their health so they qualify for more affordable life insurance costs.” – Richard Kemmler

“Glad to hear about marketing availability thru the pro program use.” – John Barada

“Life Happens is a great resource. Use Life Happens.!” – Ryan Boarman

“Good to know there is some ready made material that has been tested to bring awareness to life insurance. I will utilize the life happens content.” – Stephen Molitor

“I learned about the resources articulated by Marv within LifeHappens. I will investigate further into LifeHappens.” – Chuck Stickney

“The Reverse Mortgage idea in aiding in Retirement Income earlier on rather than later on as a fail safe is a great idea. I’ll consider Reverse Mortgages.” – Matthew Benson

“I learned lots of ways to contact clients and prospects.” – Terry Matzkin

“I learned what Life Happens offers, I’ll take a serious look at Life Happens Pro.” – Mike Kleen

“Loved the DOL information, I’ll get NAIFA training!!” – Dennis Clark

“Glad I know about the DOL Workshops for NAIFA members.  Thanks for the reminder about how important Annual Policy Reviews are.” – Ace Fernandes

“Marv was great!! All the presenters did a great job.” – Chris Pirtle

“Liked the ideas on how to use the LifeHappens.org resources.  I will be creating a weekly process for adding content to social media and a monthly email to prospects.” – Dennis Williams

“Good Life Happens material.” – Dick Nolan

“Your health TRUMPS wealth, thanks Ramona.  Good reminder to get a website.” – Gregory Ahrendt

“I liked Marv’s information and the wide expansion of LIAM is fantastic. Thank you for the valuable update. I have to start using Social Media to promote ideas and ask questions of the public.” – Douglas Bird

“You buy Life insurance for RISK of Death–this was simple and excellent” – Joseph Aragona

“Great resources at Life Happens! Use the resources!” – Win Havir

“I absolutely loved the presentation on Wellness By Ramona. I learned to not shy away from offering a plan for those with health conditions that could be improved on.” – Joseph Andrade

“I learned how to better use social media and the Life Happens organization materials.” – Jeremy Kleine