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David M. Walker, Former U.S. Comptroller General and author of Comeback America, presents to insurance and financial professionals across the country to educate us about the federal budget deficit and what we can do to promote fiscal responsibility. David will share information with you that will allow you to help people to be in control of their financial futures.

PLUS we have another DoL Update with Judi Carsrud, NAIFA’s Director of Government Relations. Judi shares what you need to know to help you succeed with your transition!

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked attendees: “What’s the one best thing you learned from today’s presentation? And what are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard this information?”

They answered:

“This is a big warning for our government and economy. Be aware of DOL regs.” – Capt Ray Fairbank, RHU

“There is not just one thing, as I felt both presenters provided a lot of insight on several topics. I will look at making major adjustments to our firm in preparation of DOL.” – John Eivins

“I now have a better understanding of our National Debt and the risk if we do not do something about it!” – Leon Avila

“I’ll help spread the message.” – Scott Kehoe

“Our State and the US are in worse financial shape than I thought. I will share this information with clients.” – Joseph Guess

“Learned that NAIFA is focused on getting this DOL issue resolved. Will explore the potential impact from the DOL on my practice.” – Daniel Reuben

“The government as it relates to future tax issues. Will focus in on more of the tax implications of life insurance.” – Bill Abraham

“We need to prepare our clients to take care of their own futures because the local and federal governments are becoming less and less able to do so. I will start to talk more about current economic conditions instead of only the client’s personal situation.” – Michael Long

“This was reinforcement of my beliefs about fiscal and personal responsibility. I will be more confident about what I share with my clients about fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility.” – Bryon Holz

“I will educate clients to help them with decisions and share more with clients and prospects about the problems facing our country and how they might plan in spite of it.” – Annie Shanks

“Everything was of value. Keep clients informed.” – Gary Champ

“Scary stuff. Plan is the big word to focus on.” – Randy Mader

“Learned that I need to make my clients, friends and family aware of our country’s fiscal problems, and why all of us need to increase saving for the future. Will increase blast emails on savings, investing and taxes.” – David Malkin

“Hearing from David Walker speak to clients about the federal deficit was awesome.” – Courtney Cuykendall

“Will educate legislators and clients.” – Gerald Fahning

“Learned that there are highly qualified individuals who are truly concerned about the nation’s economy and the effects of the DoL. I will use Real Wealth® Media and its ideas as marketing tools.” – Michele Berra

“Social Security and Medicare are in trouble, and this country needs to address those issues. I will explain to clients and prospects the need to plan for a personal retirement that will allow them to withstand possible reductions in federal benefits.” – Steve Hennessy

“Reaffirmed my thoughts and concerns, fiscal & economic, for our country’s future. Talk with my clients and potential clients with a greater sense of urgency and being more confident in my prognostications.” – Al Westbrook

“Federal control of our lives. Keep my head to the ground.” – Mervyn Fried

“How important the Article 5 issue will be and the future of this. Thankfully, my state was the 5th to adopt! Stay tuned to my Broker Dealer and diversify my portfolio offering in addition to qualified retirement products.” – George Barzizza

“I liked everything that was presented. The whole presentation was good. Change my approach in dealing with clients and prospects.” – Raymond Sternberg

“We need real leaders, that can tell the public the truth! Ask clients what they understand about the current deficit and what is being done about it.” – Douglas Bird

“Great charts by David Walker. DOL Rule, I’ll be coming to NAIFA Las Vegas to see if I will either be able to stay in that part of business or leave it.” – Alan Zalewski

“The math of the budget. Will inform clients.” – William Kecskemety

“Loved what David Walker was presenting. I will bring up some of the items that Walker discussed with clients.” – Zach Hammel


“Scary times are ahead of us unless we start to make changes. Move to a less complicated product.” – Joseph Koehler

“We have some serious financial problem in the UZ “Make more clients aware of who they vote for and to make our Senators and Representatives more aware of my concerns.

“Make sure of how I vote in the next election and make more contacts with my Senator and Representative. Make my clients more aware of our situation and contact my Senator and Representatives more often.” – Lodie Biggs III

“Taxes will be going up. Sell IUL.” – Todd Davis

“Neither candidate has the answer need to alarm people that change is coming.” – JOE DEMARCO

“It shows the future with the US Debt is going to made it very difficult for future generations to enjoy life in retirement! And Planning is at a level of being so important to plan properly! .. We need to be more adapted to engage our clients to do the right planning as soon as possible, and to realize future generations are going to be dealing with greater prices on everything! Paying very close attention to any recommendations regarding retirement planning.” – R.Terry Lawson

“America has NO strategic plan to deal with Fed. deficit. Promote a Constitutional amendment to establish a debt to GDP ratio.” – Ken Smith

“We are no longer a nation of LAWS; we are now a nation of RULES. Will rely on my b/d to make good decisions.” – Chuck Tiedje

“We are in deep do do. Be aware and if necessary back away from new fiduciary responsibilities.” – Joseph Aragona

“I can not get enough education. I like to think I always do my best for my client.” – Thomas Hawco, CLU,ChFC

“There were many. I am not dealing with qualified funds and do not intend to do so.” – Joe Partise

“More of an affirmation of what direction we thought the country would be traveling in the future…higher taxes, reduced benefits, greater dependency on charities, etc. Will push people to save even more on a tax free basis & put less emphasis on today’s tax rates/structure.” – Travis Langemeier

“1912 – 97% of spending was controlled. 2015 only 32% of spending is controlled. Will educate on federal deficit.” – Michael Trout

“Where do I start…great education. Will rethink my business plan.” – Tim Moran

“Confirmation from David Walker that someone else like Ben Bernanke has annuities.” – Randall Reichenbach

“The order of magnitude of the federal debt, and its projected upward trajectory.” – Jim Garrison

“That this country and economy are in serious trouble–however I already knew that. Will try to keep people aware.” – Lea Sommers

“Continued DOL grey areas and necessity to plan ahead to continue my career. Continue to listen to the sources like NAIFA to prepare me for what’s ahead. I may possibly adjust my business to be less oriented to FIAs in the future and the client advantages to those products, unfortunately. I may be more risk management oriented and not so much accumulation/distribution oriented in my problem solving reaction to the clients concerns/problems. Not using the capital sources the DOL wants to include for my funding of other programs I may recommend the client consider.” – Chuck Stickney

“Fiscal status of the country.” – Chad Hruska

“NAIFA is not resting – continuing to work in our “best” interest! Not different but continuing to educate on what the DOL really means and how it will affect them.” – Heather Lindsle

“Listening to David Walker. Personally after learning about him from David McKnight was amazing. Will read David’s book.” – BONNIE GRANT

“Competence of our excellent NAIFA staff including of course Judi’s great work and insights. I think I said it all in the final quote Jim you kindly read aloud!!” – Roger Relfe

“Tangible numbers on federal spending/deficit. Will talk about it more.” – Rich Slavin

“It confirmed we are heading in the wrong direction, but there are things we can do about it! Be more vocal than I already am, but people are already pretty fiscally conservative in northeast Nebraska!” – Josh Sirek

“Economic stats and DOL update. Pay close attention.” – Lanet Spence

“Seems like the govt is out to get us. Depends on the B/ D response. But I think a lot of guys are going to leave the business. The Fed’s will get their wish and control everything…” – Terry Matzkin

“DOL update. Learn more about the DOL requirement for IRA rollovers.” – Mary Read

“Fate of SS.” – Maureen Kirschhofer

Did you miss this presentation? NO WORRIES! This is such critical information (not only for our industry, but for our country at large!) that we have decided to make this presentation available to ALL. View here, and please share it with your colleagues!