“Uber” Your Practice to Thrive Under the DoL Rule

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As the DOL and other pressures disrupt our marketplace, financial professionals need to re-shape their value proposition to survive and thrive over the next 5-10 years. Two MDRT Top of the Table Main Platform Speakers join Power Session LIVE this month to show you how to take your practice from “taxi cab” to “Uber,” and position yourself for success!

Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris discussed how to:

  • Run a ‘waiting room’ practice – just like a dentist
  • Energize your clients into taking action
  • “Catch a marlin by the dozen with a net”
  • Stand out in a crowd of mediocre competitors
  • Polish your dialogue
  • Increase your client conversion rate

Anthony Morris Resources

  • Get the book “Estate Planning Through Family Meetings”
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  • Sign up for Anthony’s monthly newsletter on his website
  • Get more info on Anthony’s “Double Your Quarter” Training Bootcamp
Jason L Smith
Jason L. Smith

Jason L. Smith shared with us:

  • What the law really says
  • How it will affect you, your business & your clients
  • Action items you can take to start transitioning now
  • Future action items to be aware of as the rule rolls out.

Jason Smith Resources:


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“Thank you for the incredible invitation you sent to me to attend the “Uber Your Practice” webinar. It was amazing. I am looking forward to the follow up email with the resources from Anthony and Jason. I want to read, reread, memorize and implement all practices at once.” – Anthony May

“I loved Anthony’s marketing ideas!” – John Corderman

“Jason provided great clarity on the DOL rule.” – Gregory Boyer

“In preparation for the new DOL rule, it was extremely beneficial to learn to document times-infinity.” – David Russell

“Anthony Morris provided numerous creative ways to market to many people.” – Gina Mills

“Spectacular prospecting ideas!” – Dan Foley

“The sales ideas on family meetings and ways to increase inventories were awesome.” – Jamey Morton

“[This Power Session LIVE webinar showed] how marketing will be the key to the future of growing your business.” – Angie Grimm

“Exceptional new marketing ideas, espcecially family meetings!” – Gregg Slater

“I loved Anthony’s ideas and use of the estate key.” – Lawrence Lexow

“There are many out-of-the box marketing ideas that can be learned from a presentation like Anthony’s. It is important to refresh your business marketing strategy on a regular basis. Documentation with his ‘financial key,’ estate directory, and calculators are invaluable to protect yourself from DOL, and provide a great program for your client.” – Skip Boylan

“I learned quick and easy ways to increase activity/meetings!” – Tina Barthlow

“The estate planning ideas that Anthony discussed are a great way to differentiate yourself and gain a competitive advantage.” – Tim Rial

“The combination of Anthony’s unique marketing strategies and Jason’s documentation advice created fantastic balance!” – Rick Hasler

“Jason Smith proved that order to thrive with the new DoL rule, documentation along with education are key.” – Arthur Sohn

“Not only did Anthony discuss great marketing tips, he also revealed a new way to introduce yourself and focus upon selling the problem!” – Kevin Lehman

“Marketing is all about being relevant, interesting, and most importantly engaging with others.” – Thresa Cochran

“Documentation is key! Fantastic help from Jason!” – Cindy Schulte

“Anthony Morris is going to be worth every dime I spend on him. His vision of working with people and getting them to respond is second to none. Truly amazing vision.” – Bradley Gayheart

“There were so many enlightening ideas in this session! All of the new and useful marketing ideas and the updates on the DOL are just the beginning!” – Gary Hershgordon

“Anthony Morris had a great presentation of ideas!” – Ken Robey

“Custom birthday cakes are a ‘sweet’ entry.” – Jeffrey Arnett

“It inspired me to go back to doing some of the unusual things that I did many years ago in the business.” – Maureen Kirschhofer

“My favorite ideas were the Customer Cake Program & Family Meetings.” – Dan Carr

“Positioning the Financial Key for prospecting was a great idea!” – Brittany Lawson

“The Friends and Family Piece, Estate Planning Key and other marketing strategies were all useful.” – Mark Kokosko

“I got great ideas like the Family Meetings and Birthday Cake Marketing. Great, quick language to spark interest.” – Benjamin Wadsworth

“Document everything!” – Terry Matzkin

“I gained lots of good marketing information, and got a good update on the DOL situation.” – William Griffith

“Love the Cake Campaign idea!” – Sherri Mitchell

“I learned that I should design my business plan in the next 30 days, including fee based and BICE for implementation the rest of the year because of the DOL.” – Jim McPartland

“Custom cakes are a great idea.” – Chance Perry

“I learned some unique ways of prospecting, such as a family meeting.” – Alan Farley

“The family meeting concept was impactful.” – George Beutter

“Disturb the client to make appointments!” – Andrew Rose

“I liked the promo ideas with cakes and golf bags.” – Adam Kleinschmidt

“Appreciated the ongoing emphasis in ‘Family Meetings.'” – Andy Dinger

“Jason Smith presented a helpful DOL update and also talked about the bucket strategies.” – Tony Woelfel

“I was reminded of the need to have good language when explaining to people what you do. Also the need to talk with a lot more people than you think.” – Joe Swiderski

“Go to where the prospects are – buy your way in with lunch, etc. Don’t just sit in the office.” – Mark Wurfel

“I must update to the newest methods or I will lose out.” – Anthony Melsi

“Anthony Morris was awesome – can’t wait to implement some of his ideas!” – Kenneth Altman

“Great marketing ideas.” – Mark Millsap

“Think uber not yellow cab; document document document!” – Laurel Ziemann

“I was impressed by the simple manner in which many of the strategies can be implemented.” – Daniel Gomez

“I got many great ideas for prospecting.” – Susan McWright

“Anthony presented different ways of broadening my reach with other professionals in my area.” – Doug Halabicky

“I couldn’t name just one [favorite idea I learned today]!” – Josh Sirek

“The world is changing—get with it OR get out (retire).” – Robert Hughes

“Using a birthday cake, nice idea.” – Joseph Aragona

“Bold approach!” – Marita LaChapell

“I gained a greater understanding of the DOL issues for my practice.” – Chuck Stickney

“There were lots of new strategies to set you apart from the competition.” – Chuck Lape

“It stressed the importance of a process.” – Frank Lojewski

“Great marketing tips.” – John Holloway

“I learned I need to have a sample financial plan that is bound and ready to present to prospects.” – Michael Resnick

“Great new ideas as to how to market.” – Mike Kleen

“Good idea to not call myself a financial advisor.” – Jackie Putzier

“EVERYBODY is a potential client.” – Timothy Hayes

“Thanks for explaining the tasks at hand to be compliant.” – Bekki Harper

“This presentation confirmed the decisions we’ve been making about the direction of our office and services we will offer.” – Dan Guck

“The importance of documentation!!!” Wendy Varnum

“Anthony explained how to take every opportunity. I liked the cake and lunch and learn ideas. Jason Smith is an excellent speaker.” – Craig Mohr

“I liked the Life Key idea!” – Tina Barrick