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“Effective and quick ideas.” – Donald Lee

“I liked the elevator analogy. The quick ideas were great.” – Steve Hennessy

“Liked Jason Smith’s Bucket approach the best. Great, quick ideas.” – Joe Miller

“As a new agent, I learned that educating the client is extremely important and adds great value. The prospect or client doesn’t really care what the product is until they understand what it can do for them. I can apply this to all areas of our business products. Thank you.” – John Ranieri

“All good ideas. I liked the bucket plan and the DI elevator the most. I also liked the brevity of ideas.” – Steve Weber

“The Elevator talk from John Wheeler was short, sweet and to the point.” – Jason Nickles

“Loved John Wheeler’s Elevator Analogy to explain Life and Disability Insurance and how they support your income, or loss of income.” – Kurtis Kuta

“Learned to ask great questions.” – Patrick Robison

“There were several ideas I took away from the presentation. The Bucket Plan, Mortality & Longevity & Leverage Credits, Using the Auto Liability Coverage Discussion, and word track for getting appointments. I liked the panel of 6 presenters, they all had good ideas.” – Teresa Connell

“It was all great.” – Josh Sirek

“Loved the prospecting openers.” – Jason Kohl

“Great prospecting ideas. Answered many of my questions.” – Ive Edwards

“Learned how to ask and what to ask with questions.” – Merrell Dean

“I liked the Bucket Plan from Jason. Having multiple presenters gave different ideas that are being used successfully.” – Raymond Sternberg

“Loved the prospecting techniques – the value of permanent insurance and continuing education.” – Matthew McDowell

“Learned how to open up conversation on products.” – John Blazevich

“Learned more about how the new DOL Regs work.” – Steve Kende

“Van’s ideas were great.” – Cal Oraw

“Great ideas to discuss with clients & prospects.” – William Griffith

“Loved the one liners from Van.” – Daniel Thelen

“There were many very good lessons. Without time to review and reflect, I’d have a tough time choosing the best!” – Tim Pugh

“Learned so much that I can’t include [the best ideas I learned today]. The whole session was great. Fast and informative!” – Michael Resnick

“My favorite ideas were the 17 seconds attention span, Using Auto Liability insurance & Sequence of returns.” – Lee Bowman

“Learned to ask great questions. How much is being deposited currently, what you need for retirement, and how much do you want guaranteed? Liked panel discussion, as it broke up ideas and voices so it was easier stay involved and pay attention.” – Tracy Kennedy

“Everything was excellent.” – Joe Trevino

“Learned to ask great questions, and liked the simplicity of Jason’s 3 bucket plan.” – Douglas Bird

“Best ideas were asking the right questions.” – Anne Doerrer

“The number of ideas was energizing!” – Thomas Garcia

“Rapid-fire tips!” – Andrew Powers

“Great one liners to use with prospects to get them to meet with you.” – Stephen Patterson

“Great sales ideas! Some very simple, some complex.” – Jeff Reilly

“Loved the bucket talk – learned how to more effectively talk about “soon” money. [The panel format] allowed me to see different ideas and I was able to pay attention the whole time!” – Kristin Niedermeyer

“Great illustrations.” – Ricky Maique

“Good education & good client intro statements.” – Jeffrey Evans

“Awesome sales ideas and door openers.” – Todd Friedman

“Great ideas on getting in the door!” – Tammy Douthit

“We should be more scared of this DOL rule than what the B/Ds and product firms are conveying thus far.” – Brad Mainster

“Be bold and ask questions. It fit with the title. Quick ideas in a fast paced setting.” – Stephen Molitor

“Tremendous ideas to start conversations with prospects and clients.” – Mike Kleen

“DOL – Must Prepare Now.” – Ed Portillo

“Get prepared for clients and for the government. I liked the variety.” – Jim Overton

“Lots of good ideas.” – Joseph Campanelli

“I liked it being so quick with each speaker.” – Kris Goergen

“The DOL should scare everyone.” – Zary Lete

“Realizing the severity of the DOL rule.. [The panel format] was excellent and held my attention.” – Charles Avatar

“Great sales ideas.” – Mark Laviola

“Learned way too much to list…Van is always awesome and since I am working on my RICP it was great to hear Curtis Cloke. Lots of great ideas. Very engaging.” – Thomas DuBose

“Sales ideas were simple and quickly to the point. [The panel format] was good. Quick and to the point ideas.” – Tony Woelfel

“Awesome prospecting tips.” – Brett Gaboury

“Things are changing – fast!” – TJay DiBacco

“The DOL info was great.” – Mike Bergquist

“Learned too much to enter in this space. Loved [the panel format]!!!!!!!!” – Joe Swiderski

“Average citizen will once again be taken advantage of by a government that is out of control. Lots of content in short time.” – Dan Guck

“Are you serious? Pick ONE thing I learned today? Full of good stuff!” – Sheila Roesler

“Interesting Milliman Medical Index study. Had to take fast notes!” – Ken Smith

“17, 3, 30 idea was great. Lots of ideas at once.” – Timothy Mayer

“I liked John Wheeler’s analogy of car insurance and life insurance. All very good ideas.” – Paul Rosburg

“It is hard to list JUST one [thing I learned today] since there were so many GREAT sales ideas. Each had to condense their ideas to a very short period of time. Made the time go faster!” – Cornell Svaren

“Quick and concise.” – Roy Heerema

“Loved the elevator concept for DI & bucket concept.” – Ron Botello

“Got more info about why to hate the new DOL ruling, PLUS some great conversational prospecting methods. Got different perspectives [from the panel].” – Trent Hall

“[The best thing I heard today was] John Wheeler’s use of Auto Insurance to determine life insurance need. [The panel format] kept things moving.” – Thomas Harrington

“Roth IRA conversion idea was great.” – James Goodacre

“I loved Van’s questions regarding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Since the presidential election is top of everyone’s mind, I think it is a great opener. Awesome

. They were great playing off each other. They are such pros.” – Sallie Bryant

“I have 8-pages of notes. Each Speaker had more than 1 great idea! Their remarks were quick.” – Michael Garriity

“Great sales tips and variety.” – Lary Lehman

“John Wheeler’s point on personal liability on auto insurance was awesome. Protecting someone else for $1.25 million and not protecting your income. Loved [the panel format]. Got great ideas and perspectives from top producers.” – Ric Baldiviez

“[Larry Rybka] had good information. The other speakers were good, too.” – David Smith

“Loved Curtis Cloke’s suggestion to advertise MYGA rates in the local newspaper resonated with me since I was contemplating such a move. He pushed me to act on that impulse.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Great question suggestions. I liked [the panel format] because there were several topics of interest for me.” – Michael Patnode

“Always remember to sell “what it does” as opposed to “what it is”. Because each presentation was very short, you had to pay close attention – no distractions.” – Rebecca Hyer

“The info on the DOL regs was great. I liked hearing different ideas [from the panel].” – Thomas Lehmann

“Learned the real dangers of the Dept. Of Labor reaching into our industry. [The panel format] was excellent. Short and precise with lots of specific sales ideas.” – Shahnaz Razvi

“Don’t forget the basics what we do for a living, asking the right questions to help folks open their minds in a time when they are overwhelmed with information – it is critical. Absolutely loved [the panel format], and all of the presenters played nice. Good there were no Trumps on the panel to poison the discussion.” – Michael Darany

“Learned a few seconds (with boldness) can have a significant impact on generating appointment opportunities. The fast pace allowed for a lot of topics to be discussed in a very short period of time.” – Benny Bray

“Best idea – not to “SHOW UP AND THROW UP!” [The panel format] gave me different view points.” – John Turner

“Learned the seriousness of being proactive immediately concerning DoL Regulations. Session was fast-paced & kept my attention focused.” – Richard Murphy

“Great prospecting ideas.” – Susan McWright

“Great ideas for prospecting and asking questions. I liked the format because it provided ideas from different perspectives.” – Juan Guzman

“I will adopt some of the sales ideas presented today to my practice. Awesome material overall! [The panel format] provided a change of pace and kept attention 100% of the time.” – Chuck Stickney

“Learned how to ask questions rather than make statements.” – Terry Kaltenbach

“Great DOL update and the 4 doors. [The panel format] provided diversity of thought and perspective.” – Dean Forman

“I got some great ideas on a few conversation starters and good questions, which seems to be my biggest struggle. Definitely liked [the panel format]! Like [Rao Garuda] said, we have a 17 second attention span.” – Chris Besonen

“Best idea I heard was using family meetings with clients to engage next generations.” – John Jenkins

“You have got to keep being educated !!! Excellent session … especially as an overview of ideas from which each of us may be able to apply 1 or more to our practices.” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“The 3 buckets of money concept was great.” – Todd Hearp

“Best idea were the three important numbers! 17 seconds is average attention span of a human being / 3 minutes to impress a prospect / 30 minutes needed in 1st appointment!” [The panel format was] a great way to see 1st hand how various perspectives will work for different people and how it may be best suited to our own personality and knowledge base.” – Richard Morgan

“Got clarity on the DOL’s position. [The panel format] was excellent! It provided well-rounded advice on how to approach and respond to clients’ needs and concerns.” – Gloria Burford

“The 17 seconds; 3 minutes and 30 minutes presentation was awesome, plus the detailed Summary on DOL and it effect on our industry was very good.” – Minerva Allena

“Learned the enormity of the DOL rule. [The panel format] gave a broad series of ideas to consider.” – Liz Casper

“Rao Garuda – On Line Free publishing of ERISA Pension Plans – to identify appropriate clients who need help with their Pension Plans. The information was fantastic … I couldn’t write fast enough. A lot more valuable information in a short period of time. It really was fast and furious!” – Joe Anthes

“I liked the buckets and convert IRA to Roth IRA ideas. 6 great presenters!” – Keith Wilken

“We have problems ahead in terms of “serving people!” AND the regulators and legislators who are down on what they are NOT up on—will continue to be a serious concern unless we (NAIFA) ARE ABLE TO oppose and change the negative thoughts and actions!!! Very good broad and in-depth coverage in time that was allotted…” – Robert Hughes

“Great DOL update.” – Jeffrey Storey

“Great roundtable of items! Yes, great panel.” – Mark Rogers

“Best ideas: From Jason L Smith: Income Gap Assessment; and associating with Tax Practice, From Rao Garuda: Grantor Charitable Lead Trust, and pension resource, from John W Wheeler: Money back College Plan, From Jim Silbernagel: most important Get Educated on the Tools.” – Gobind Hemnani

“Learned many different ways of asking questions to engage prospects/clients. Overall it was very informative.” – Jordan Delp

“Excited to look into ThriveU.” – Randall Malone

“Awesome prospecting ideas. Great to hear different perspectives.” – Dennis Jones

“All the sales concepts are great. Never get old and continually need to practice. Every presenter was amazing. If narrowed to one, I like Thrive planning concept or Van Mueller, sorry just so hard to choose one. [The panel format allowed me] to get an aspect of what all is out there.” – Mark Kokokosko

“Larry was fantastic.” – Chris McDonald

“The DI sales example by John Wheeler were great. [The panel format gave] different perspectives and different ideas.” – Becky Brothers

“All of it was great! I would like to dig in deeper with some of the presenters’ concepts and ideas. Overall really good.” – Grant Thompson

“DOL explanation was the clearest I’ve heard so far. I loved the rapid-fire, speed dating concept. Lots of good material.” – Brian Self

“The questions – how much after tax in checking? how much social security? adjustments to major expenses? annual income gap? of that gap you need to withdraw, how much do you want guaranteed?” – Kristen Young

“Great material and new prospect questions.” – Donald Lee

“Great diverse sales ideas in simple to understand format. DOL stinks! Very much so. The rapid fire format kept my attention throughout the entire call.” – Steve Fisher

“Great tip on “Be Bold!” Yes, great format, provided timely and diverse sales ideas.” – Phillip Ristvedt

“Tons of learning…choosing one [best idea from today] is hard one..I liked the spin on the conversation starter and how to talk to a billionaire. I liked the various perspectives [from the panel] on the same topic.” – Anna Maria Canales

“There were too many good things to narrow it down to one [best idea from today]. It was a good reminder that our approach can make a big difference. I think having the 6 presenters was great for whetting my appetite. I would be interested in any of them drilling down and explaining their techniques in more detail. Mary Gruenberg

“John Wheeler’s ideas [were the best].” – Steven O’Neill

“All good ideas.” – Steve Hyer

“All presenters were great and had great sales ideas. Great prospecting ideas from all 6 presenters.” – Vern Swegle


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