Close the Sale: Disability Insurance

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Hear a sneak peek of Jason’s real life story that he shares in this webinar, as well as on a Real Wealth® podcast episode that you can share with clients and prospects to educate, inspire and motivate them to take action on Disability Income!

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“The stories shared were great.  It’s important to ask questions to get the conversation started about Income Protection. Excellent [Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI].” – Norman Hines

“Good prospecting techniques. Will add DI to my daily conversations.” –  Don Warnke

“Learned what questions to ask to prompt the conversation. I will start asking my clients the financial questions-biggest financial concerns, etc.” – Tammy Douthit

“Putting real life stories to the DI product was great. I will start calling it ‘Income protection’ instead of DI, and making sure we review their work policy (if they have one) and going over specifics. Good [Marketing] tip-I definitely want to hear more about it.” – Deborah Buckler

“Liked that you used real-life experiences. Looking forward to using the ‘one liners’ that you’re sending to us.” – Paul Sabol

“I learned good responses to objections. Now I will call it “income protection” instead of disability income, and make sure I don’t skip over the emotional stress that comes with a loss of income.” – Brittany Somsen

“Camille Snyder is quite the expert professional. Bravo for selecting a real pro.” – Peter Achor

“Valuable reminders with the personal disability stories, how important it is. I’m going to make it a part of each client’s review, and get a copy of their group policy to review coverage. [The Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI is] perfect timing!” – Doug Bird

“Valuable language to use with clients and prospects.” – Hope Feller

“Now I will start asking more questions of my clients about their DI coverage.” – Doug Dengel

“Valuable presentation – a real reason to do what I do! Learned a lot and will market Income Protection as my Premier Product line because it’s an integral part now and a way to be different. Looking forward to sending Life Happen’s materials along with the [Real Wealth®] podcasts to obtain interest. Excellent [Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI]! As a Life Happens Pro member, right up our alley.” – Glenn Newlin

“Loved the real life stories.” – Trish Wellman

“The one liners were great. I will be sure to ask my health and life insurance clients about DI.” – George Hecomovich

“Great life stories and approach ideas. I will start approaching clients more about DI and LTC. Good [Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI].” – Robert David Dollar

“Stories were great and helpful. Sales one liners were great. I will reach out to my existing business owner clients about DI. [The Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI was] helpful.” – Mark Miller

“The techniques for initiating discussion of disability income were most valuable. I will start to ask better questions.” – James Coryell

“Enjoyed the clear sales language. I will start asking the simple questions at the beginning of my prospect interviews.” – Stephen Cable

“Great break down of the difference of words: Medical (is the Doctor) vs Disability (income) vs Long Term Care (Assets) Very good session.” – Joyce Hefty-Covell

“Loved the One Liners and reminders about folks who could only be receiving a base amount on a group policy even though they are a high income earner. I will start asking better questions. I think [the Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI] is great.” – Jason Colvin

“Learned how to question prospects about need for DI.” – David Williamson

“Great approaches to conflict – get people’s stories and let them sell themselves!” – Layne Cromwell

“Reminded me of the importance of disability insurance. Going to ask the question of every client and prospect in terms of income protection.” – Joe Swiderski

“Valuable to see how to include disability as part of a presentation. I will quote more disability insurance and show the importance of having it. [The Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI is a] good idea.” – James McManus

“Learned the importance of having the conversation with our clients. I will include the topic of income replacement in my fact-finding conversation.” – William Edington

“The presenters discussed disability insurance in a very personal way. It makes it real for customers. When discussing disability insurance, I will make it a needs-based conversation and try to get away from the numbers. I will also not discriminate based on age.” -Lauren Bright

“I will start asking clients more questions about DI.” – Gina Mills

“Loved the discussion about product benefits and features. I will start thoroughly reviewing the contract language of the DI products we offer.” – Ken Magaro

“Great questions to ask prospective clients that would raise their interest in obtaining Disability Income coverage. Clear definitions as to how various benefits work . . . like the difference between Partial and Residual Income Benefits. Now I know what to say and more importantly, how to ask, in order to start the conversation about income protection. [The Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI] is something I definitely need to take advantage of!” – Donald Fleming

“Real DI stories are always so powerful. I will start to ‘make the ask’ each and every time and don’t give up even if you get a no.” – Lisa Skinner

“Loved hearing how Disability Insurance helped the presenters. I regularly sell Disability. Great [Marketing Tip].” – Maureen Kirschhofer

“Just reaffirmation of the need for DI protection. I really want to get out and start prospecting more!” – Michael Eicher

“Learned word tracks and what to use to lighten the conversation. I will start using better choice of words.” – Joseph Andrade

“Hearing more on the DOL rule was helpful.” – David Rudert

“Learned great word tracks to share with my agents who report to me.” – Cynthia Vasquez

“Valuable language to engage client. Great [Marketing Tip] idea.” – Michael Kleen

“Great to hear ideas on how to speak with the clients about disability income. The real life stories were great. I will start calling it income protection instead of disability insurance.” – Tony Woelfel

“Loved the one line simple statements to use with clients. VERY timely topic.” – Bob Grieser

“Thanks for the fiduciary discussions.” – Allen Bowler

“Great info regarding tips on what to say for a sale and about objections. I will use some of the tips and talking points. I’ll have to check [the Real Wealth® consumer podcast program] out.” – Gail Dodd

“Learned how the dol rule affects me and my practice. I will start documenting all contact with clients.” – Daniel Dunn

“Some of the personal stories re: income replacement and some of the words/methods used to present the concept in a most understandable way were great. I will continue to make sure clients have the right type of DI.” – Jeffrey Stecker

“Learned a lot about the importance of DI coverage. I will start asking more clients if they have their income protected. I think [the Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI] is an excellent addition to current marketing.” – Michael Lizanna

“Talk early and often, one never knows when events will happen. Now I feel more confident in my ability to open discussions about DI Insurance. Learned a lot of simple approaches to begin the conversation. By getting the client to see the benefits and not thinking that this will never happen, I will aid any client in making sure that if something happens, they will get paid as well.” – Stephen Molitor

“Excellent.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Great dol updates. I will watch dol information updates closer as things continue to change.” – Joanna Boothe

“Learned a lot. Discrimination on high income earners and disability pays based on base salary. I will ask to see their group policy, and ask if policy is short term or long term.” – Kristen Young

“It was great going over objections. I will do my homework to get a better grasp on DI and not skim over it when I do a risk assessment review.” – Sally Houx

“The stories and tips on questions to ask clients were awesome. I will talk more about income protection with my clients.” – William Wong

“Both [presenters] shared personal stories that are very powerful for the average person to relate to & fully understand the impact of a sudden disabilty experience! I will start 1.) Looking at group policies and their impact on the individual employee’s tax responsibility. 2.) Selling point of coverage with people covering individual or children’s student loans with DI. [The Marketing Tip on prospecting for DI is a] very good touch point with prospects & clients!” – Joe Anthes

“Each aspect of the presentation was very informative, very thorough, specifically the dates to be aware of with the DOL. [The Marketing Tip was] excellent… real life events, it reminds me of the importance of giving attention to DI once again.” – Minerva Allen

“Refreshing to hear about the need for both Life and Disability coverage…!!!! I will recharge and re-energize my prospecting efforts to build my block of Life & Disability Clients. Excellent case studies and examples.” – John Collier

“Loved hearing their personal experiences and the value of proper benefits. I will start using the different terminology I learned today.” – Michael Patnode

“Personal stories were great. I will start mentioning DI to everyone.” – Steven Daniel

“Learned how to position DI and why it is as important as life insurance. I’m going to include it in every risk review I do. I will share stats and stories to get customer to understand the importance. I thought [the Marketing Tip] was good.” – Ric Baldiviez


What’s more motivating to clients: a list of reasons why they should buy insurance? Or a story about a 23-year-old diagnosed with cancer, and forced to leave her dream job for treatment, which drained her & her family’s bank accounts? We’ll let you in on the secret: they want the stories. Cancer Survivors Camille Snyder and Jason Mendelsohn tell you their stories, what they wish they would have been told before they were diagnosed, and the language they use when talking to their own clients. You’ll learn how to

  • Start the Conversation.
  • Handle Objections.
  • Close the Sale.