Planning for Longevity in Retirement

Curtis Cloke is one of (if not THE) smartest guys in our industry! He has all the math and science behind a sustainable retirement income stream. He’s going to show you how to hedge against major retirement risks, especially longevity. People are living longer than ever these days, so definitely tune in and make sure you have the bases covered for your clients. With the risks of retirement come opportunities for you to do more business with your clients!

We’ll also hear from Dr. Steve Franklin, who is passionate about capturing the wisdom, wit, and advice of centenarians across America and energetically sharing it with the younger generation. With Americans living longer than ever, the research and stories Steve has collected can help us educate our clients on what to expect as they age.

Last but not least is David Bellaire, EVP of the Financial Services Institute. He’ll give us a post-election DoL Update and what to expect from President Trump & his administration. (Psst! All DoL Updates are posted on our blog!)

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Learned more about the SPIA/managed account approach. Going to do more of it. Need to know when the next workshop is in my area.” – Joe Keleher

“WOW!! Everything. Curtis’s ideas are exceptional.” – Roger Relfe

“Top 5 fears and risks. Different approach to discussions regarding retirement that needs to involve insurance and investments. All good speakers with great topics. Thank you.” – Bill Hasse

“Learned that I am doing what others are doing in their professions, to help my Financial Representatives and their clients! Great to have reaffirmation of my efforts..Thank you to everyone! Continue to get the clients talking about their situation, and what their concerns are. No biases, no agendas… just fact finding and solution providing! Thank you for a great session!” – David Bull

“Buy income and invest the difference.” – Greg Marchand

“The idea of a QLAC. I am going to drop my biases…truly.” – Chad Hruska

“Great additional resources and useful information. I’ll be looking at more guaranteed income products.” – Anthony Lofaso

“The perspective of centenarians was very helpful. I will share that perspective with clients.” – Kathy Northrop

“How to deal with retiring clients with 401K balances for income in longevity. I will approach the subject differently.” – Sharon Yates

“The Five Fears and Five Risks was good stuff!” – Scott Rice

“Income guarantees require insurance.” – Dennis Jones

“We have to stress to our clients the possibility of living to 100 or beyond, and plan properly. I will stress proper planning even more.” – Keith Eakins

“Buy income and invest the difference & the Five Fears.” – Chris Campbell

“DOL rule may be delayed or repealed. I will look at retirement planning in a different light.” – Daniel Reuben

“Reinforced the concept for client’s need to an open mind in planning LONG TERM. The basic question that we were introduced to the 1st day in the business: “What’s the best life insurance to buy?” Answer: “Tell me when you are going to die.” … Applies to retirement planning. I am better prepared for longevity discussions.” – Steve Milazzo

“Living longer probability. I will view total clientele differently with more opportunities across the board.” – Jesus Rodriguez

“Had already heard Curtis Cloke (he’s super) several times so Steve Franklin’s insights became the best thing today. I’ll probably go to Cleveland in January for the workshop.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Very encouraging!” – Randy Mader

“Thrive University and DOL info.” – KEN MAGARO

“The retirement strategies from Curtis Cloke. I’ll continue to use a diversified approach with my clients on retirement.” – Mark Laviola

“I will review with management team and suggest we evaluate software.” – Mark Simms

“Info on DOL. Will tweak retirement planning. Great presentation.” – Mark Mallon

“I need to change interview approach.” – Lee McQueen

“All of it was very informational.” – Gail Dodd

“Perspectives of centenarians were awesome. I will use the Basket of Products idea, be more aware of any personal bias, consider the Thrive Income Distribution system and get back to work on the RICP designation. This was a great program. I will be watching it again and I am seriously considering making the trip to Cleveland in January for the workshop.” – Robert Leger

“Reinforced process over product(s).” – Michael Patnode

“Importance of lifetime income in retirement due to longevity. More focus on guaranteed income in retirement and protection of principal. Thank you for putting together these great webinars…they are so educational and useful!” – Steven Hennessy

“Current information regarding our industry.” – Alexis Harris

“Buy income and invest the difference factor in a higher longevity figure for clients. Great speakers.” – David Janson

“Potential consideration may be coming to alter the DOL rule of its full impact as proposed. More detailed analysis of a client’s retirement situation utilizing some of what I heard Curtis Cloke describe in his presentation. Keep up the good work.” – Chuck Stickney

“Be prepared for the DOL rule. Find out the actual steps I need to take to prepare for the DOL Rule.” – Mark Pittleman

“Maybe the DOL will go away. Discuss that the DOL may go away or put on hold with Trump.” – Joseph Aragona

“QLAC and the current status of DOL rules. Do not hold principal hostage…buy income.” – William Riley

‘To remove your predispositions towards certain products and rely only on mathematics to help your direct your clients. Really concentrate more on household balance sheet and customers goals. Fantastic webinar. Chock full of usable content. I’m hungry for more!” – Warren Knights

“Franklin’s remarks were useful. Better approaches to retirement income planning.” – R Allan Jensen

“Notify client there are schedule changes forthcoming with the DOL law. Confirm that Co. is working out new product shelf and compliant platform. That will be made clear to client upon final approval. I will do more research on QLAC law. Based on today’s presentation, it seems to be very beneficial to many client who will benefit with extended RMD funds. As important as the DOL legislation is to clients, it seems incumbent on the advisor to tread slowly pending their Company’s directions.” – James Boylan

“Basic income planning ideas and resources. I’ll ask more questions of my clients about their dreams, goals, ect. Keep up the good work!” – Joe Swiderski

“Keep an open mind regarding SPIAs. Study the math. Keep up the GREAT work!” – Steven Daniel

“Thrive approach greatly interests me. Pursue the approach that Thrive provides.” – Tim Ryan

“The importance of Longevity planning. I will pay more attention to #3. These are great programs.” – Bill Popko

“Longevity issues and income options.” – John Worrel

“Buy your income, invest the difference.” – Brad Brodersen

“Need a diverse, holistic approach to retirement planning. I will consider getting my Series 65 license before 4/10/17.” – Anna Jung

“Guaranteed income is crucial AND superior to historical withdraw rate.” – Barry Hunter

“Language such as buy income and invest the difference. I will update my process. Jim Silbernagel for Mayor!” – Adam Solano

“Strategy for retirement income distribution and tax management” I will investigate Thrive.” – Mike Garvey

“The savings, debt, and other opinions of the those living to 100. Need to look at more QLAC opportunities, while staying as product neutral through the discovery process. Today’s program was one of the best I’ve attended, but I get at least two to three actionable strategies from each session! I’m looking forward to the college planning session next month. Thank you for what you do, it is appreciated.” – Tom Jacobson

“Good session and speakers – timely comments related to DoL and potential changes due to Trump win.” – Dean Callison

“Longivity risk.” – James Goodacre

“DOL stuff was good. Continues to be timely. Income topic is excellent.” – Mark Rogers

“The software and its power to perform the income calculations needed in the income planning process.” – David Newbill