Planning for Longevity in Retirement – Bonus Q&A Session!

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Curtis Cloke is one of (if not THE) smartest guys in our industry! He has all the math and science behind a sustainable retirement income stream, which is crucial for us to understand as people are living longer. In his former presentation, he shows you how to hedge against one of the 18 major financial risks: longevity in retirement. But with the risks of retirement come opportunities for you to do more business with your clients! We were overwhelmed with over 300 questions before, during and after his presentation, that Curtis has graciously offered to hold an entire extra session just to answer some more! Curtis will do a quick review, then he will get right to it!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“These programs are awesome. So appreciate Jim’s approach to the financial service industry!!” – Dan Guck

“Great sales words to use with clients. Use the new concepts and words in sales talks with clients.” – Bill Brantley

“Buy income and invest the difference! Stress how withdrawal rates are much higher in annuities more history on how Fixed Index Annuities are doing for clients who bought them maybe 10 years ago.” – Phyllis Shelton

“Math first then tools.” – Michael Patnode

“Annuities are a valuable tool!” – Tim Kiesling

“I didn’t hear the previous session but just listening to the speaker tells me he has a process that I would very much like to learn more about. Develop a standardized process.” – Robert Decker

“Making sure your clients know and understand retirement income strategies. Continue to use some of the ideas learned today and put them in practice.” – Gary Lykken

“The chart depicting net worth, free liquid assets, reliability of income, and withdrawal of income. I will become more involved with the American College of Financial Services and the Thrive University programs. I enjoyed the presentation immensely. I look forward to obtaining more knowledge.” – Oscar Willis

“Diversify recommendations between several products to deliver the likelihood of best results. Go to one of Curtis’s 2 day classes. Great job.” – Dana Hayes

“Look to attend a Thrive U event in the future. Business is shifting to become more of an income planning specialist.” – Doak Belt

“Thanks for the information…. Hope everyone is doing well during the holidays!” – Roger Sweaney

“I need to do more asking and listening.” – Jeffrey Reiter

“It’s not about the product it is the results. Sell the results!” – Joseph Guess

“VA’s vs. FIA’s. Give all products a look.” – Joe Jolin

“Its not about “rate”, it’s about “mortality credits.” Daily learning appts.” – Marvin Leblanc

“Shelve bias and let math and science prove the reality. More backroom tech stuff.” – Doug McMurry

“Loved the way the presenter compared the options for income. Clients review will change.” – Leon Avila

“Selling INCOME!! Sell income MORE often and invest the difference.” – Matthew Echelmeier

“Buy Income and Invest the Rest! Look at all avenues of income.” – Stephen Cable

“Curtis is very smart, and your program is worth looking into further evaluate your offerings.” – David Bearden

“Realized that I need to learn more about SPIAs and DIAs. I will listen to the Power Sessions at every opportunity!” – David Newbill

“Concerns to hold to your income flexibility vs. mortality credits. First time on this session thought the time is valuable for all.” – Sumathy Sugantharaj

“Have been using the Buy Income Invest The Difference Language for a few months, really hits home with clients covering their basic needs first.” – Brad Brodersen

“I already signed up for the January Thrive U! Great job, thank you.” – David Henderson

“Reiterates the way to explain the choices and trade offs. Use some of the guidance given. Just a real SOLID job by BOTH presenters !! Thanks much.” – Rich Linsday

“Buy income & invest the difference!” – Jim Hatlestad