Hedging Strategies with Whole Life Insurance

John “The Wordsmith” Wheeler will share his newest presentation on whole life hedging strategies! Not only is John one of the most well-versed advisors on the topic, but he also has great positioning language for you to use with clients. John can use clients’ auto insurance coverage to illustrate their need for life insurance. He compares life insurance to real estate to make clients understand that it’s really an investment. Now he tells us how you can hedge 529 college savings plans with whole life insurance!

Be sure to tune in.. John is a 4.9 out of 5 star-rated presenter!

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Going to re-think using whole life insurance for retirement and college planning. I was enthralled at the disadvantages of using the market vs. whole life insurance. In view of the possible DOL implementation, I’m going to look into approaching businesses with an Executive Benefit idea using life insurance. Keep up the great work!!  Thank you for bringing on these wonderful speakers and relevant ideas. I always learn so much. Thank you!” – Steve Hennessy

“Loved John Wheeler’s life insurance for college idea! I will talk more about life insurance for college with clients.” – Darla Sloan

“Opened my eyes to the benefits of a 529 Plan and getting in the door with young couples with children.  The importance of saving.  Using Life Insurance as a hedge for college funding doing it with a 10 or 20 year plan. Bring college savings up in all client conversations and reviews. Keep doing what you’re doing. Very good information. Always good to get new ideas and shared info from experts.” – Damian Calato

“Wheeler presented great strategies.” – Rodrigo Menendez

“That WL ins is a hedge and that IRR vs ROR are two different worlds of discussion. I will promote both the 529 plan and the WL ins as College savings vehicles.” – Javier Perez

“Another manner of diversification and a different approach on savings options using whole life. Very enjoyable and well-prepared.” – Van Wilder

“We need repeatable processes to protect us from Litigation under the new DOL Rules.” – James Van Ham

“Loved the whole life education discussion.” – Gary Pevey

“How to best use short-pay whole life for college planning. I will move forward to join a BD, just in case the DOL Rule survives the challenges.” – Roy    Lerner

“John Wheeler Whole Life plus the 529 benefits. I will add the 529 favorably to my offerings. All was good.” – Steven Labroi

“DOL rule won’t disappear entirely, even with Trump delaying it.” – Wesley    Febus

“DOL info was great. Nice to learn about 529’s.” – Stan Hefner

“Learned that 529s and Life Insurance work together.” – Lanh Phan

“Awesome power phrases to use for clients. Thanks!” – Kelly Herring

“Strong option to couple with a 529 plan. Talk to young parents about the possible usage of Life to pay for college.” – John Lang

“Value of life insurance!” – Walter Gregory

“I wish I took more notes on John Wheeler’s presentation! Stress the versatility of whole life insurance more. Thank you.” – Edward Stuehm

“Hedging with a limited pay WL and the advantages if can present. Incorporate better value questions and propositions.” – Kyle Larsen

“Whole life instead of IUL and why. Will add more permanent life insurance to retirement plans.” – Maria Zakutny

“529s as a vehicle for education and learned more about DOL.” – Laurel Ziemann

“This reinforced the value of whole life insurance. I will discuss this hedging strategy with clients.” – Scott Kehoe

“Whole life hedge for education expenses. Deepened my knowledge on best uses for whole life insurance.” – Joseph Ensenberger

“Grandparent’s Gifting was a great idea for college funding for 529 plans. Now I have a better understanding of the benefits and advantages of the market and tax impact on WL, 529 Plans.” – Mayra Abreu

“Hedging college savings with Life insurance.” – Ken Magaro

“The workings of a 529 plan. Advise a combination of a limited pay whole life insurance plan with a 529 plan to increase the utility of both strategies and minimize risk.” – Joe Blake

“Reminder of how the various uses of Whole Life can benefit Client needs. Thank-you and Merry Christmas!.” – Timothy Hartnell

“Thanks for the details of DOL.” – Kris Olsen

“The DOL Rule will be with us in some form even if repealed.” – Don Jackson

“Using Life insurance ideas and the DOL update was very helpful.”  Goh-Lang Eng

“I didn’t know very much about the 529 plans and I found that very interesting. I have more information about assisting clients with understanding their options with WL insurance. Very good information and presented well. Thank you.” – Dianne McClish

“Great presentation on 529s and Whole life together as a combination plan for college savings and not as a replacement for each other. Thanks.” – Sean Lee

“Great update on the DoL.” – Debra Stein

“This is the best benefit NAIFA have offered since 1983.” – Joseph Guess

“Using whole life as a predictable income stream.” – Benjamin Houston

“Presenting Whole Life as a great foundation to the 529 in a different way. Move toward a fee based business.” – Wayne Mains

“How to use LI for college planning. Look for clients who can benefit from college planning, especially an approach that hedges their situation.” – Mark Hauptli

“Great details on this subject matter.” – Andrew J Jaramillo

“Thanks for the update on the DOL Rules. Making our job work in this ever changing world. The presenters were  great!” – Mary Picinich

“Several of John Wheeler’s talking points/sound bites were really powerful. Incorporate some of the above mentioned talking points in my presentations.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Whole Life uses. Great Session!!!!!!!!!” – Cal Oraw

“All of the 529 information was quite valuable. Working on language to make proposals around WL and college planning.” – Rob Stevens

“Much more detail about a 529 plan and real examples of life insurance used for college funding.” – Chris Michel

“Truly enjoyed John Wheelers Hedging strategies. Going to train my team on John’s strategy.” – Donnie Britt

“A better way to explain the pluses and minuses of different college planning options. Make sure to always bring up college funding in my fact finding.” – Tony Elassais

“The Dave Ramsey comments were so relevant.” – Stan Mock

“IRR vs. average ROR. Use ‘how to deal with saving for college’ as a conversation opener and seminar.” – Ivy Shen

“529 plan updated specifics and how John has successfully utilized it to create business. Present whole life more, showing its values.” – Tim Haber

“Gained a deeper understanding of whole life values. I’m going to better incorporate college savings into whole life planning with my clients.” – Steve Williams

“Great strategy and presentation on whole life vs. 529 Plans. Had already decided to emphasize the Living advantages of W/L. This just confirms it. I was amazed at how much he dissected the less value of 529 programs!!” – Tanaka McCoy

“Hedge the 529 plan. Sell this niche in my market.” – Don Muckey

“Learned how life insurance can be leveraged for use to cover college expenses. Place more emphasis on conversations with grandparents as to how they can help pay for their grandchildren’s college using 529s. You always have top-notch speakers and information that advisors and agents can use to improve their skills and business.” – Robert Hill

“Average rate of return aren’t what they appear to be. Improve my hedging strategy for both retirement as well as college planning.” – Joseph Andrade

“Not to forget education as a legacy benefit and how it can be used for multiple generations. Continue to talk about the living benefits of whole life and the flexibility the cash value account has. I always find value in these presentations and I appreciate all that NAIFA does. Thank you!” – Kelly Floyd

“Looking at presenting more WL than 529plan for education.” – John Kelm

“Updated info regarding the DOL was most helpful.” – Leigh Wallace

“Whole Life strategies. Mr Wheeler was great, would always like to have him back with more information and sales ideas. Great ways and sayings to challenge traditional or consensus about whole life insurance. Average return vs IRR. I am interested in learning more about your marketing content.” – Mark Kokosko

“More confidence with changes and fine details leads you to right path with service and income.  I would like to revisit the slides, master the skills to handle the objections and guide to the clients needs with appropriate decision making. This is my second time I have attended the seminar, the vision, scope and the speakers are exceptional and remarkable. Thank you and happy holidays.” – Sumathy Sugantharaj

“Positioning language around hedging, eating the chicken or having the eggs. Take a second look at short pay contractual guarantees, consider sharing the idea with more grandparents funding this scenario by taking out policies on their adult children to benefit the grandkids.” – Steven Oriol