10 Tax Tips for 2017

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You may remember Neil Narveson, CPA from his session with Jim Silbernagel, “Charitable Planning Opportunities for the Middle Class,” which was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by your peers. On January 13th, Neil joins us to share some more tax ideas that will:

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I liked the information from Taxbot & learning about MobileAssistant! I’ll be able to track my expenses better.” – Angie Grimm

“Favorite tip was doubling up deductions every other year for those taxpayers who are near the standard deduction threshold. Will consider implementing Taxbot. Informative presentation.” – James Shalek

“Great clarifications of HSA and HRA programs and how we can use them in a personal and business way.” – James Sharpe

“Learned best practices for business deductions. Going to look into MobileAssistant.” – Kathleen Owings

“Good ideas for tax deductions.” – Margier White

“Taxbot was the best thing about today’s presentation. Will talk with clients about taxes. Looking forward to the webinar next month on the HRAs.” – Greg Nelson

“I’ll start deducting my home office. I now have a better grasp of tax issues.” – Louis Hibbs

“Awesome tax tips.” – Brad Brodersen

“Que podiamos de ducir y que no se puede. Orientar a clientes con mejor claridad de lo que esta sucediendo para que puedan tomar una mejor decisones.” [Rough translation: Learned what we can deduct and what we can’t. I will be able to guide my clients with better clarification about what is happening so that they can make better decisions.] – Nohemy Rueda

“Great info. Will discuss Lead Trust & RMD distribution to charity with appropriate clients.” – Steve Milazzo

“Tax savings ideas were great. I will discuss those tax savings with clients.” – Gary Lykken

“Learned that there is a lot I do not know. Will do my homework!” – Stan Plocharczyk

“Interesting use of the HRA. I will look into HRAs more in-depth.” – Gary Ruden

“Very educational. Liked the HRA vs HSA benefits. I will start having more discussions with clients on tax deductions.” – Mark Laviola

“Double-Up Deductions & Requirements for Home Office Deduction were the best ideas. I will investigate applicability of Taxbot to my / our business activity. Excellent presentations for us “boots-on-the-ground” types !!!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“Like the TAXBOT, good presentation with simple illustration. Already using the Tax info just confirmed. Liked the 5 Whys for deduction.” – Rusty Donohue

“That I might be able to claim my home office on taxes this year!! Keep receipts for my home office expenses. Great info!!” – Frankie Taylor

“Great info on reducing taxes. Going to sign up for tax bot. Great session.” – Robin Wahby

“I loved learning about the deductions that one can take if they are self-employed with or without employees. I would like to have a much longer training session on these items along with the tax deductions that were briefly mentioned at the end for new vehicles. I will definitely start tracking better and daily instead of trying to play catch-up at the end of the month. Thank you for letting me sit in on this presentation, it was awesome!” – Denise Clark

“Interested in learning more about H.R.A.’s and how they can help my health insurance clients. Looking at Tax Bot. Was saving receipts and noting the explanation on them.” – Edward Van Hal

“Good Tax Benefits. Will utilize the home office deduction. The Power Session Live provides a lot of value. Thank You!!” – Chuck Lape

“All 10 tax tips and TaxBot were great! I will implement more tax discussions with my clients about items like “Bracket Bumps”.” – Matthew Adamczyk

“All was helpful to me. Took some good notes.” – Jacob Hyer

“Taxbot app. Remind people about RMD for charity and stress 5Ws&anH!” – Judith Shonnard

“Taxbot info, home office deduction and meals/entertainment information. Going to sign up for taxbot and start tracking meals and entertainment expenses more diligently! Thank you!” – Lety Johnson

“Tax issues that will benefit me as well as some of my clients. Will get better with record keeping.” – Ken Specht

“HRA’s and how to use them. Will track more expenses. Relevant information is what I like about your webinars.” – Will Echols

“Loved the talking points tax tips for clients. Great topics. Thank you!” – Lori Wilson

“Taxbot to keep me organized. I will work closer with CPA, was aware of most of the tips already, but it helps to have a reminder to keep things fresh and present.” – JOJO

“Double up and RMD to charity ideas were the best. Will research CLT as a viable solution.” – Michael Palet

“Reminders to implement a lot of knowledge we sometimes already know. Talk more tax strategies. Keep up the great work.” – David Anderson

“HRAs. Try Taxbot” – Robert Leger

“Woke me up on HRA again. Liked double up tax deductions. I already use taxbot but gave me some more good ideas. implement some more ideas personally and for clients and this helps me with some newsletter ideas for articles I write.” – Grant Thompson

“HRAs, hiring kids, tax deductions (and tax bot). Really want to know more about the HRAs and if I can use it as a single LLC.” – Marsha Walls

“Hire your kids:-) Review the tax tips with our accountant and learn how to keep track of deductions better than we’ve been doing. Enjoyed the session. I’m trying to slow my practice down a bit but I still want to keep learning:-).” – Harvey Hatridge

“Lots of good tax information.” – Joe Campanelli

“Taxbot and HRA. Will do the 30 day trial of taxbot.” – Jeff Snyder

“HRA vs HSA. Will do more promotions of RW podcast program to my clients. Keep up the great work!” – William Avon

“Tax info for 2017. Discuss info with clients and prospects. Thank your for this info.” – Vern Swegle

“About using an HRA. Look into by taking your deep dive next month on using an HRA.” Joe Swiderski

“HRAs & more information on Meals and Entertainment.” – Angie Ribuffo

“Tax savings and expense tracker. Going to get taxbot.” – Daryl Stern

“Tax Tips.” – Pedram Kaivani

“Updates and Personal tax assistance (Taxbot). Changes always bring opportunities. Good information!” – Robert Lien

“Tax tips for small business owners.” – Lee Benson

“All of the Tax Tips! Use the Tax Tips and utilize both Accounting & Legal advisors within my practice The NAIFA remarks were exceptional and, hopefully we’ll get 1,000+ members and prospects to attend on May 23rd & 24th.” – Michael Garrity

“Complexity of taxes for self-employed and how easy that can be remedied. Be more aware of the tax savings possibilities as oppose to the tax limitations.” – Jesus Rodriguez

“Tax bot! Will call all my legislators about the DOL rule.” – Debra Stein

“Health Reimbursement Account. Subscribe to TaxBot. Thank you for providing this program. Very valuable information.” – Dennis Williams

“Good reminder about HRA.” Ken Robey

“Will look at some of the options presented.” – Frederick Saide

“Tax savings. Thanks a lot as always. I am looking forward future HRA session.” – Eunhui Park

“Tracking IRS deductions. 4w’s and an H. Will track better.” – PAULA GUDERIAN

“Taxbot & tax planning ideas were great.” – Brian Thomson

“Good tas strategies. Will keep track of records better.” – Terry Jordan

“Confirmation of the HRA and the access to TaxBot. Share the TaxBot approach to expenses and mileage with Clients!” – Douglas Bird

“Tax documenting tool.” – Kevin Lammers

“RMD contributions directly to a charity. Home office, meals & entertainment and children’s expenses details. I am not a financial advisor, but I will share some of these tips with my insurance clients. I find these webinars to be extremely enlightening. Thank you!” – Timothy Pugh

“Value of more efficient tracking of expenses. I need to do a better job of automating.” – Steven Oriol

“HRA. Going to use the CLAT and suggest the HRA.” – Cheryl Charbonneau

“You can have a HRA and a HSA at the same time.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Taxbot app. Include tax ideas on meeting agenda and use tax bot!” – Laura Scobee

“Tax tips and Health insurance deduction options.” – Leon Avila

“Offering tax planning awareness as an advisor skill.” – R Allan Jensen

“Taxbot! Thanks!” – Steve Kende

“HRA as an option for biz owners, even those who have HSA’s. Still need clarification on specifics, like for my family. Looking forward to next month’s session to learn more. Ask better questions, utilize “tax bracket optimization” as a hot point with clients. Good stuff. Already downloaded Mobile Assistant, looks great.” – Gary Everhart

“HRA.” – Maria Zakutny

“That the DOL ruling is not final.” – Deb Brown

  • save YOU money,
  • save your CLIENTS money,
  • create assets for you to manage and
  • differentiate you from the competition.

Jake Randall will give the 10th tip, on how using a tax-tracking tool like Taxbot will save you thousands of dollars in taxes and allow you to

  • turn business expenses into deductions,
  • track your mileage,
  • digitally store your receipts and
  • never miss another deduction.