Critical Insurance

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The market for Critical Insurance is set to explode! 

Why? Obamacare. And everybody knows someone who has had cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. (Via the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance

Joining us for Power Session LIVE is Critical Illness Insurance Expert, Don Hansen. Don is President and Co-Owner of multiple businesses, and joins us to discuss Critical Insurance, the product designed to protect the retirement portfolio during the asset accumulation stage of life.

In this session, you will learn how to properly…

    • approach Critical Insurance with clients
    • present Critical Insurance to clients
    • call a client to action in purchasing coverage
    • implement Critical Insurance into your current product offering

What Advisors Think of this Session

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“I now have a better understanding of what Critical Illness insurance is. Good [Marketing] tip. Will look into promoting more Critical Illness coverage.” – Stan Evetts

“Valuable to see the importance of setting the stage for acceptance of the concept.” – Barbara Cottrell

“I gained a lot of valuable information about the product.” – Cheryl Mize

“Great to learn about the need [for Critical Illness Insurance], valuable quotes and stats were helpful.” – Ron Cornell

“Great answers to u/w question and carriers. Critical Insurance lends itself to the other discussions about life and disability ins. Having used a long time owned CI policy with ROP for my wife 15 yrs ago, I should remember to include that in my presentations–with enthusiasm!!” – Roger Relfe

“Learned a lot about the concept. Liked the table with 4 legs analogy.” – Gordon Conwell Jr.

“Great presentation on the client focus on the product as well as the more appropriate choices for the different client base. Valuable perspective of controlling the risks factors that may destroy savings and retirement plans for clients.” – Lisa Hatterman

“I have been selling Disability Insurance for many years and wondered if there was a need for both. Presentation indicated that both are valuable and can be used together.” – Maureen Kirschhofer

“Great perspectives for having various types of insurance at certain ages.” – Bud Baldwin

“Useful info for clients.” – Albert Danish