Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

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May’s Power Session LIVE brings you TWO Disability Insurance Specialists! Both John and Camille have personally dealt with a disability. Hear their compelling stories first-hand, and how they approach their own clients with income protection strategies.

In this session, you will learn: 

    • How to position Disability Insurance with your clients
    • How to respond to “I can’t afford it” and other common objections
    • How to ask trust-building questions to help your clients understand the risks and take action
    • Both John and Camille’s personal stories when dealing with a disability, and what they want you to know

Some of Camille’s Trust-Builder Questions:

    • What are your dreams and goals? What keeps you up at night?
    • What do you believe is your #1 asset?
    • What’s the biggest financial issue causing your stress right now? How would your life change if we can take that off the table?
    • What would your family have to change or give up if you lost your income? Would that be acceptable to you?
    • If we could find the money for the premium, would that be helpful?
    • What do you think puts someone in the position of being unable to work? (90% of disability claims are illness)
    • Additional for business owners:
      • Tell me about your business.
      • If you were too sick or injured, how long could you continue to take money from the business?
      • Could you still make retirement contributions?
      • How long would your business be able to stay in business?
      • Where will your partners get the money to buy you out?
      • If a key employee couldn’t work, would you feel obligated to continue their pay? How long would you be able to do that? Do you have a funding vehicle to make that possible?
    • Bonus question sequence from attendee James Goodacre – thanks for sharing! These are excellent:
      • How long did you go on vacation last year? Why didn’t you go on vacation longer than two weeks or a month? If you can’t take more than 2-4 weeks off for vacation, then how would you take 6 months or 5 years off to recover from an illness or accident?

What Advisors Think of this Session

Topic Rating
Presenter(s) Rating

“Good to remind people about DI. It’s good to have “passion” for your topic.” – Lenny Martin

“Going over handling objections was great.” – Ron Cornell

“Great sales thoughts.” – William Wagner

“Good ideas and language for getting appointments as well as sales.” – Kenneth Beer

“Learned new ways to market DI coverage. I picked up several tips today.” – James Bisek

“Learned how to handle certain objections and ask good questions.” – Charles Zloch

“The stories and testimonies were valuable.” – James Anderson

“Great ideas on approach.” – Michael Kleen

“The ideas on how to begin the conversation were great. Very informative session.” – Rena Crochet

“Helpful to hear how important it is to talk about this tough subject with my clients.” – William Hammond

“Learned the importance of asking the right questions in selling DI.” – Tim Louzy

“Loved the alternative wording so that we don’t have to use the “I” word. Helpful.” – Tracy Meade

“Great positioning/strategy and questions.” – Tom Frasher

“The questions and objections were informative.” – Melissa Snively

“The Stop Loss term was eye opening. Also calling it Income Protection.” – Bob May

“Learned how to ask the right questions when discussing DI. Entire program contained great info on helping people with real issues being faced. John and Camille are superstars in our industry, so I took great notes and plan to use some of the strategies that were discussed.” – Rodney Trottman

“Excellent key word phrases to ask the clients about themselves. How long did you go on vacation last year? Why didn’t you go on vacation longer than 2 weeks or a month? If you can’t take more than 2-4 weeks off for vacation, then how would you take 6 months or 5 years off to recover from a illness or accident? Excellent.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Learned some good questions to ask to reposition DI. Great info ” – David Allen

“[The presenters’] personal stories and how that influenced how they moved forward was valuable and well-stated.” – Bob Herum

“Engaging in the two disabilities that were presented in the presentation. Clients do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care. I am now on a mission to serve clients and will not be afraid of rejections!” – Nancy Owusu-Dekyi

“Thanks for keeping us up to date! Very good session.” – R.Terry Lawson

“Great language for starting the conversation. Excellent session.” – Maureen Kirschhofer