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Are you looking for ways to grow your practice and create a more efficient office team?

Gina Pellegrini, efficiency expert, author, and owner of Pellegrini Team Consulting, is here with fantastic tips and best practices you can implement now! Her Minneapolis-based firm specializes in practice management, assisting teams in streamlining their systems, improving communication, and strengthening accountability. Gina also works as a coach for Strategic Coach business coaching and is a published author with books and programs aimed to help businesses succeed and manage their teams in a smart way. Increasing productivity is the name of her game!
With over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, Gina offers tips on how to maximize your practice using the resources you already have! Listen to learn how to:
  • Be more effective with time
  • Enhance communication
  • Delegate more
  • Uncover opportunities within your client base
  • Become an effective leader.

Highlights from Gina’s Presentation:

  • Hiring staff is an investment – not an expense. You need to be concentrating on income-generating activities to take your business to the next level.
  • Leave your staff alone – interruptions are the enemy of productivity!
  • Treat every team member like they’re a volunteer
  • Your To Do List consists of only three things: 1. Be in front of people 2. Prospect 3. Delegate
  • The Pellegrini Golden Rule of Business: “If you give them more of what they need, they’ll give you more of what you want.”

What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Lots of good ideas for team building and structure. Great [Marketing Tip] – I didn’t realize there were optimal times to send emails.” – Melissa Beckmann

“Great ideas I needed to hear. Will use [the Marketing Tip] in my business. Continue having these Live webinars! This was my first.” – Richard Leleux

“Good solid practice basics. I lose my way if I don’t just keep hearing the obvious truth from time to time.” – Randy Densmore

“Helpful hints on time management and team importance. Informative session.” – Jay Moyer

“Valuable time Management and delegation techniques. Excellent [Marketing Tip].” – Kenneth Head

“[The Marketing Tip was] terrific info.” – R Allan Jensen

“Great training on appointment scheduling. Loved [the Marketing Tip].” – Howard Woodall

“It was on point with my practice and I can use most all suggestions!” – John Woodward

“Very good session.” – Mark Pittleman

“Great processes.” – Roger Ruden

“Actionable, implementable practices.” – Emory Smith

“Loved the structure & ideas on case management.” – Mervyn Fried

“Great info on scheduling. Great job.” – Val Episcopo

“Scheduling of staff time and purpose – great info!” – Jeff Kaiden

“Very relevant to my practice with new staff members. Good [Marketing Tip].” – Chad Copley

“Learned how to effectively use an assistant to grow your business and building consistencies. Definitely things I need to work on.” – Lindsey Vogel

“Great tips – having an ideal and one to do list.” – William Maar

“Making sure as an advisor working on more income-producing tasks! Good [Marketing Tip].” – Joe Swiderski

“Great info on Time management/Delegation.” – Todd Henderson

“Set up the week and don’t interrupt assistant but let them know what you expect!” – Sandy Wheaton

“Good info. No Voice Mail & Appointment Scheduling.” – JD Brannan

“Gina’s time management insights were awesome.” – Don Goldsmith

“Need to have structure to hire more staff that was all new to me.” – Howard Gruber

“It covered many of the issues I’ve been trying to figure out how to correct in my business.” – Chris Besonen

“It was a good overview of best practices in how to deal with wtaff. I will have my assistant ONLY send out monthly emails on a Tu We or Th (thank you for the tip).” – Justin Gauvin

“Gina’s presentation was great.” – Ed White

“I liked the To Do list, which I use. Good [Marketing Tip]. Anything that gets [emails] read is great.” – Stan Mock

“Clear concise messages about how to maximize use of staff and calendar.” – Graham Wright

“Tremendous resources and helpful recruiting tips/best practices.” – Rob Greco

“Very practical and detailed information on managing my team, which is the most challenging part of my job! Very helpful [Marketing Tip].” – Gina Mills

“Learned that a structured office is rewarding to all involved. [The Marketing Tip is] a perfect way to reach out and touch a prospect and/or client.” – Gregg Reid

“Enjoyed all of the ideas. Nice to know what is happening currently in today’s world.” – Suzette Brychta-Johnson

“Made me think about the things I used to do and stopped doing.” – Joseph Zullo

“Good flow of the suggestions of how to manage people! Keep up the good work!” – Leo Fundaro

“The type of managerial types was really interesting. Also the time management and the calendar. 1st time joining and I really enjoyed it.” – Brenda Morales

“Gina’s presentation was all good reminders.” – Theresa Richards

“Gina gave real helpful information on how to best use staff. Excellent information.” – Charles Hankins

“Simple and succinct organization of material as the result of years of experience, — which enthused my re-thinking my business plan implementation … I was extremely impressed with Gina’s presentation and her grasp of how our business works !!! This also was excellent and timely information, — also just long enough to be of value and included immediate suggestions for better results !!! You have selected excellent topics and presenters, — keep selecting !!” – Franklin Walter II

“Great to realize the importance of finding right assistant then utilizing and checking accountability. Great review-thank you.” – Deb Wagemann

“Great insight into business practices.” – Eric Nielsen

“The one thing that I have been lacking in my business is a structured day and/or week. I have doubled my book of business and revenue in the past 2 year and I am nervous that I will not be able to continue on my current path. So this was an outstanding presentation and very timely too. I will start to implement some of the tools and idea in this presentation. Thank you. Outstanding Marketing Tips on sending out Real Wealth® Weekly, because I have been doing it every Monday morning. I enjoy practice management and organization ideas to help me grow my business. I want to know not just what to do , but how to do it.” – William Hammond

“The importance of having staff be the phone professionals. Very sound advice.” – Adrian Bybee

“Hire and development of team members. Great marketing tip. Great information.” – Alexis Harris

“Very helpful. I sort of knew [the Marketing Tip on when to send emails] (I avoid Mondays and Fridays), but the details and confirmation were helpful.” – Stephen Mallery