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The statistics don’t lie: About 87% of baby boomers own their own home, with 68% still paying off their mortgages.

Leading Reverse Mortgage Expert Don Graves shows you how to make more money and position your practice for long-term success…by using this tool in your clients’ long-term retirement plan.

  • The #1 reason Boomers need to understand housing wealth… and what can happen if they don’t
  • 5 key housing wealth strategies that top advisors are using to create more kitchen table conversations
  • 4 simple questions advisors can ask to get more qualified appointments
  • 3 ways understanding Reverse Mortgages can shield you from the coming “fiduciary fallout”
  • The one strategy that can radically help 2/3 of all boomers who know how to use it… but sabotage those who don’t
  • Why FINRA, the American College, and other thought leaders changed their position on Reverse Mortgages

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“Valuable to learn how a reverse mortgage can supplement your retirement.” – Kenneth Head

“Learned different ideas for the retired clients.” – Raymond Sternberg

“I see this as the next big open-door opportunity for advisors, much like Revocable Trust Estate Planning was in the 90’s. I liked the tip about email signatures.” – Kasey Buckner

“Excellent info for helping my clients.” – Joseph Duncan

“Great to learn the value of reverse mortgages!” – Sherrill Phelps

“All was excellent! Good [Marketing Tip].” – Gordon Conwell

“Don clearly stated information that is directly transferable into current planning situations. Great [Marketing Tip], specifically given that there is already a ton of compliance required language trailing signature block.” – Joe LoCicero

“I have a better understanding of the ways that Reverse Mortgages can be used to better serve clients. Very helpful [Marketing Tip].” – Douglas Nurenberg

“Valuable alternative strategy to help with the income crisis many seniors face with regard to retirement. Can’t wait for the PDF follow ups to be sent out. [The Marketing Tip was a] good idea.” I have found value in all the marketing sessions that I have attended so far!” – Signe Nelson-Combs

“This was all new information on a new topic.” – Dennis Jones

“Good solid info on RM’s! Useful [Marketing Tip].” – Lawrence Bassell

“Gained knowledge on a subject I knew very little about! [The Marketing Tip was] helpful.” – Mark Hinken

“Valuable general reverse mortgage knowledge, have a contact for questions, and the strategy review.” – Sean Kelly

“Learned current changes to rules! Excellent [Marketing Tip].” – Richard Yost

“Now I’m not scared to bring up the subject! You always pick great topics. Keep doing what you are doing.” – Ross Hankins

“Good to learn about optional source for Retirement Income.” – John Holloway

“Feel like I better understand HECM’s better. Very useful [Marketing Tip].” – Michael Kleen

“Found a new resource. Thanks. Great program.” – Bill Popko

“All of the information on HECM was great.” – David Falk

“Great ideas for income revenue after retirement. Great [Marketing Tip].” – Kate Kern

“Learned a new way to find money to pay for LTC how to buy a new house and lower the down payment with a RM. [Marketing Tip was] great.” – Phyllis Shelton

“The simplicity of the way that Don presented the information and the credible sources he used to back it up were all very helpful. [The Marketing Tip] gave me some good ideas including asking for referrals [in my email signature].” – Celine Pastore

“Learned about the different options for taking equity out of a home, in addition to the Lump Sum and Monthly Payments.” – Paul Romo

“Great introduction to the concept and the current environment. Very good [Marketing Tip].” – Brian Beall

“Gained a wealth of knowledge about using rev mortgages in planning process to enhance client’s cash flow in ret’t. Also, hearing FINRA’s new views on rev. mortgages!” – Robert Decker

“I have been roughly aware of reverse mortgages and have referred people to an underwriter to help in their retirement income planning. Today’s session however put a lot more specifics into my head about this. Just the 50% ratio was illuminating.” – R Allan Jensen

“Learned that there are a lot of different ways to use a reverse mortgage. It was helpful.” – Andrew Lavoi

“Valuable to see how reaching your retirement goal can be easier with reverse mortgage.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Great concept and information that advisors should be aware of for the benefit of our clients/prospective clients. Very helpful [Marketing Tip]; thanks for sharing this information.” – Charles Owens

“New info that I was not aware of.” – John Worrel

“Everything, very good!!” – Leo Fundaro

“Learned that HECM’s need to be considered as part of a retirement planning strategy, and that 1-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to their use because each client has different goals and behavior patterns. [The Marketing Tip was] very well focused. We need to make [our email signature] work for us, NOT reiterate everything about us which will detract from the message. These topics are EXCELLENT !!!” – Franklin Walter II

“Lots of information on a topic I had no knowledge about and for which I can continue to research to become more knowledgeable.” – Ivy Taylor

“Busting myths. Good stuff.” – Larry Sandbach

“Learned a lot about the variety of values a reverse mtg. gives you.” – Steve Tando

“Didn’t know about the change in FINRA ruling of 10/30/2013. Valuable to learn about the increased importance of reverse mortgages and how they may benefit clients’ retirement plans. My first time joining your webinars. Very good! Great [Marketing Tip]. The strong emphasis on COMPLIANCE appreciated! This information will be good in my own planning.” – Jim Burghard

“Just learning about reverse mortgages was great. Very good [Marketing Tip]. This is my first time to participate with program. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.” – Ronald House