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Don Graves

Leading Expert on Home Equity Conversion Strategies
Guest Instructor - The American College of Financial Services

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Since the year 2000, Don has assisted more than 2,300 retirees and trained thousands of advisors in understanding the role of housing wealth in retirement income planning. Don’s gift is helping advisors grow their business, profits and influence. And since the vast majority of retirees will own a home, Housing Wealth is a subject that every advisor should know.

He was recently invited to present his signature seminar to the President and Faculty of The American College of Financial Services, and was featured on their Wealth Channel. Don now serves as a Guest Instructor in the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) Program at the College, and can be seen on several videos in the programs curriculum as well as planned future appearances with the CLU, CFP and ChFC programs.

Don serves as Principal for the HECM Advisors Group, and Dean of the HECM Institute.

“My passion is to help advance the financial planning body of knowledge and distill complexity into practical applications that advisors can use to create better solutions for their clients.”

Don’s Experience:

  • 15 year veteran as a HECM Reverse Mortgage professional
  • Former Team Leader. Greater Pennsylvania Region for Lehman’s Brothers HECM division
  • Charter Member of the Funding Longevity Task Force, whose advocacy was responsible for FINRA’s position change on Reverse Mortgages
  • Developed the first HECM Continuing Education Course in PA for Financial Advisors

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