Preparing for Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Are you prepared for Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Our special guests Marv Feldman & Matt Derrick from Life Happens join us for Power Session LIVE webinar to help you promote LIAM to your clients to make the most of your marketing efforts. Learn new ways to position Life Insurance with your clients, what resources are available to you, and how to use the new tools from Life Happens to boost your sales!

72% of internet users are on social media.
Take advantage of that platform!
It’s free!!! Life Happens has the content ready for you!

Helpful Resources:

  • Call Life Happens at (888) LIFE-777 or (888) 543-3777
  • Email Marv Feldman:
  • Email Matt Derrick:
  • Visit to access prewritten social media posts, embeddable videos & other resources to help you reach more clients
  • Sign up for Life Happens Pro with your NAIFA discount!
    • Use code NAIFA29 if paying monthly
    • Use code NAIFA299 if paying annually

NAIFA President Juli McNeely joins in the end of Power Session LIVE for a Q&A session on what the issue is, and how it’s going to affect our industry and how we serve our clients.

  • Visit to:
    • Stay up-to-date on the DOL issue
    • Share a video & infographic with your clients
    • Write to congress
    • Ask your clients to write to congress
  • Email NAIFA at with specific DOL & BIC questions

Lastly, send an Announcement Letter to your clients to introduce them to Real Wealth®! This is your chance to position yourself as a resource of information vs. an insurance agent. View a sample: (scroll to bottom)

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“The Life Happens Pro membership is intriguing. I liked [the Marketing Tip], too.” – John Weeks

“Info presented today is keeping me on my toes.” – Gerald Brown

“Great knowledge around the Life Happens Pro website.” – Jeremy Peterson

“Video was awesome.” – Michael Fergen

“Good to find out about the resources available.” – Liz Casper

“Great reminders. Looking forward to using the embedable content.” – Robert Clark

“Good to know about the new videos. Good [Marketing Tip]–always good to see what the millennials want and what interests them.” – Gary Hammer

“Interesting to learn about the lack of knowledge of the value of Life Insurance in the consumer world.” – Harvey Rohde

“Glad that there is a resource for helping me with FB. Good [Marketing Tip]” – Kristin Clark

“It was all useful.” – William Luebkeman

“Life Happens Pro resources available and how affordable they are. Great [Marketing Tip]!” – Sandy Wheaton

“Valuable new material for LIAM; Pres. McNeeley’s presentation also good.” – Gina Mills

“Update on DOL was great, and loved Life Happens part and LIAM!” – Robert Garneau

“It was good to hear a DOL update.” – Joe Trevino

“Everything is of the essence – current information – will help my practice immediately be more impactful to my clients! Great [Marketing Tip].” – Heather Lindsley

“Informative stats and ideas. [Marketing Tip was] very helpful. Appreciated Juli’s information.” – Karen Rausch

“Liked Juli McNeely’s update regarding DOL hearing. Please continue with in-depth information to develop understanding of proposed and final rule for the DOL fiduciary rule changes.” – Sue DeBruin

“Good presentation! I am a first time user. Will think about this! I did like the announcement letter idea.” – Dennis Crawford

“Valuable discusion on DOL regulations changes.” – Robert Newey

“Great to have a Life Happens Pro walk through, and DOL Fiduciary Proposal updates. Excellent [Marketing Tip]! It was clear and concise, and can be easily implemented. Continue DOL Fiduciary Proposal updates through next year. All of the guest presenters were timely, knowledgeable, very informative, and well spoken. It was well worth the 90 minutes!” – Jennifer Schell

“Good to learn about the new regulations pending. We will start to use the Life Happens Material right away!” – Jim Carlson

“Life Happens materials are awesome. Keep updating us on DOL activity and decisions and what is happening in general.” – Timothy Wagenknecht

“Good info on resources and use.” – Michelle Neils

“Great information on Life Wow – great Marketing Tip! Going to work on website improvement!” – Dan Silvestain

“Thanks for the update on the BIC rule. Presentation today provided some good ideas.” – Diana Apostolova

“Valuable government info. Also enjoyed the info on the new tools.” – Kevin Caballaro

“Great to get up to speed about the DOL Rule –  where we are and what challenges we may face! Loved the whole presentation and how all the pieces tie together. Good ideas on making it easier for the normal person to comprehend and how all insurance and investments inter connect to deliver peace of mind and satisfaction!” – Kirt Cochran

“Valuable presentations today. #1 Having Juli McNeely present on real time issues that will vastly change the way our business is done. She was eloquent, a realist and extremely honest about how our industry will need to approach this regulatory over-reach. Her candid remarks let us know WHY she is so valuable as a leader to NAIFA. #2 – availability and uses of Life #3 the pre-done social media campaigns to create awareness in the avenue with clients, aid in driving more business to our practice.” – Dennis Williams

“Excited to get more out of social media and the Life Happens resources.” – Tom Frasher

“Loved the introduction to Life Happens Pro. I am very excited to begin using this tool. I really enjoyed the time Juli McNeely spent talking about BIC and how this is really going to affect us.” – Timothy Geary

“Great to learn about LifeHappens Pro and explanation of BIC and the expectations of the proposes legislation. [The Marketing Tip was a] very useful idea. NAIFA ClientCast® is AWE$OME!” – Gloria Burford

“Great ideas for the use of a website. Great [Marketing Tip].” – Joseph Andrade

“There were a lot of valuable aspects – tools and resources available on life and DOL update was useful.” – Lindsey Vogel

“Actionable information. [The Marketing Tip was] well thought out. Jim does a great job of choosing topics because of his contacts.” – Terry Klocke

“Loved the resources and marketing information.” – Leon Avila

“Nice to know about the possibility of emailing info to people, and learning the %’s on people buying after seeing videos and the real difference it will make! Helpful ideas.” – Rick Hasler

“I am a new member and enjoyed the opportunity to hear about LIFEHAPPENSPRO. Enjoyed listening to the president of NAIFA concerning the legislation happening at this time and how it will affect us in the future. [The Marketing Tip] was very good and thought provoking! I always like to hear new ideas how people are touching their existing clients and how they are touching new prospects.” – Terral Causey

“Enjoyed very much!! Please keep such programs coming to agents – we need it!! We appreciate all you do to help agent progress their careers, and especially the marketing pieces created to help our clients & prospects better understand the importance of our products and how it may benefit them with their businesses & families, thanks so much!! PLEASE keep up the excellent work!” – Terry Lawson