Out-of-the-Box Business Builders

Learn new ways to maximize your practice from our panel of experts!

With these out-of-the-box tools, services & resources, you can differentiate yourself as a professional & grow your business.

From this action-packed, 4-part session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Retain clients using Kathleen’s couple-friendly approach
  • Keep wealth when it transfers by engaging your client’s heirs
  • Build your network with the new AdvisorBid™ platform
  • Keep your calendar full & be more efficient with your team
  • PLUS another update on the DOL issue with NAIFA’s Judi Carsrud

Watch the recording! This is a special session available for non-Members, too! :)

Use this Business Building Checklist to start implementing ideas from each of our 4 presenters:

  • Be a couple-friendly advisor: Tips from Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
  • Make connections in your community: Tips from Ryan Ponsford
    • Encourage your client families to give away a few dollars together
    • Create a giving experience for your team
    • Consider participating in Main Street Philanthropy to increase community awareness
  • Build your practice… faster: Tips from Brandon Spottswood
    • Register a unique profile on AdvisorBid™ to maximize visibility on available opportunities
    • Download a copy of your production statements and keep records of them throughout the year. It not only makes sure that your commissions are correct, but it also allows you to periodically check the growth and trends of your business(es).
    • Develop at least 4-5 strategic partners that you’re in contact with regularly to illuminate your business and revenue potential
  • Get the most out of your client base: Tips from Gina Pellegrini
    • Develop a scheduling process
    • Let go of scheduling
    • Track dials made
    • Get The Master Collection (Get 35% off when you use code ‘Gina’ by 10/9/15)

And stay up-to-date on the DOL issue with Judi Carsrud

  • Visit NAIFA.org, where you can:
    • Share a video & infographic with your clients
    • Write to congress
    • Ask your clients to write to congress
  • Email NAIFA at GovernmentRelations@NAIFA.org with specific DOL & BIC questions

What Advisors Think of this Session

Topic Rating
Presenter(s) Rating

“I loved Gina Pellegrini. I hired a scheduler several years ago but having the tracker was a great idea. I am going to buy this book and both of us will read it so that we are making the biggest impact not only on my business but with my clients. Advisorbid is a great idea.” – Terral Causey

“Great couples advice, and presentations on giving and scheduling. This was my first exposure to this webinar, great stuff.” – Thomas McCaffrey

“Great presentations on working with couples, Main Street philanthropy, and Pelligrini- setting appts.” – Bryan Johnson

“Loved the call-making advice.” – David Janson

“Loved the last speaker’s demonstration on an “Ideal Schedule” to have every week. Overall informational.” – Brittany Somsen

“Good sales & business ideas.” – Norbert Ruiz

“Loved hearing from the scheduling gal.” – Kenneth Beer

“Learned a lot about couple communication.” – Timothy Mayer

“Liked the DOL update.” – Charles Redd

“Kathleen Kingsbury and Gina Pellegrini were great to learn from.” – Susan McWright

“The discussion of DOL was helpful.” – Michael Kleen

“Great idea of building Family Philanthropy.” – Carlos Gutierrez

“Great scheduling and DOL conversations. I like [the Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] and would like to implement in practice to drive inbound prospects.” – Mark Kokosko

“Loved hearing about Advisorbid & learning from Pellegrini team. Good ideas and update on DOL proposal.” – Greg Marchand

“Scheduling presentation was very good and important to me.” – Ronald Bennett

“The calling info and the DOL update were good. [The Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] will help me keep in front of my clients and friends.” – John Davis

“The presentations that resonated most with me were Ryan’s and Gina’s. Outstanding. Keep having more of the same types of webinars.” – Gene Mahn

“I liked Gina Pelligrini, Kathleen Kingsbury and Ryan Ponsford’s presentations. Keep up the good work. I liked it all.” – Joe Swiderski

“These are all concepts that will be beneficial to my practice.” – Larry Burton

“Becoming a couple friendly adviser in the face of non-traditional families is essential to retaining clients. [The Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] will be great to help get information in front of clients/prospects. A valuable tool to grow your business.” – Steve Molitor

“I love the idea of getting Main Street Philanthropy engaged in our practices.” – Byron Haney

“The webinar was easy to stick with due to the change in subjects and speakers, all of which are top drawer. The DoL updates have been incredibly valuable.” – R Allan Jensen

“Great Mixture of Topics – I took notes on every presentation. Looking forward to incorporating [the Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] when [my Broker-Dealer] allows. Great information, great links, great presenters. Having different voices (altering the listener’s perspective and having variety in verbal content) was nicely handled – the variety in voices made it easier to ‘stay tuned’. Thanks, looking forward to follow up email post-event.” – Matt Meeker

“The meeting contained valuable information for me on all topics.” – Howard Inman

“Couple friendly discussion was great…..and the need to bring couples together to overcome “money silent” issues. [The Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] sounds like an excellent tool. Excellent…..look forward to next month’s session!” – John Boyer

“Be sure to engage the the heirs! That is what stood out for me.” – Frances Bailey-Jones

“These were excellent ideas for building my practice. Real Wealth® does a great job.” – Sarah Kerr

“Presentation by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury & Presentation by Gina Pellegrini were the most applicable to my business. Information on DOL by NAIFA Spokeswoman was great. [The Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] is excellent. Need to learn how to use and engage my clients with social media/digital marketing. You guys are doing a great job, speakers are wonderful, and I just have to latch on with some of ideas they present.” – Gobind Hemnani