What’s Happening with Healthcare?

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The changing industry of healthcare brings a lot of uncertainty and stress to Americans. They need YOU to help them navigate this complicated landscape. Expert Terry Frett joins Power Session LIVE to unveil opportunities with the changing laws and inform us on what’s happening with healthcare. Annual Open Enrollment is coming up November 1st – now is the time to prepare!

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Watch the recording of Judi’s presentation on the DOL issue

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Liked the discussion about the small and large group rules.” – Sue Trottier

“Great explanation of the reporting documents. This was the first I have attended. It was awesome!” – Kathryn Mueller

“Everything was valuable.” – Ken Steinbeck

“Liked having the DOL update.” – David Bull

“Impressive amount of information.” – Rita Byford

“Great to look at the “big” picture.” – Bob Martin

“Learn the many new laws for the employer and employee. Very good session.” – Jimmy McGill

“Good discussion on health law issues due to more of my work.” – Sheri Welch

“Valuable information about what is trending/happening.” -John Waugh

“Clean and easy to understand presentation.” – Gus Suarez

“Strengthened my feeling that DOL/Washington has NO CLUE about the real world.” – Michael Fox

“The expertise of the speakers was great. The information they shared was invaluable. [The Real Wealth® social media content for consumers is] great I will start to use it immediately.” – Heather Lindsley

“Current info presented.” – Daniel Flees

“Great presentations.” – Philip Kneib

“Good clarification of what is implemented for the 2016 year and some of the changes that have occurred in networks and carriers as a result of ACA. Need to do more investigation on how to get this information out to my clients. Good presentation.” – Stan Evetts

“Impressed by Terry’s knowledge on how the marketplace is changing. I liked the DOL update.” – Mark Miller

“Good Special Drug information. Informative enough to prompt call ins.” – Jesus Abikarram

“Great education on Healthcare from Terry. Although I don’t sell, as a L&H producer I should be able to answer questions about PPACA as I say in the Ethics classes I teach. Also, my NAIFA dues are even more important and I use the pot luck story for those in the business who are not members, “You’re eating at the potluck having not brought a dish!” Thanks Judi and Juli for your continued work. Excellent. You’re doing a great job [choosing webinar speakers/topics].” – Roger Relfe

“All was great.” – Carl Baumgart

“Learned a lot. How we are loosing the completion among carriers and the information on the new medicine drugs.” – Leon Avila

“All was valuable.” – Debra Stein

“Bits and pieces were either new, updates or clarifications. You’re doing just fine [choosing webinar speakers/topics].” – Joe Partise

“DOL Fidicuary issue was good to hear about.” – Ed Anderson

“Truly current information.” – John Hoff

“Many things were valuable. Want to look into [the Real Wealth® social media content for consumers] more.” – Debbie Baskin