Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Long-Term Care Planning

What we covered:

10:30 – 11:30am CST: LTC Planning Considerations

    • Considerations long before you’ll need long-term care
    • Considerations when in crisis planning (Title 19)
    • Considerations for veterans, e.g. aid & attendance benefits
11:30 – 12:00pm CST: Industry Updates
    • The Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule
    • Social Security – file & suspend option ended per new budget bill

What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Very good info to know in order to assist our clients for quality of life enhancements during LTC needs at home.” – Gil Earhart

“Good alternative ideas to going to assisted care or a nursing home.” – Edward Van Hal

“Valuable alternative devices for home care.” – Ellen Rheinlaender

“Rob’s topic was timely and provided valuable information that allows me to be “in the know” when it comes to this type of option.” – Jeff Herman

“Great that there is an entire industry devoted to keeping folks in their homes, when they are old or sick. You are doing a great job of bringing new ideas and concepts to me on your webinars, of which I would never have even thought.” – Richard Lazarski

“Great to learn about structured settlements. [The Marketing Tip was a] great one liner.” – Larry Bitterman

“Learned a lot about the variety of home assistance techniques and that there are professional evaluators of insurance policies. [The Marketing Tip was] a good reminder.” – David Beery

“Valuable Long Term Care alternative to traditional facilities.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Was not aware of the options for in-home care.” – Tammy Douthit

“All topics were excellent. [The Marketing Tip was] great.” – Steven Sedler

“New and different ideas that can set us apart from the competition. [The Marketing Tip was] spot on.” – Alan Stearley

“The website to look at the costs in different states for long term care was very helpful! I think [the Marketing Tip] is a very good tip. Persistence pays off.” – Miriam Cliver

“Valuable updated information.” -Juliann Smith

“Thanks for the NAIFA update about DOL.” – Jeffrey Stecker

“I learned more about life settlements and have a much more favorable view now. Excellent [Marketing Tip]. Keep these webinars coming.” – Kevin Gleim

“Loved the out of the box ideas. [The Marketing Tip] was excellent. That’s what its all about!” – Candace Berkman

“Helping people understand remodeling and updates for their house that are far beyond what the ADA works with. [The Marketing Tip was a] very good idea.” – David Theiss

“Great Social Security update. Liked the session a lot – creative ways to cover long-term care costs for farmers and business owners.” – Robyn Lampert

“Good social security information and solutions for long term care clients, right on!” – Heidi Prom

“Great info on Out of the Box LTC options.” – John Weiss

“Valuable to learn about the options available for accessibility/quality of life enhancements.” – Todd Henderson

“Great Social Security information updates.” – Bridget Kennedy

“Good advice, Life settlement info and Industry Updates.” – Wendy Letourneau

“Interesting home modifications for clients, life settlement can be good and file and suspend info. . . all helpful.” – Daniel Flees

“Thanks for the Social security update!” – Rita Ingram

“Presented ideas that were fresh to me. That is the “secret sauce” for success!” – Holly Worthington

“Great DOL legislative update, and the SS Claiming Strategies update.” Joe Ross

“LTC Options was Great. Life Settlements info Helpful. Great [marketing tip].” – Scott Ebert

“Most valuable was the Social Security update#1, Life Settlements #2. 1st timer looking forward to more.” – Dan Guerette

“Great information to make my clients and prospects aware of opportunities to better their lives.” – Dennis Jones

“Social Security update was great.” – Tony McGehee

“Marketing tip was awesome.” – Kelly Woods

“All good–especially Social Security changes. [Marketing tip was] excellent! “Nothing takes the place of persistence. Persistence and determination are omnipotent”–Calvin Coolidge.” – Joe Campanelli

“Most of the information presented was valuable. I really liked the portion on the secondary market and selling of the policies. Very timely.” – Patrick Violando

“The updated ss information was great.” – William Kecskemety

“Life settlements, DOL update, and SS update were all good info. Wrote [the Marketing Tip] down. Plan to live by it.” – Robert Javens

“Had no idea so many in-home devices were available to make in-home care possible. Excellent presentation on Life Settlements. Jule’s update on DOL was excellent. Great clarification on the new Social Security changes. [The Marketing Tip was] very appropriate.” – Mike Ford

“The DOL and SS information were great. Excellent information and presented well.” – Michele Traver

“All subjects were important and timely. The speakers were all up to date on their subjects.” – Lawrence Kelly

“I gained a great deal of perspective about the need to be able to pay for home modifications either through a traditional long term care insurance policy or through a life insurance policy with a long term care rider; very helpful good [marketing] tip! I like the multiple speaker format; I like the real world experience; I like the NAIFA industry update.” – Doug Richards

“All of the information was very useful and informative. Thank you all.” – Goldie Rasmussen

“Important topic. Great [Marketing Tip].” – Scott Simpson

“66% of LTC payments are going to Home Health Care. Wow! Very good [Marketing Tip]. Do more of these webinars.” – Mark Jones

“I now have more ways to help my clients better.” – Serenity Smith

“Multiple things were very valuable: Life Settlements; DOL update; and Social Security changes update……all excellent! Of those, the life settlements was what I knew least about going in. [The Marketing Tip was] good advice. Easy to slip off the track of persistency and consistency in today’s “crazy” world. Realizing you are “back on” is a great feeling and crucial in goal attainment and self actualization. You’re doing well with the topics and speakers. I trust your judgment [for future topics/speakers].” – Chuck Stickney

“I now have information that I had no knowledge of previously and a good approach to long term care planning. [The Marketing Tip was a] good statement to avoid discouragement.” – Stan Evetts

“I found incredible value in learning more about home modification options. I sell life insurance with chronic, critical & terminal benefits. This will help me put it in real terms for people as well as help my clients who are at the point of needing these options. I never thought of selling existing life insurance for clients. The scenarios were very insightful. I have one couple in mind. Of course, the industry updates were valuable and definitely will be discussing at my Monday meeting. [The Marketing Tip was a] good reminder. I sometimes feel like I am chasing clients, about to give up in frustration and then suddenly they’re ready. And it is important not to disappear after they take action.” – Linda Stone

“The Social Security updates and the insurance updates were helpful.” – Annalee Kruger

“These were three very informative topics. I don’t think I can say which was most valuable. LOTS to absorb. I liked [the Marketing Tip]….slow and steady wins the race.” – Lawrence Hartfield

“Good Social Security Update. [The Marketing Tip was a] great reminder to follow up after the sale.” – Graham Wright

“All of it was really valuable. Good [Marketing Tip].” – Steve Hyer

“Updates – great. Home info – very good.” – Bob Grieser