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With all the challenges out there, are you prepared to take advantage of the opportunities? This is probably the best time in history to be in our business! Van Mueller will share his wisdom and insights on how you’ll be able to capitalize on these opportunities to make 2016 your best year ever.

Van Mueller is an active member of MDRT having qualified for Court of the Table in 1990 and Top of the Table for the last twenty-one years. He’s been featured on the Main Platform of multiple industry organizations, including MDRT and NAIFA.


  • Americans are more worried about LOSS than they want GAIN.
  • We are the only industry that sells guaranteed lifetime income.
  • We are the only people who can 1. preserve 2. safely grow and 3. leverage our clients’ assets.
  • There are only 3 vehicles that allow you to pay taxes “on the seeds” and not “on the crops”: 1. Cash Value Life Insurance. 2. ROTH IRAs 3. 529 College Savings Plans.
  • Don’t TELL your clients what they need to know – ask Van’s questions, and they’ll be begging for an appointment!
  • Bonus question from Power Session LIVE Host Jim Silbernagel: “How much time did you spend planning your last vacation? Vacation is two weeks, retirement could be 30+ years. Let’s do this planning together now, so you can afford to spend your time planning another vacation.”


1.The 2015 CD Series: “Questions, Questions, Questions” What questions can I ask to get more appointments?

2.The 2014 CD Series: “Sell More Life Insurance” Share easy-to-incorporate ideas that will increase your production IMMEDIATELY.

3.The 2013 CD Series: “Do Consumers buy bad news or opportunity?” Increase your success in days or weeks – not months or years

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  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Charitable Planning Opportunities
    • January 8th, 2016: Power Session LIVE with Top of the Table Advisor, Jim Silbernagel
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    • Premier Members: Reserve your seat now & register with the link below! (Must be logged in to get link.)
  • NAIFA’s Day on the Hill
    • May 24th – 25th, 2016
    • Help put pressure on Congress about the DOL Issue & the unintended consequences it will have on our clients

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“I listen to Van’s tapes, but having the questions in writing so I can write them down and study them helps a lot. Marketing tip was also great.” – Alan Zalewski

“Van’s enthusiasm is refreshing.” – Kerry Peabody

“Loved the simplicity of the ideas from an MDRT Top of the Table presenter.” – Gary Pagel

“Great sales ideas, also great things to remember when meeting with clients, the VALUE OF LIFE INSURANCE!!” – Miranda Bonde

“Great sales ideas.” – Ron Staebell

“Good questions to ask clients. [Marketing tip] was a great idea.” – Joe Campanelli

“Loved hearing how to use questions to guide the client. Fantastic marketing tip to gather email addresses. Already heading in that direction.” – Doug Wright

“Loved the elevator talks from today’s presenter.” – Kimberly Forbes

“Van has great ideas. [Marketing tip] is a good idea, I need to get the staff to do that.” – Patrick Robison

“It was all outstanding! Such a simple approach to getting appointments and getting people to act.” – Sean O’Brien

“Loved hearing the language– words to use with the client.” – Tonya Mathison

“Got actual talking points for presentations.” – Paul Phaneuf

“Valuable sales ideas.” – Tom Geissler

“Great sales ideas and questions.” – Bruce Dawkins

“Really excellent strategies. Very usable. Excellent [marketing tip]. Email addresses being compiled now.” – Chris Lyding

“Learned how best to set up the question to ask the question…… What if I could show you a way………” – Bart Harris

“Loved Van’s update on the current situation – just not getting better, but we have the solutions to our client’s problems. I’ve used [the Real Wealth® consumer podcast program] with great success. Helps clients truly understand the economic situation they face and how I can help.” – James Bertine

“Great Tips and Questions for clients.” – Steve Edman

“Great Language.” – Stephen Good

“Everything was valuable.” – Paul Sabol

“Loved Van’s questions and story telling!” – Howard Silvermintz

“The QUESTIONS were awesome.” – Vicki Tuua

“A lot of great talking tracks. Loved [the marketing tip]!” – Jamey Pesek

“Van Mueller was awesome! Leverage, Leverage, Leverage my clients money!!!” – Matthew Echelmeier

“Van had great sales ideas.” – Angie Envick

“Learned great questions used by Van.” – Matt Bjornn

“Great info. Van brought a sense a urgency into it. [The marketing tip] was a great reminder since we’re losing a lot of clients’ home phone numbers.” – David Janson

“Van is a great motivator. Always great to listen to him.” – Phillip Bryson

“Loved Van Mueller’s Sales questions and strategy to organize their thoughts.” – Katie R

“Loved the simplicity of ideas and tremendous commitment to helping our clients achieve financial security!!!” – James Van Ham

“It was simple and straightforward.” – Dean Hempel

“Learned great language to use.” – Karina Boutwell

“Great ideas.” – Damon Nichols

“Awesome opening questions to secure more appointments.” – Carlos Gonzalez

“Got me to re think the use of Life Products like the Modified Endowment for specific customers with specific situations.” – JW VanDer Sluis ChFC®

“Van always shares with you great sales ideas.” – C Bruce Burnett CLU

“Real application questions to use with my clients.” – Mary Chitwood

“Van’s four questions at the sale were excellent.” – Raymond Sternberg

“Van Mueller is great!” – Erland Reuter

“Questions from Van were great. Good [marketing] tip. I like the idea of scripting our assistants.” – Scott Craddock

“Van kept things simple. All was good.” – James Vanderwaal

“Great sales ideas, Van is awesome.” – John Cart

“Loved all of Van’s questions to get client’s attention in involvement. [Marketing tip] makes sense and good team building.” – Douglas Bird

“Great collection of ideas and good reminders.” – Kathy Northrop

“This session gave me new ideas.” – Peter Sullivan

“Great sales nuggets and how to deploy the info. [Marketing tip] was excellent. We already do this to great benefit. Looking forward to more ‘how-to’ ideas and presentations.” – Tom Jacobson

“The questions to ask clients were very interesting.” – Christopher Warren

“Great tips on solving problems and asking questions.” – Andy Stevens

“Van put financial concerns in simple question format.” – Ken Smith

“Reminded me of the opportunities we have in this great industry.” – Ian Wilkinson

“Easy to understand. Great.” – Michael Antkowiak

“Reminded me again about repetition.” – David Ion

“Very simple ideas.” – Michael Palmiotto

“Liked the question to ask.” – James McManus

“Asking the right questions gets the client involved and to take action.” – Lynette Fitzgerald

“Loved the sales ideas and language to get in the door of more people.” Ken Beer

“Valuable thought provoking questions and simple sales ideas.” – David Edwards

“Valuable sales ideas.” – Theresa White

“Loved the simplicity of educating the client and allowing them to make an informed decision about their future and finances. Great marketing tip. Many hands make light work!” – Kimberly Brown-Reed

“Timely and to the point.” – Bruce Murphy

“Great! Thanks for the update of DOL and sales ideas.” -Ernie Dean

“Good ideas and well presented.” – Lawrence Bassell

“Great sales ideas.” – Thomas Ostler

“Thanks for the information.” – Doug Puchko

“Van brought to light the challenges of planning in today’s environment. Keep it simple and ask questions.” – John Qualy

“His sales ideas were excellent!” – Joe Trevino

“I particularly liked the 4 questions.” – Annie Chen

“Easy to use questions that will lead the client to a decision.” -Thomas Harrington

“Awesome info!!!!! all of it… [Marketing tip was] an excellent idea.” – Richard Orred

“All was valuable.” – Robert McDowell

“Van Mueller was great. My main interest was the DOL issue. Well done.” – Richard Nilmeier

“Sales Ideas were great.” – Joseph Cianchetti

“Great open ended questions to make people think.” – Christopher Chierek

“Loved Van, and the urgency of the DOL FIASCO…” – Lary Lehman

“Great ideas, now to just remember and use at least one!” – Kevin Whisenant

“It was all highly informative.” – Thomas Schwebach

“Valuable sales ideas.” – Jeffery Goralczyk

“Great ideas and comments.” – Jesse Hauptrief

“Simplicity. Want to adopt these ideas.” – Mike Kleen

“Always love Van’s ideas. Great.” – Debra Stein

“Great questions to ask clients.” – Erwin Watson

“Great specific questions to open with… Awesome.” – Carol Henrick

“Loved the sales ideas and questions.” – Jeffrey Reilly

“Good questions that need to be asked to prospects.” – Merrell Dean

“Van’s questions and the DOL update were great.” – Sherman On

“Practical ideas and approaches.” – Don Martin

“Ability to use well-thought-out questions to simplify issues that prospects/clients face.” – Steven Rasmussen

“Just reinforcing the ideas for sales and questions to ask our clients. [Marketing tip] was a great idea.” – Linda Bauwens

“Keep it simple with direct yes or no questions. Love to hear Van Mueller –need to hear repetition.” – Katherine Brown

“Great speaker and update on industry issues.” – LeRoy Haeuser

“Thanks for the information on Social Security and also the questions to ask. [Marketing tip] was also good. Always important to have team involvement.” – Joseph Andrade

“Loved Van’s conviction and his last sales idea.” – Jeff Snyder Snyder fine.

“Great detail on the DOL matter.” – Gerald Koll

“Van did great explaining the economic options and four questions of sale.” – Robert Barber

“Great questions for use in prospecting and sales interviews.” – Jack DePond

“Loved just about everything. Just a quality fast paced session, with numerous ‘take-aways’ !!” – Richard Linsday

“Learned how to use questions in a more effective manner. Great [marketing] tip.” – Trena Farmer

“Valuable 4 questions of sale.” – Michael Herholtz

“Thanks for the sales ideas provided.” – Anthony D’Amico

“Great information and narratives. Continue bringing more of the same presentations!” – Richard Bretthauer

“Loved the sales ideas and how to keep it simple and tell stories to clients.” – Josh Sirek

“Learned that there is still a way to have great salesmanship in this industry, by practice, practice, practice. The DOL “Fiduciary” update was great information.” – William Hammond

“Timely and useful information. Van does a spectacular job, as do the rest of the folks participating today. Please continue to monitor the DOL issue.” – TJ DiBacco

“The $200,000 sales idea was awesome!” – Ken Biederman

“I liked how Van broke down the appointment questions and the sales ideas. Good [marketing] idea. I think you are doing a good job of giving us great information to use.” – Wade Scott

“Great info (questions) to ask our clients.” – Marsha Walls

“We need to wake up to the realities we and our clients face! Typical presentation from Van with spectacular ideas! You are doing great picking topics and presenters. Look forward to Charitable Giving next month!” – Russell Andrews

“Learned you need to allow your client to train you in the manner they would like for you to deliver to them. I think that today’s Marketing Tip was essential to survive in this business.” – Tonya Brown

“Loved the questions and story of the farmer. You are doing great choosing presentations for the webinars. [Marketing tip] is pertinent and I will do it.” – Kevin Gleim

“Awesome training. I had three new sales/agents listening in.” – Shawn Wilkins

“Van’s language, knowledge, and willingness to share is AMAZING!” – Daniel Dalin

“4 questions and comment/approach “When you are done training me…” That is what it’s all about helping our clients and what better way than for them to train us. I do use this approach but have never actually told my clients that.. [Marketing tip was a] great idea! I will be emailing my colleagues as soon as I am finished w/ this survey.” – Candice Getting

“Loved that Van shared his personal experience.” – Raoul Correa

“Appreciated the questions to ask – can’t wait to hear the replay so I can take additional notes. Very important [marketing] tip. Appreciate all of the information provided.” – Signe Nelson-Combs

“Great questions to ask clients to get them forward thinking. [Marketing tip was a] great idea. Thanks for the continued updates on the DOL issues.” – Richard Anderson

“All current, relevant information and guidance.” – Michael Patnode

“Great Sales Ideas and information on proposed DOL legislation.” – Donna Hatcher

“[Van] identified the value of key questions.” – Paul Morassutti

“Great questions to get more appointments. Good [marketing] tip. Looking forward to additional tips on how to use those emails.” – Kay Bright

“Valuable sales interview questions and DOL Update. The marketing tip is an excellent practice. Your content is always relevant.” – Thomas Garcia

“Great questions.” – Donald Kuhs

“Loved the 4 Question Approach.” – Bill Popko

“The “Economic Options” conversation that leads to the discussion of tax-preferred products offered only by life insurance companies and agents!” – Kevin Williams

“Valuable phraseology and info on Social Security changes.” – Steven Daniel

“Great concepts to get clients.” – Dan Silvestain

“$200K N/Q into income and a MEC sales idea was great.” -Bill Duesterbeck

“1) DOL urgency–this is real!! 2)Great ideas, and especially verbiage and positioning 3) Marketing idea is great – it is the medium of the now and of the future!” – Jake Yetterberg

“Van’s passion for the subject and dedication to the industry is very inspiring. Very timely info.” – Randall Wimsatt

“The questions to ask were very good.” – Morton Simon

“Valuable Sales Ideas, Motivation.” – George Barzizza

“Thanks for sharing successful strategies.” – Kathy Scott

“Good concise info and great marketing idea.” – Michelle Drum

“Loved the SIMPLICITY and the marketing idea was EXCELLENT.” – Scott Gons

“Awesome info on how to explain importance of setting up lifetime income for younger people. [Marketing tip] was great advice on weakness. Now I can start working on it.” – Rodney Trottman

“The power of good questions!” – Chuck Drawbaugh

“Great ideas and questions.” – Roger Ruden

“The Elevator talks were the best part. [The Marketing Tip was a] great idea. The team should have the same goal of growing the business and being on the same page about how to do it!” – Kevin Rust

“Valuable sales tips and informing us about the DOL proposal. Excellent marketing idea.” – Bob Hamman

“The reinforcement of beliefs and of course the need to practice. Great stuff.” – John Mclean

“Great questions to ask prospects and clients.” – Jerry Hester

“Factual ideas and questions, based on facts to present to your clients, to facilitate their understanding of what is happening with the economy and taxes and, how to position themselves for the downturn scenarios. [Marketing tip was] great organizational idea to prepare for 2016! Always enjoy your webinars.” – Joe Anthes

“The program was great. Both men shared their experiences and ideas to better do our job. I have heard Van speak at a function in Syracuse, NY. The [marketing] ideas are applicable in our everyday work life and then as time passes we get sidetracked. We need to get back to what made us successful in the beginning. The industry updates are stark reminders of how government has a takeover attitude and how the DOL is usurping what the wants and needs.” – James Sharpe

“Van’s questions get you more appointments!” – Matthew Clark

“Enjoyed everything, but particularly Van’s simple questions! Keep up the good work folks.” – Roger Relfe

“Awesome conversation starters, and use of great questions to spur action with our clients.Loved the email list of all your clients – great idea!” – Matthew Meeker

“Great ideas for starting a conversation.” – Peggy Errecart

“Refreshed my prospecting skills. I will also implement [the marketing tip] immediately as a tool.” – Lee Goeres

“Thanks for the sales ideas.” – Neil Wilkinson

“Material presented was good.” – David Sampl

“Great verbiage to use with clients and urgency needed with DOL proposal.” – Cory Reynolds

“Van has a great way of saying things and is easy to learn from.” – Jeff Skinner