Team Development

by Pellegrini Team Consulting

The Master Collection

Imagine walking in to your office and everything is running at 100% efficiency – the team is managing the daily workflow, the phones are being handled, and your calendar is full. Make your office to be less chaotic and more efficient with:

  • The Hiring Advantage
  • The Appointment Scheduler
  • Let Go & Lead!
  • Take Initiative & Succeed!
  • The Conversation Starter

Full price: $70.00

Real Wealth® Discounted Price: $50.00


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The Revenue Resource

This is a series of eight one-hour coaching calls. During the course, Gina helps you implement a system to work your referrals, prospects and clients, build a process for referrals, increase returned calls, track COIs, and discuss the strategies to track dials, get past gatekeepers and overcome objections.  In addition to the training, you will receive:

  • A reference guide used for the calls
  • A copy of The Appointment Scheduler book
  • Recording of each call

Full Price: $2,500.00

Real Wealth® Discounted Price: $2,250.00

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To learn more, visit The Revenue Resource or call (952) 829-5300 and talk to Andy.