Team Development

by Pellegrini Team Consulting

The Pellegrini Master Collection

Imagine walking in to your office and everything is running at 100% efficiency – the team is managing the daily workflow, the phones are being handled, and your calendar is full. If you want your office to be less chaotic and more efficient, use your Real Wealth® Discount Code: REALWEALTH  The Collection includes…

  • The Hiring Advantage
  • Pellegrini Pocket Tips
  • The Appointment Scheduler
  • Let Go & Lead!
  • Take Initiative & Succeed!
  • The Conversation Starter

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The Revenue Resource

This is a series of eight one-hour coaching calls. During the course, Gina helps you implement a system to work your referrals, prospects and clients, build a process for referrals, increase returned calls, track COIs, and discuss the strategies to track dials, get past gatekeepers and overcome objections.  In addition to the training, you will receive:

  • A reference guide used for the calls
  • A copy of The Appointment Scheduler book
  • Recording of each call

Full Price: $2,500.00

Real Wealth® Discounted Price: $2,250.00

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To Learn More, visit The Revenue Resource website or call (952) 829-5300 and talk to Andy about The Revenue Resource and your Real Wealth® Discount.