Roth Conversion Strategies feat. Neil Narveson, CPA – BONUS SESSION

What you'll learn:

Would you rather pay taxes on the seed or the harvest?

Taxes are the talk of the town lately, and for good reason! They are historically low for the next 8 years, which means that opportunity is knocking! Join this session featuring our very own Host and Founder, Jim Silbernagel, 17 Year MDRT Top of the Table Producer along with Neil Narveson, 25 year CPA, and Tim Kiesling, Social Security Expert. Jim, Neil, and Tim are going to show you how to help your clients (and maybe even yourself!) take advantage of the sale on taxes, and set yourself apart from the competition.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Just a reminder that you can’t offer something to your clients if you’re not talking about it. Already scheduled Roth conversion workshops, worked on this during power session! I know this session ran long but worth every second! Thanks for all the work that went into this!.” -Brian Byars

“Great knowledge from the moderator. Need to buildup my practice.” -Sumi Sugantharaj

“Converting at older ages, good idea. I have been focused on converting younger clients. Develop a profile and talk to my older clients that meet that profile.” -James Connell

“ROTH not subject to RMD. I was already working on RICP and plan to present my services accordingly. I like the relationship you have with NAIFA and like to participate in webinars with timely topics to my practice.” -Jerry Shapiro

“Case examples. Review process to use these strategies. Would like the case studies to be the focus of these sessions.” -Timothy Smith

“Roth conversion can be tax advantage to clients. Actually to do the Roth Conversion Analysis. Great presentation!” -Petula Moy

“I look forward to receiving the slides!” -Dave Shuler

“Qlacs.” -Gary Davis

“CONTROL is what we can give our clients! Tax control. Talk to a few CPA’s I know.” -Elie Aharon

“Roth conversion strategies – great stuff.” -Sherry Englehorn

“How the taxation of SS benefits are affected by ROTH conversatons. Bring up the ROTH topic with most clients.” -Tony Guggino

“Idea of Reduce/Delay RMD’s. Idea of using 401k or Defined benefit plan to lower taxes. Need to understand how but could try to find more info. on how. I’d like to speak to retiree’s or people close to retirement about Reduce/Delay RMD’s. I thought it was great, just didn’t understand how to do things due to time limits. Thanks!.” -Shea Garrison

“Very complex issue to get comfortable with. Study more to get more comfortable with.” -Ken Smith

“Reverse mortgage. Cool podcast program.” -Shams Merchant

“Great job as usual.” -Tom Michel

“Cases! Use some of the slides with people. You are doing a fantastic job!.” -Robert Snyder

“Great opportunity to take advantage of historically low tax rates. Taxation on Medicare premiums is a consideration for Roth conversions. Explore Roth conversion opportunities with clients. Very relevant topic with opportunities. Good idea to have the case studies. Topic was a bit complex in sections so will need go back later for a second run through to more fully digest. Thanks.” -Victor Johnson

“Get out of everything that is in any way attached to the government. What you see today is smoking mirrors. Stay away from Roth’s and IRA’s. Use permanent whole life. Use your new program to put out more content about why people must plan today, not in a vacuum. David McKnight is correct. The TAX freight is coming. Get out now with the lowest income tax rates that we will see for a real long time. Keep up the great work. I have some thoughts to share, but not now. Maybe a call with Jim at some time in our future. Thanks again for all you do for us and THEM.” -Alan Blecker

“Get a better understanding of QLACs.” -Chad Hruska

“Roth conversions need to be looked at more closely or seriously by all my clients. Including me!. I will discuss with clients and prospective clients why conversion from Traditional to Roth can be something they need to consider doing.” -Mel Budreau

“Learning about where QLACs fit in. Another excellent program!” -Greg Kuzmits

“Roth IRA conversions. Share the info with friends and clients.” -Lynne Mills

“Need to learn more! Ask more questions.” -Bruce Murphy

“Case studies. Going to go through all IRA clients and see if a conversion makes sense for them. Please make sure I receive the slides from this presentation. I don’t seem to get them after these sessions. Thanks.” -Ken Beer

“Reverse mortgage concept. Visit some CPA’s.” -Raymond Smith

“Using step ladder to show marginal income.” -Maria Zakutny

“Evaluate more seriously the value of a Roth conversion at any age. Look at much broader picture of tax considerations. Thanks so much. I appreciate you sharing your research and fabulous personal and practical knowledge!” -Barbara Cottrell

“Tax issues coming down the pike. Continue recommending different strategies for Roth conversions bundled with reverse mortgages. Encourage coworkers.” -Terry Luce

“Roth conversions NOW!” -John Zimmer

“A ton of information and most needs to be studied to assimilate, but one thing I learned which I can use immediately with a neighbor client is the CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST. Be more cognizant of the possibilities to reduce long term taxes with the conversion to Roth. Excellent material in the session today.” -Chuck Stickney

“Some options for Roth IRA’s never thought of before. Have the ideas presented today in my book of ideas to present to the right clients. Keep the different ideas coming. Some are way above my knowledge, but know where to go if I need answers to them.” -Lewis Linkugel

“I was interested in the cost of Medicare graphic based on income…… I was aware of the increase in cost as income went up, but wasn’t aware of the specifics.” -Jim King

“Income makes a big difference to taxes. Not sure, I don’t have a security license.” -Frederick Callahan

“Great planning ideas. Great presentation. Thanks.” -Mark Mallon

“A lot, almost too much, not sure I followed everything. Consider roth conversions more than I do now! All great info … thanks for all the prep time you put into this webinar. It’s helpful also as I am going through my RICP.” -Jim Gano

“I learned a lot about how our current tax rates have created an amazing opportunity to get in front of more clients. I’ll be more thorough in client meetings and ask more questions regarding their investments and retirement timeline. Excellent content!” -Tom Binge

“That is need to focus on doing this for myself. I work for a Fin Planning company, but am not in personal production. Coordinate with CPA.” -Robin Raef

“Multiple reasons for Roth conversions. Discuss Roth conversions with all appropriate clients.” -Keith Wood

“All the different cases. Convert convert convert.” -Randy Ziemann

“Several things were presented that I need to do further research on in hope of possibly implementing them in my practice, Approach some of my Higher income clients regarding the possibilities of Back Door Roth contribution in combination with a Roth conversion. I hope a replay is available especially when the webinar runs long and there is a wealth of knowledge / material being presented.” -Gary Ruden

“I have to learn everything in this presentation I definitely want to know about doing Roth conversions. Is this current presentation on Roth Conversions available as a replay or in your library? Is there any roth conversion marketing materials available in your materials?” -Lester Tadej

“Bracket strategy for Roth Conversions. Factor in Roth Conversions when presenting plans to my clients.” -Robert Grove

“I need to learn this stuff. It is very complex. Contact my BD to see if we can have a presentation at our next annual meeting.” -Steve Caldara

“I’ve been studying the tax tables and how Roth conversions can be beneficial so I liked hearing about it more. I’m going to continue to add the value of speaking about Roth conversions to prospects & clients.” -David Babulic

“Learn more.” -Gail Dodd

“Additional premiums on Medicare. Consider Roth Conversions strategies spanning multiple years.” -William Schweitzer

“These sessions are amazing get loads of great ideas. Thank you.” -Kristy Cavanaugh

“QLAC’s. Getting better educated about Social Security & Medicare.” -Kristin Olesen

“Change in brackets helpful. Apply techniques. Love to get the handout.” -Jeff Hochwalt

“Roth IRA’s and how I can get a hold of the CPA on the webinar for a Fee. Talk more about Roth IRA’s. Keep up the great work for us all.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Review/discuss Roth conversions more often w/clients.” -Michael Patnode

“Careful analysis is needed to ensure a prudent recommendation. Look carefully at 401k assets that can be rolled to IRAs.” -Robert Davey

“Great session.” -Tom O’Brien

“Taxes on SS and Medicare. Not sure.” -Ken Robey

“Planning recourses to optimize the overall situation. Bring awareness of this every time. How to connect with CPA or planning team if I have a scenario and looking for optimization strategies?” -Michael Shafir

“Use of reverse mortgages. Remind my farmers since their income is low to convert to a Roth now.” -Robert Stoltman

“Very innovative presentation, especially topics that effect our clients and the average advisor is not talking about it. It provides value added in the approach one makes with one’s clientele. Develop a very good relationship with a qualified CPA. I have to first find one who specializes in the topics discussed today, if not call Neil!” -Douglas Gaines

“Opportunity.” -Louis Robert

“The great options for Roth conversions. Review existing clients for potential Roth conversions. I already have the book. great information.” -Anthony Lofaso

“QLAC. Chat with more accountants. Fantastic info! Thank you.” -David Haley

“It was all good. Get educated about reverse mortgage.” -Richard Hall

“It’s never been a better time to convert to Roths! Not quite sure since I’m trying to slow down…. Loved today’s topic but felt like much of it was a bit over my head… I’m sure it’s my lack of keeping up these past few years… You guys do a great job!” -Harvey Hatridge

“Lots of benefits to Roth conversions. Make it an issue with my clients.” -Guy Percy

“Ira conversions.” -Debbie Bloyd

“The trickle down effect on SS, Medicare and widow(er)s tax bracket. More info to share with clients. Good session.” -Charles Grotyohann

“Strategies and concepts for when to consider Roth Conversion. Learn more. Use Tax Bracket charts when meeting with clients.” -Jessie Washington

“Effect on medicare premiums. Talk about it more.” -Anthony Melsi

“Now is the time to act. Use tax saving strategy as lead strategy.” -Mark Smith

“How to lower tax rates for clients. First watch the entire presentation when available. I really enjoyed the part I got to hear.” -Ronald House

“Potential for reverse mortgages; tax planning hourly service. Look to recruit CPAs for this planning, and use your hourly service if possible.” -Tim Mayer

“Roth case studies.” -Barry Moore

“Different strategies for Roth Conversion. Inquire more about the clients IRSs, 401K, 403B plans for future business.” -Thakor Champaneria

“I need to study more! Everyday do some studying.” -Jim Milliken