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How much would it change your business if your staff could anticipate your needs? A step further, what if they could anticipate your clients’ needs?

Join this session to learn how to better train, communicate, and work with your team so that you can grow your business beyond the ceiling that you have unknowingly created for yourself.

We encourage you to invite your team to join this session as well!

Presenting this session is a dynamic duo brought together on the ‘stage’ for the first time:

Gina Pellegrini supported an advisor for 17 years, and was such a rockstar that she created her own business Pellegrini Team Consulting to help more advisors create efficiencies in their business.

Curtis Cloke, 11 Year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor is infamous in the industry for knowing the math & science behind retirement income planning. He is excited to share with you some of the efficiencies he’s created in his own business that has allowed him to achieve levels of success beyond his goals.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?  Other feedback?

“Systematic calling info was great. I’ll review call list and delegate simple calls.” -Rachel DuBois

“How to call for appointments and incentivize those people. Call for more appointments with staff.” -Steve Rothschadl

“GREAT staff and delegation tips.” -Stephen Burk

“Both presentations were very informative. Gina’s was great for the overall process and some of the specific techniques. Curtis’ was great for the overall retirement planning process as well as the specific services his company offers. Thank you!” -Tim Pugh

“Protect my time and intercept calls.” -Patrick Robison

“Gina’s ideas of specific language. Streamline our language.” -Gina Mills

“Love what Gina has to share! Will get her books to learn more as a start! Asking more open end with “yes” questions and use better words. We can use full hour on Gina’s material!” -Rick Lam

“Building a team. I ordered Gina’s books to get started. Thanks!” -Jeffrey Reilly

“I was interested in Both presentations. I especially could use Gina’s ideas. I plan to enroll an appointment setter. Great Session.” -Earl Stone

“Gina’s phoning tips. I am excited to share the phoning strategies with the advisors that I lead in my office.” -Cy Olivier

“Ways to operate a FP presentation and client engagement.” -Heide Lee

“Really like every time I hear Gina speak. Hiring a new scheduler and plan to implement much of what Gina spoke on. I would be interested in the breakout session on planning fees.” -Laura Blankenship

“Hire scheduler. Change my interview process.” -Dennis Stolp

“What to say when making calls, or what to inform my scheduler to say. Stop making calls myself. Focus on the three things I should do. meetings, prospecting and delegating. Love it! Enjoyed the webinar. Thank you for always providing such meaningful and useful information. It pays to be a member of NAIFA!!!!” -Sandra Bailey

“Team Approach w/ both Speakers even though they offered information of different types of Teams. Obtain the various Registrations, in order to charge Fees & utilize these (2) Professionals & their unique Teams. I’d like to be involved in the “Deep Dive” w/ Curtis regarding Fees.”

“Thanks Jim for the key phrase to use.” -Michael Garrity

“Consider fee based planning … Doing a “fee planning” deeper dive webinar would be of interest to me.” -James Gano

“Gina’s ideas for scheduling. My staff can be doing so much more. Find a licensed scheduler. Unfortunately since I’m in Canada a lot doesn’t apply like software and reverse mortgages but what does apply is ALWAYS so useful. Thanks for offering it to me!” -Julie Kranitz

“The value of a scheduler. Order Gina’s books and prepare to hire a scheduler.” -Sarah Kerr

“Delegating all calls to staff. Block time on my calendar and determine the types of appointments I have on my calendar each week.” -Michael McGovern

“The whole first half was excellent and I am going to try and implement scheduling as a new operation in my office. Talk to my manager about training our front desk staff to help with scheduling.” -Lena Chapman

“Awareness of Gina’s resources. Purchase her material.” -Bill Popko

“Appointment setting techniques. Hire an appointment setter.” -Ben Warthan

“Scheduling language, keeping it simple and direct. don’t get too involved on voice mail. Scheduling language, confirming appts. Great session. Gina Pellegrini and Curtis Cloke are great. Gina had great actionable content. Book bundle sounded good. Basic outline of Curtis’ talk excellent, the 4 L’s, creating concern and planning fees (to create commitment and value) vs. implementation fees. Good also to know about upcoming seminars.” -Katherine Murray

“Hiring staff. Call clients on Birthday and 6 months after Birthday.” -Lanh T Phan

“Gina’s as good as ever. Sign me up for Cloke’s deep dive.” -Andrew Wayt

“I would like to attend the extra session.” -Andrew Powers

“Charge fees. Charge fees.” -Anthony Melsi

“Gina’s information about a scheduler. Hire a scheduler.” -Jennifer Smith

“Super program as usual.” -Edward Bond

“Gina’s scheduling tips. Would like to hear another webinar about Curtis Cloke’s approach to fees. Thank you!.” -Anne Walton

“Scheduling and delegation. Looking for a scheduler.” -Sherry Englehorn

“Would be interested in Fee structure discussion. Also, would be interested to know about charging fees based on Net worth in order to include real estate assets that an advisor might work with. Retainer and monthly fee and how they are structured.” -David King

“Outsource + fees. Consider outsource. Deep Dive Curtis on fees.” -Gordon Conwell

“The process Curtis Cloke uses and the advantage of charging fees.

“The importance of hiring an assistant. Adjust my process.” -Wayne Erhart

“I learned that charging fees for analytics could be a new profit center for me.” -Sam Keck

“I really enjoyed Gina’s talk. Always refreshing to get practical information from a presenter. Hire my scheduler back…and have regular review sessions.” -Miriam Dix

“Making the most of my time by delegating to staff is probably the best. I will delegate more. The session was informative and helpful.” -Alan Farley

“Would love to hear a serious discussion on fees.” -Robert Leger

“Work on effectiveness of support staff. Plan calls on a cycle for assistant to make for review meetings and such. Interested in a deeper dive with Curtis.” -Brad Mainster

“Great tips for scheduling appointments also for hiring those that will work to increase my production. Reevaluating how I really spend my time” –

“Have session on how to set fees.” -Larry Ricke

“Gina’s delegation ideas.” -Paul Peele

“Gina Pellegrini’s presentation was the best program you have had. May end up hiring a person. I was moving everything to fees, but without DOL requirement I have stopped. Need more information sometime.” -Joseph Guess

“Options for expanding staff virtually. Revisit our step by step process with clients/prospects. The adviser webinar you mentioned during Curtis’ presentation.” -Roger Gainer

“Better refine my assistant’s process. I would be interested in the fee webinar by Curtis. Thank you!.” -Steven Holtz

“Effective Language. Ask more open ended questions.” -Dave Jones

“I need to staff out my practice! Hire an appointment scheduler.” -Patrick Brough

“Keep myself open to new ideas.” -Randy Mader

“I really loved Gina’s ideas of getting the administrative folks involved. They are our future leaders and NAIFA prospects. Hold a special Breakfast for admins.” -Lynda Turner