Fast & Furious Sales Ideas with the Life Insurance Legends Panel

What you'll learn:

Who better to learn about life insurance from than a panel of the best and most successful agents in the nation?

Join the first-ever Power Session LIVE, actually LIVE! This session will feature a panel of Life Insurance Legends who have been around the block. Van Mueller, Marv Feldman, John Wheeler and Jim Silbernagel are here to bring you the best ideas that have gotten them the most business over the course of their careers! This one-hour session will energize you with sales strategies that will take you to the Top of the Table and beyond.

This session will be broadcast online as usual, but also presented LIVE from the NAIFA National Performance + Purpose Conference! 

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“All the great questions to ask potential clients! This if my first power sessions live! Just loved the topic and the wonderful speakers! I had a great experience and will come back for more sessions!.” -Kimberly Cooper

“Always explain what life insurance does and not what it is. Educate on the loss of a spouse; reduced social security and increase in taxation bracket. Love those guys!” -Gary Barney

“I’ve learned numerous things – I’m going to share these ideas on Monday at my sales meeting!” -Stan Mock

“Too many things to list here! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” -Robert Mcdowell

“Practice practice practice. Learn appointment setting questions.” -Michael Long

“Practice and schedule more appointments. This is a very valuable opportunity for me to sit at my computer on Friday afternoon and have my basket filled up with valuable, usable sales ideas.” -Albert Kirchner

“Asking the right questions. I’m going to use some of the questions they presented today!” -Ronald Anzalone

“Ask the open ended questions. don’t assume you know what they want. Practice my craft.” -Leca Harris

“A reminder that in Life Insurance it’s not what it is but what it does. I will position this question going forward in all products. -Ernie Price

“Reinforcement of how important Life Insurance can be. I need to push my agents to present more Life Insurance but also to practice their presentations.” -Howie Weckel

“Everything I have to practice! This was a good use of my time. Thank you all.” -Roger Relfe

“How to ask the right questions without talking about life insurance as a product. I am going to start asking everyone I come in contact with questions like “what would you do if…” and “if I could show you a way to avoid that for no cost or obligation, would you have 45 minutes?”” -Nick Davidson

“Learn to ask questions, Who/what/where/when/why. Don’t sell premiums or death benefits. Start to put the questions in place, and talk about what happens when a spouse dies how it effects taxes and the loss of a spouses check.” -John Woodward

“Cash value Life Insurance greatest value is for LTC. Talk to more clients and prospects about Life Ins.” -Greg Kuzmits

“Talk to everyone about life insurance, just like Van Mueller does. Great job, the live event was fun to observe, everyone did a great job. Thank you again! -Charles Avatar

“The presentation was wonderful and very informative. I was able to learn some really good things to use in my business. -Renee Schaller

“Hard to pick one, however the power phrases presented are gold.” -Robert King

“Everything.” -Andrew Wayt

“You have to ask the right questions….people don’t want your products…they want the benefits of what they can do. Think about asking better questions that will motivate people to want to lean more. i.e. based on what you told me, if I could show you a way…. Great session; as always.” -Fran Lynch

“This is definitely an NAIFA membership benefit!.” -Leroy Kawai

“Strong encouragement and tools for my chosen profession. Thanks so much for making this happen.” -Bob Miller

“New questions to ask and approaches to take. I need to practice and change some of the focus.” -Kristin O’Connell

“This was a great learning opportunity for me.” -Alan Farley

“WOW, So many great questions and ideas the panel gave us. I’m going to practice the questions they gave us.” -Lewis Linkugel

“Practice the RIGHT Questions. This was great!” -John Dickinson

“Practice! This webinar really motivated me.” -John Worrel

“First, I going to do an annual review of my term life policies and see who needs to be converted.” -Claudia Schaffer

“First I’m going to see more people and spread the word about their current and ongoing and future need for guaranteed income for life. Then I’m going to create massive amounts of actions each and every day to help more average Americans who are not being provided with financial education and life. Nicely done, thanks John, Marv, Van and Jim. Thanks for your time, devotion, and commitment to help more people every day. -Alan Blecker

“I learned effectively words to use in order to open a conversation. I need to start speaking to more young families.” -Bonita Brakefield

“It was a great to review and to be enlightened by these great men in our industry… I loved it!. I need to go back to the basics by asking questions.” -Larry Matson

“Attitude & competence. Apply some of these questions. Thanks for my 52 years membership & education & help from NAIFA!!.” -Robert Pierce

“Look at term as building an inventory of future business.” -Mary Fleury

“I liked John Wheeler’s idea of “hiring an employee” to fund your retirement. That’s clever.” -David Kinder

“It all was great!” -Cheri Stanwix

“Great forum! Thank you!.” -Helki Roundtree

“Great ideas, let’s do this again!” -Gilbert Mares

“Thanks for the great content!.” -Jessie DeHaan

“That was my 1st webinar with you guys. Keep up the good work!.” -Tony Betancourt