The Power of Zero: The Tax Train is Coming

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About this session:

The Power of Zero Documentary:

The Tax Train is Coming

David McKnight has traveled around the country for the last several years interviewing industry experts like Ed Slott, Van Mueller, Tom Hegna and David Walker, to hear their commentary on the national debt, the likelihood of increased taxes very soon, and why Americans need to be working with their financial professional to make sure they’re not at risk of rising taxes in retirement. He turned these interviews into a documentary that financial professionals can use to educate their clients and communities about these very real issues, and what they need to do to avoid the tax train.


What you'll learn:

Taxes are historically low for the next few years – it’s the biggest opportunity for your business of the decade! Join this session to learn how to:

  • set yourself apart from the competition by understanding this fiscal problem

  • convey this problem intelligently and compellingly to your clients & community

  • sell more life insurance and Roth IRAs while you’re at it!

How to view:

This session is available to view for free in the Advisor Toolbox, and includes a special introduction message from Van Mueller, 26 Year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor. 

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“The tax crisis is being shared with the public in an entertainment format. Become more assertive articulating the problem. Great job with this program.” -Thomas Pate

“The tax problem is not going away. Encourage clients to act now on Roth Conversions.” -Jim Hatlestad

“How to leverage the dvd and book. Utilize the dvd and book.” -John Gross

“Talk about the book. How has he or other advisors implemented the zero tax strategy.” -Hector Mitre

“It’s Time to make my clients & prospects aware of the coming Tax problem and solutions to isolate themselves. Proactively tell the story!” -Eugene Hill

“The time to act is now! Already implementing these strategies. Great info!” -David Parker

“Need to talk with clients about the coming changes. Reach out more to clients and prospects.” -Bruce Murphy

“The movie is available to show our clients. Talk about the US Debt and Taxes.” -Bill Schwarzkoph

“The message is powerful, and the ways to leverage the movie for clients and our business was great!  I will absolutely use this message, movie and strategies in client discussions, and planning. Great job!” -Michael Cooper

“The impact of the movie and the ability to share. Be more emphatic with clients about the work I do and why it is critical that they take this seriously.” -Nadeem Salem

“Seriousness of problem. Be more dedicated to the message.” -Keith Mohn

“Great info on national debt & taxes.” -Mark Mallon

“Tools to use. Watch film, buy book & DVD.” -Gordon Conwell

“Urgency. Already booked theater, bought dvds. Keep it up.” -Garth Hassel

“New awareness of the marketing opportunity that this huge problem poses to our clients. Plan to re-educate myself and staff on Roth conversion. Great Job! You are providing a valuable educational and practice building service.” -Mike Ford

“I knew about the tax problem and focus my planning on converting as much taxable dollars to tax free vehicles as possible, but the best thing I learned today was the movie and using a resource like to host in a theater setting. Continue with more urgency to educate and then help more people understand the effects of taxes in their retirement years and help get them to the 0% tax plan as soon as possible.” -Nathan Chesley

“Higher Taxes as a result of Federal deficit. Keep discussing it with agents so they can instruct their clients.” -Howie Weckel

“Life is about change… make sure you have ability to adapt to that change. Preach louder! Was Great!!!” -Richard Orred

“The Tax Train is Coming!” -Gene Mahn

“We have work to do and companies that hinder us from doing this work with “compliance regulations” need to held accountable. Talk with more people in and intensified mode about.” -Paul Schaney

“Method to get prospects a message. View the movie, buy the DVD and look at scheduling an event.” -Thomas Schaffer

“How powerful the movie was. Looking into options.” -Scott Bradford

“Marketing ideas. More Roth conversion conversations.” -Brad Ober

“It gave me a lot to think about. I would like to see the movie again. It gave me a lot to think about. I would like to see the webinar again. Thank you.” -Arleigh C Merrill

“The option to host a the movie.” -Eddie Garcia

“How to engage my clients to inform them of the tax issues they face. Take more time to educate clients/prospects of strategies to help them avoid the impending tax increases. Great stuff…” -Tom Mahony

“The importance of preparing for an increase or a change of taxation in the future. Refocus energy on Cash Value life insurance and take advantage of the marketing message provided by David’s video.” -Rhett Coatney

“The tax problem in this country is inevitable and we (advisors) hold the keys to the kingdom!” -Alex Shibicky

“The importance of knowing and reviewing the tax situation for our clients in the future and providing the best strategies possible to deal with this. Have a lot more discussion around taxes and the need for tax deferred and/or tax free strategies for the future.” -Robin Jarvis

“Just how big the problem is. Get the updated version of the book, watch the movie. Thank you for the invitation.” -Keith Duncan

“Tax law on the Bill which may eliminate Roth conversion, Stretch IRA and kid’s tax treatment. I will contact my clients and also get DVD/books for my clients and prospects who need guidance now.” -Yoshiko Therrien

“Should be good!” -R Allan Jensen

“How to get a movie seen in a movie theater. I need to view the movie first.” -Renee Schaller

“Excited about the movie to come out, and I will definitely be buying some.” -Matt Deardeuff

“Focus on my senior group. Revisit clients with majority of assets in retirement plans.” -Lois Valencia

“Some of the things congress is looking at to eliminate or reduce to increase taxes. Discuss taking advantage of this opportunity we currently have available over the next 8 years to to turn taxable money into tax free money in the future. Great line up of speakers they were all very knowledgeable.” -David Gallico

“Facts about the economics of government spending. Watch the movie.” -Ken Smith

“That this movie is out there. Watch the movie and garner key components of it for my clientele.” -Dennis McGrath

“Nice job today.” -Bob Proctor

“I love David’s passion and the dedication he has made to this cause! I support this 110%. Incorporate this into my practice immediately! Need to utilize my subscription more effectively!!!!!” -Larry Matson

“The existence of the movie and the combination with the power of zero! Try and include the movie in my marketing strategies.” -Ricardo Del Rio

“Great tool! Use the movie.” -Jeffrey Reilly

“The enormous U.S. debt that has to be paid…leading to much higher taxes in a few years. Make clients aware of ways to escape massive new taxes in the future by using Roth products and IUL.” -Steve Hennessy

“US is in a mess. Tell the story. At Leaders Compliance meeting I learned that your material is approved.” -Joseph Guess

“Congress, no matter what party…and agree! Not sure, will check on the dvd as movie in not a good project in my area. Will check book and dvd to see. Enjoyed the presentation, was about selling the movie but still good.” -John Denton

“That we have something different to market to our clients with great information for them to think about. Make sure and listen to the Audio of the book in the next week. Also watch the film.” -David Goodrich

“Get moving on working on Roth Conversion, and LIRPs.” -Tom Eng

“How bad off the country is. I am going to start having this discussion with everyone I talk to. I have read his book and seen the movie. It is very disturbing and feel the need to share.” -Kym Housley

“Prospecting opportunities. Emphasize more on tax free distribution options.” -Vince Mesa

“The disconnect. And our need to not worry so much about filling tax brackets with clients to “convert” to a Roth, but to just get the job done within an allotted time frame, because of the ticking tax time bomb. We have been talking to our clients and doing Roth conversions, some life insurance now for about a year or so. That will continue, now to more of a degree. Thank you.” -Business Lane

“Another good reason to get back in front of boomer clients. Sell more permanent life insurance.” -Phil Brewer

“I need to take a stronger stand when talking to clients about what is coming. Read the power of zero and make it available to my clients.” -Robert Cohen

“The tax train is coming! Use the DVD.” -Elisha Aharon

“Tugg relationship w/ theaters. Get the password to watch movie; great idea to get all cast of characters together in movie format; probably more interested in DVD approach. Interested in DVD materials.” -Mark Simms

“Pay the tax now and help clients do it as well. Attempt to become an expert on taxes as it relates to retirement income.” -Chad Hruska

“Future thinking and predictions for the future. How can agents capitalize on meeting with low commission clients during open enrollment times for ACA?” -Rhonda Paluck

“Tax rates are going to have to go up! Work with Roth and life insurance more.” -Edward Stuehm

“Taxes are the great unknown. Help clients understand that they are making deals with taxes that they don’t even understand the requirements down the road.” -Matthew Valentine

“To accelerate the conversation about Taxes. To accelerate the conversation about Taxes. Thanks.” -Chris Liebum

“There is help for us to educate our clients about tax minimization in the foreseeable future. MUST SEE THE MOVIE AND READ THE BOOK.” -Franklin Walter

“Information. Figure out a strategy! Thanks Angela!.” -Mark Miller

“There is a movie out there. Work on Roth conversions.” -Robert Stoltman

“Buy, use movie.” -Cort Otterbein

“Public Viewing of the movie. Look at more group presentations.” -Paul Morassutti

“The importance of acting quickly. Spread the word to NAIFA members and recruit non-members using this as a tool.” -Lynda Turner

“Buy DVDs. Set up webinar and buy tickets, etc. Dovetails perfectly with my College Planning business plus some. GREAT. Thank you David for all your work. How can this approach not get folks attention?” -Roger Relfe

“Our Debt Problem is Not Going Away. Educate, Motivate.” -Michael Clouse

“Well thought out presentation.. Out of the box.” -Andrew Young

“Excited to watch the movie. Spread this info to help my clients.” -Kayla Puchko Stephenson

“Marginal tax” -rates aren’t going down. Help clients eliminate as much tax

“Well presented webinar.” -Elizabeth Wentling

“I had seen David, and read the book, but I was again impressed with the severity of the problem. Bring more focus to the fact that tax rates are going to have to increase dramatically, and here’s the solutions.” -Bert Hermelink

“Taxes will most likely go up. Get prepared. Continue to press the issue of income tax free income for retirement planning via whole life and Roth when applicable. I am an agent for Knights of Columbus in the northern Virginia area. A fellow agent Jim Bertine turned me onto the Power of Zero strategy. I have incorporated it into my retirement planning portfolio, and have implemented it for clients who get the concept. For those clients who resist the concept for a multitude of reasons I continue to press the message. I am beginning to see that word is getting out for those who have implemented the strategy and the doubters are beginning to ask questions. One Day..” -Peter Lockard

“Learned many ideas, one best thing I learned that I have a wonderful, timely, opportunity to help my clients & prospects with David’s book, movie, DVD, and Real Wealth Marketing system, I am just so excited!! Looking forward to viewing the movie and holding a viewing in a theater. Follow through with the remarks written above. Keep up with the great presentation and top experts/agents to share with us their knowledge and real experience.” -Gobind Hemnani

“Taxes are going to be raised in the future. Become more informed.” -Roberto Corral

“Taxes will double soon. Help people reduce taxes.” -Robert Snyder

“We can not as a country print our way out of this. As advisors we owe it to our clients to get them informed and help them position themselves financially. This will be a topic at the forefront of all my client meetings. I will be directing prospects to this info. Can’t wait to see the movie! Great presentation today. Kudos to David Knight for his forward thinking and execution.” -Bekki Harper

“Again, Taxes are on sale now! With David McKnight’s movie, we now have a medium to spread the gospel!. Talk more about the narrow window available now, to take adantage of taxes before they multiply.” -Joe Anthes

“I’ve been aware of the unfunded liability bomb that is headed our way, but today really put it back on my radar. It’s something that we know if coming but everyone is afraid to talk about it. Not any more in my agency! Have honest discussions with client’s on how to best protect their money. Again, it is something we are always aware of, but I don’t always get off into that discussion with my clients.” -Walt Statlet

“Taxation will change the way people retire and live. Have the tax conversation more. Good webinar.” -Scott Engle

“Reaffirm my strong belief on tax trends. Talk more about it.” -Scott Gons

“The tax rate situation. I will include this topic for my future workshop or client evens to educate my clients. Thanks.” -May

“Looking forward to viewing the movie. Share this information with my clients, hopefully it will cause them to take action. Thank you, very informative. Time well spent.” -Tammy Mortensen

“Taxes will go up in the future. Start talking about it.” -Lester Tadej

“Ability to market using movie night. Buying tickets and handing them out to prospects/clients.” -Tyler Ayres

“I’ve already seen the movie. I will see it again and spread the word. I’m one of those advisors setting up a movie presentation for our clients.” -Tony Betancourt

“Got to get the word out. Make this more of a part of my presentations.” -Connell Tarr

“That this opportunity existed. Set up a client viewing.” -Roger Ruden

“We have 8 years to build a strong diversified situation with our clients.” -Alexandre Quantin

“To learn and rehearse my knowledge of our current tax rates. Disturb, educate and motivate more clients, more often!.” -Patrick Brough

“Multiple strategies for disseminating the information to clients was presented. Impress on clients of all ages to accumulate retirement funds into non taxable buckets.” -Timothy Pugh

“Love the move concept.” -Angie Envick

“Idea of the movie.” -Robi Mitchell

“A marketing idea and an opportunity to present something new. I’m going to watch a movie and see if I want to use it.” -Bobbi Barbera

“Watch the movie. Get the movie. Love your presentations!” -Dennis Dean

“The recommended approach to this future fiscal phenomenon. Have a better set of recommendations for clients with deferred retirement tax plans.” -Chris Michel

“Some ideas to get prospects and clients to learn about the tax train. Talk more about the future of taxes.” -Shari Sitzmann

“Need to take action. And that some advisors don’t like IULs. Considering renting theater, depending on how I like the movie.” -Maria Zakutny

“Confirmed the inclination of the insurance industry to go out on a limb with promotions premised on future expectations. Though I may not disagree with the premise of higher tax rates, I find it intriguing how long sales have been premised on “higher tax rates and lower markets” only to be thwarted by lower rates and higher markets. Just a word of caution about exercising reliance on forecasts of future events. Integrate the compelling tax concern with a heightened due diligence of regulatory and legislative compliance.” -David Sterling