LTC Sales Secrets from 16 Year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor, Don Quante

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Take it from a 16 Year Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table Advisor…

November is Long Term Care Awareness Month, and it’s a huge opportunity to educate your clients about this “uncomfortable” topic! Who better to help you prepare for this season of sales opportunity than Long Term Care Pro and Top Agent, Don Quante! Join to learn how to create your own opportunities and close more LTC sales than ever before.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“More about Hybrid products.” -Jeffrey Dunst

“Hone skills to present long term care. Ask the right questions.” -Gail Van Nest

“Don’s 3 questions. Start asking those questions.” -Woody Syverson

“That there is hope to offer these clients, and there are good tools to help me do so. Focus more on preparing for the LTC conversation.” -Julius Botelho

“Older clients can still purchase long term care benefits. Be more aware of long term care needs.” -Wesley Febus

“Pension protection act annuities. Figure out to use PPA annuities.” -Raymond Hickson

“Where would you like to receive your care and what Asset will you liquidate. Ask these questions.” -Steve Petersen

“Marketing that works. Attend the boot camp.” -Dan McGivern

“Taking advantage of the Pension Protection Act, to achieve tax free and guaranteed lifetime income from annuities. Discuss this Pension Protection Act and ask the 3 simple questions to motivate the target market towards LTC.” -Joe Anthes


“Stats and marketing ideas.” -Cheryl Canzanella

“Don has a system you can purchase and not have to reinvent the wheel.” -Dan Guck

“Practical ideas.” -Cyndi Albro

“Pension Protection Act of 2010.” -Ken Smith

“Don’t be afraid to ask, people need what we have as solutions for their imminent need. Consider 3 questions, What if you get sick, what will you liquidate and after listening, if there was a better way, is this something we should look at?” -Ricardo Del Rio

“Loved the 3 questions and the slides showing a client how his/her answers could benefit covering the cost for LTC in the future. Implement the questions and the slides. The Knights of Columbus already have a great LTC product. The problem still lies with waking people up to the importance of having coverage.” -James Bertine

“Different types of LTC & laws to work with. Learn more about LTC.” -Erika Marsala

“Pension Protection Act. Use some of the intros with customers. Would it make sense to offer a session geared toward captive P & C agents? Our companies restrict us from taking advantage of many of the ideas suggested in these presentations. It’s just something to think about.” -Mark Wurfel

“There are creative ways to help clients with their LTC needs.” -Theresa Richards

“Total Focus.” -Thomas McCormick

“Information on Pension Protection Act. And as always the language. Specialize. Love the sessions.” -Kevin Dyer

“Wasn’t aware of tax free transfers allowed under the PPA. Adding the basic questions to my presentation.” -R Allan Jensen

“Great program.” -Bill Popko

“Elevator intro. Use better words.” -GW King

“Relating LTC cost to benefits! Continued emphasis on LTC.” -John Duni

“How to start the conversation re LTC. Ask questions, primarily, where is the money going to come from for self insured.” -Justin Meza

“Opportunity. Focus.” -Keith Mohn

“Closing technique by asking for the driver’s license. Talk about benefits vs the product.” -Lillian Sonnenschein

“Long term care is easier to sell than i thought. repurposing iras is a good idea. Use some of the sound bites they mentioned. I have to know more in order to make a decision to attend but interested.” -TROY WIRTH

“Committed to the marketing plan. Study.” -RobertMader Bailey

“So much to learn about selling LTC. Awareness of LTC in so many aspects of the client plan.” -Barry Moore

“Marketing LTC.” -Sherry Englehorn

“Systems are in place and that if you execute you will be successful. Just keep up t he good work. You are providing a great service for clients and advisors.” -David Norgord

“To incorporate 3 simple questions into my process on client intake. Do just that and look seriously on incorporating Don’s book and other ways to market into my practice.” -Glenn Newlin

“LTC questions to ask. Ask the three questions and go for the driver’s license close! Was a great session. I always enjoy them. I plan to register for the LTC bootcamp as soon as my case closes & I get paid. I hope seats are still available!.” -Robert Bailey

“Don’t argue with the objection the kids will take care of me.” -James Goodacre

“Go to the boot camp.” -DAVID GOODRICH

“Better way to present need. Sold more traditional products and more open about asset based.” -John Gherardini

“Products to use. Offer to cover LTC with every Boomer prospect.” -Elisha Aharon

“The importance of taking the time to know the product and options for the clients. Implement daily time to learn.” -Suzette Gutierrez

“Elevator pitch. Use the elevator pitch when I’m asked “what do you do?”.” -Lisa Chenet

“PPA 2006. The three questions. Always good info.” -Chris Liebum

“Having leads is more important than product or knowledge.” -Robert Olvera

“What is in the best interest of the client when it comes to LTC. Make sure to have this conversation with all clients.” -Robin Jarvis

“The seminar opportunity. Implement ideas from the slides.” -John Weiss

“All of it.” -Ed Bond

“Asset based LTC.” -David Watts

“Marketing opportunities with Boomers. Using LTC Disclosure for clients who don’t move on LTC planning.” -Tyler Ayres

“That there are SPIA contracts underwritten that also meet the Pension Protection Act requirements. Ask the three questions as presented.” -Craig Heien

“Ask the right questions. Qualify prospects with questions before continuing.” -Michael Patnode

“There are good alternatives to traditional LTC insurance policies. Look at the hybrid LTC policies.” -James Overton


“Asset based LTC.” -Roy Heerema

“Good ways to position LTC. Be better at describing what I do, not just calling myself “an advisor”.” -Jason Blik

“If there is a better way of looking at this, would you be interested in discussing it? Great discovery questions.” -Tony Betancourt

“Way more than one. Enough so, that I’m looking to attend the Boot Camp. 3 questions. The slides were very good.” -Thomas Dudek

“The 3 questions to ask a prospect/client. Focus more on providing dignity solutions and providing elder care solutions.” -Robert Barber

“Questions to ask any LTC prospect.. Not sure yet perhaps more focus on LTC..” -Larry Bassell

“That there is a solution besides LTC insurance. Go to the Bootcamp.” -Tim Preston

“The thee questions.” -Joseph Guess

“3 questions to ask. Position myself as a specialist. Market my services differently. Well worth my time this morning.” -David Oldenburg

“Information about the boot camp training. Plan on how i can get to boot camp next year.” -Matt Hodges

“How much more I need to learn.” -Frank Robinson

“3 questions to ask clients regarding Long Term Care. Start asking those questions.” -David Gallico

“Reminded me of those linked products.” -Don Warnke

“Names of some carriers to use and ideal Best ratings; Don’s LTC complete operation. Use Pension Protection Act to help more people.” -Robert Snyder

“Change the culture of the LTC discussion. More questioning.” -Tom Esselman

“Great language and ‘checklist’ on prospecting.” -Robert Gascho

“Need to be specialist. Cost of having LTC, cost of not having it. Enjoy the power sessions and learning great ideas from great advisors.” -John Mackarey

“To make a difference as a financial advisor. To use the questions I learned, that will be the first.” -Marcia Cassab

“Need to stay up to date on info and asset based products. Study to be the expert in our office.” -Steven Jacob


“Language. Use this language.” -Shari Sitzmann

“Plan to get the book Don’t go Broke in a Nursing Home.” -Damian Calato

“The Three Questions. Thank you! I’ll start using the 3 questions immediately. I’d like to see more information about charitable planning like your presentation last year. Thank you.” -Ed Thiessen

“The 3 questions. Reopen the LTC discussion with my clients. Not at this time. I need to digest all that was said today.” -Michael Wershay

“Talk to people with money about what their interested in! Discuss with agents specializing in product areas. The presentations have been excellent.” -Howie Weckel

“Funding options for LTC.” -Mark Mallon

“Thanks for the invitation…this was an excellent use of time. I will be in touch for the NAIFA LECPlanning Center.” -Carroll Golden

“Don’s system. Looking at attending the boot camp.” -Jeffrey Reilly

“Three critical questions. Start asking those questions.” -Andrew Chymych

“I like the soft close approach with the DL. Use the above.” -Leca Harris

“New marketing ideas. I am going to try to market more LTC.” -John Davis