How to Get 1 More Appointment a Day feat. Author & Ted Speaker Jeremiah Desmarais

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What You'll Learn

Jeremiah Desmarais is a 23-time Award-Winning Marketer, who will show you how to get one appointment a day with professional, affluent clients using LinkedIn and cold email.

Jeremiah will reveal the appointment setting strategy that is based on 14,000 appointments booked and 800,000 connections made via LinkedIn. He will cover how to: 

  • Leverage a little known networking hack for unlimited leads
  • Block other advisors out of your home territory
  • Get affluent decision makers to say yes 93% of the time to meet
  • Automate your systems and free up your time
  • Get affluent prospects to connect with you, and want to meet you

These techniques come with results such as:

  • One 401(k) advisor locking in 3 meetings with CFOs after 1 week.
  • An advisor making $300,000 in commissions after implementing his system for just a few weeks.
  • An advisor, with less than 9 months in the business, seeing 1 new affluent prospect a week on complete autopilot.

P.S. Jeremiah comes highly referred by Tom Hegna, so you know this is gonna be good!

More about Jeremiah

Jeremiah is one of the most sought-after financial marketing masterminds in the industry.

He’s helped over 100,000 insurance and financial advisors in 51 countries generate over 2 million leads leading to over $300M in commissions. He’s been cited on Forbes, CNN, Worth and NBC for his revenue boosting initiatives at Inc 500 Fast Growth companies and has consulted for United Healthcare, Humana, Allstate, the United Nations and over 100,000 entrepreneurs in 51 countries.

Jeremiah Desmarais was referred to Real Wealth® by the one and only Tom Hegna. And when Tom Hegna says someone’s awesome… it means they’re awesome!

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“You have to have a plan and that is what his system provides. That’s what I have to think about.” -Charles Zloch

“Email marketing at its best.  Great work.” -Cary Knudson

“A lot about marketing and emails. I’ll change my emails and more email marketing.” -Gail Dodd

“How to use LinkedIn better to gain contacts. Send more emails out on a systematic basis to gain business.” -Glenn Newlin

“Embrace using social media.” -Rick McKernan

“Use linked in to get new leads. Send shorter emails with prospects. Good thought provoking information.” -Scott Newman

“How to use LinkedIn. Short emails.” -Martin Mellin

“How to simplify and maximize email contact.” -Gina Mills

“Email. Join advisorist.” -Brad Mercer

“Keep emails short and to the point. Joined the group to learn more about marketing in social media.” -Tammy Douthit

“Info re: email & Linked In. Join the academy!” -Richard Cazzell

“How powerful linked in marketing can be. Simple email to follow up and linked in marketing.” -Doak Belt

“I have been looking for a way to get involved with social media. This is perfect it will fill the gap. Collect email addresses. I want to sign up for your symposium.” -Beverly Lee

“How to use social media to reduce the amount of time cold calling! Spend more time on social media.” -Courtney Cuykendall

“SAC” -Short, Ask 1 Question, make it conversational. I am looking to incorporate LinkedIn. You always have great topics, Thank you!”

“Rethinking my website strategy…. More proactive…” -Richard Orred

“Some good things I should be doing with Linked In. Start reaching out on Linked In.” -David Bearden

“Email Strategies. Send emails.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Short and sweet. Active with LinkedIn.” -Brian Lacey

“Sending brief, effective email. Improve LinkedIn profile.” -Robert Snyder

“How to get leads & be effective at getting the right warm leads. Use LinkedIn to get the right leads for my practice. Great speaker!.” -AnnMarie Lang

“The Radio Silent Emails. I have been paying little attention to LinkedIn… not anymore.” -Anthony Faso

“Love the marketing concepts and strategies. I unfortunately, am not very good with LinkedIn, quite frankly a total novice. A little nervous, but intrigued, on how to work it and use it to drive clients. I am sure it can be very effective. I am pretty darn effective with email, but I’m sure that my clients might look me up, and I have no presence. Look into how I can start learning more about LinkedIn. I like the idea of having tested templates that I can use and modify to suit my practice. Keep it up! I enjoy the thought provoking topics and the knowledge that comes out of these sessions.” -Bryan Johnson

“Short email to previous prospects. Learn to use LinkedIn.” -Steve Hennessy

“Utilizing LinkedIn. Dive into LinkedIn.” -Chad Johnson

“Using email. Try email.” -Woody Syverson

“Keep it simple and brief! SAC … great advice!. More social media messaging in Linked In but … more specific targeting.” -Joe Anthes

“Learn more about my capabilities within my own linked in account and by executive subscription. Nicely done. Keep up the good work. see you in Madison, WI.” -Alan Blecker

“Being concise is the key in reaching people. Use LinkedIn more effectively.” -Larry Matson

“Short emails to get response. Send shorter emails.” -Tony Woelfel

“The impact of email marketing. Signed up for his program.” -Brian Byars

“How to use Linked In. Use Linked In to market.” -Mark Wurfel

“Power of email. Update email database.” -Gregg Webster

“That I can effectively build my client base by using my current LinkedIn network with a proven system.” -Leah Davis

“SAC. Emails and LinkedIn over Social Media.” -Tom Eng

“Effective way to leverage email. Try the scripts.” -Victor Johnson

“How to use email. Use email more.” -Joseph Guess

“Email Templates. Sign up with Advisorist.” -Joe Mangiafico

“Potential simplicity of social media applications. Install our previous processes prior to embracing another. Eye opener, somewhat softened my belief that much of social media advertising is flaky, non compliant, and gimmicky.” -Ed Bond

“Concise emails and linked in usage was helpful.” -Larry Bassell

“With emails to keep it simple. Keep emails simple.” -Dave Toeben

“Email campaign. Use emails better.” -Monty Flack

“Keep communication short and simple. Upgrade LinkedIn to do more targeted marketing.” -Dennis Dean

“Radio silence email. Send more emails!” -Aron Levy

“How to make effective use with LinkedIn. Start using LinkedIn daily.” -Kenneth Head