Tools of Top of the Table Advisors

Key Takeaways

Differentiate yourself with tools used and/or created by some of the best and most successful advisors in the world.

In this session, you’ll learn how: 

  • Business owners can save $5,984/yr in taxes
  • To sell more life insurance and increase your AUM with business succession planning
  • To reduce the difficulty of LTC conversations and create relationships with your client’s family.
  • To leverage the opportunity of serving our veterans! All attendees will receive the VA Claim checklist that Brian Byars uses with his own clients
More On What You'll Learn

Enhance your business and service to your clients in these areas: 

Long-Term Care Planning

  • How to facilitate difficult conversations regarding end of life desires and options.
  • How to create relationships with your client’s family
  • How to create a trusted network of affiliated professionals

Business Owner Opportunities

  • How to have the exit strategy conversation with your clients
  • Help your clients understand and maximize the value of their business
  • How to sell more life insurance and increase your AUM while doing the right thing for your clients.
  • Save your business owners – includes yourself! – $5,984/yr in taxes!

What Advisors Think of this Session

Topic Rating
Presenter(s) Rating

We asked them: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Contact for small business valuations. I’m a CLTC and am considering exploring CEPS. Great session.” -Bill Popko

“Business Evaluations. Talk about how they plan to sell.” -Kevin Zeyen

“Veterans info.” -Paul Bober

“Practical resources to whom I can make a referral.” -Chuck F

“Details of HRA and the Cornerstone business valuation resource. We are going to gather more information, so as to deliver on the HRA and business services with Cornerstone.” -Carey Yukich

“Review HSA plans and start offering them. The sessions are always great and I try not to miss them even though there’s a recording.” -Sandra J. Bailey

“Variety of services. Bus. valuation + Sec.105. Variety of speakers was very useful!” -Gordon Conwell

“All of it was powerful and timely info. Taxbot.” -Jeff Hochwalt

“You guys provide such great information and resources to us. Thank you for all of the time, effort and willingness to do it!!” -Russ Grzywinski

“Veteran’s benefits session.” -Karen Duni

“New possibilities. That I didn’t know what I didn’t know & still mostly don’t. Talk more to to you guys to make a plan and firm up the discussion opener statements.” -Bob Miller

“Veterans benefits. Interview differently.” -George Beutter

“66% of Businesses don’t have a Buy / Sell agreement. Continue educating my agents on the information I retain from these webinars.” -Howie Weckel

“HSA service company.” -John Cranley

“Lots!” -Richard Orred

“To many to write down but definitely ways to differentiate yourself from other advisors and I have been doing that for the last 7 yrs. Go through my client list and Identify business owners as well as Vets and use the LTC benefits for Vets as well as ways to save business owners money on taxes through benefits that help their employees like the HRA as well as Cash balance plans ect… Great presentation! It was well worth it!” -Robert Ginsberg

“Remembering that there are MANY opportunities of topics in todays world which are appropriate to bring up to your clients and prospects. Fine tune my discussion menu and add some additional general talking points. The diversification of todays program was extraordinary. I am continuing to evolve my practice after 36 years and even though I have drastically cut back on the time spent working, I feel that I must develop a QUALITY vs QUANTITY approach in 2019 as I still enjoy it but MUST work SMARTER for the time spent. If for no other reason, but to remain relevant and do the best job I can.” -Chuck Stickney

“Scott’s presentation.” -Larry Matson

“How unprepared business owners are in planning their succession. Engage the business owners I work with in thinking about their future business planning succession.” -Lisa Rydzefski

“All your sessions are excellent.” -Larry Ricke

“Update on Veteran’s and Assistance Benefits.” -Greg Nelson

“HRA opportunities. Call on more small business owners.” -Robert Snyder

“Sec 105 and HRA. Evaluate and possibly adopt TaxBot. Would like any information or resources you may recommend on Qualified Opportunity Funds. Thanks.” -Vijay Khetarpal

“Opportunities with 105 plans. Keep going.” -Jeffrey Evans

“VA planning information as I do quite a bit of that planning. Also do long term care planning, pre & crisis planning. Refine what I am doing with LTC & VA planning.” -David Oldenburg

“Information on VA questions. Use marketing ideas presented today. I would appreciate having Jim’s information that was mentioned on today’s webinar.” -Sarah Kerr

“Resources available. Focused approach. Thanks.” -Timothy Smith

“TASC. Bring up Section 105 more often.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“VA Benefits for Service Veterans…I am a Vietnam War Vet!. Take a look at VA options.” -Alan Zalewski

“Stay away from what you don’t do well! Talk to my friends. All most too much to consider at one time.” -Charlie Matejowsky

“More about the VA benefits. Reach out to my military clients and have a discussion with them. Also reach out to my small business owners.” -Theresa White

“Aging plan.” -Robert Stoltman

“Who would have guessed that the center of the Financial Planning Universe is Kewaskum, Wisconsin?!?” -Andrew Powers

“HSA Plans. Keep your Webinars Coming.” -Thomas Schreiner

“Facts about aid and attendance. Up date aid and attendance presentation.” -Steve Best

“Business estimates of value. Recommend to my clients to have their businesses evaluated for sale.” -Judith Shonnard


“Just good things to know going forward. It’s another tool in the tool box. Keep up the awesome job you’re doing.” -David Janson