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Annalee Kruger

Senior Care Counselor and Founder of Care Right, Inc.


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Annalee has worked at every level in the long-term care industry, starting as a social worker over 25 years ago and eventually directing all operations of a community-based continuum of care retirement facility. Annalee earned her MBA at Cardinal Stritch University; her certificates in six sigma black belt; family mediation; and PTSD, grief, trauma, and loss counselling. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, National Association of Social Workers, and a sponsor of the Financial Planners Association (WI).

Annalee has worked with thousands of facility residents, their families, and caregivers as well as numerous health care agencies, and delivered hundreds of trainings and in-services to professionals and family caregivers on a variety of topics. Annalee has provided business training for organizations across the US and China. She makes regular appearances on Milwaukee’s TV show, The Morning Blend. Annalee is also an adjunct instructor at UWM-Milwaukee in the Gerontology and Business Development programs.

In 2011 she founded Care Right Inc. to help families with aging loved ones navigate through the long term care industry and cope with issues family caregivers encounter. As a social worker, she had families in her office every day because there was a medical crisis. Families have no idea what to do, what to look for in a health facility/health provider, no idea what their parents have for resources and insurance, and have no idea what advance directives are. Medical crisis put families in a total emotional tailspin. They have to take off work, organize their personal lives in a way that allows them to also be at the hospital and make decisions that they never had to previously consider.

Care Right’s mission is to help families be pro-active by facilitating difficult conversations early on, explain the importance of having their legal documents in order, explain the costs of health care and why having a financial plan is important. Our role is to help the family develop their plan of care, which incorporates the legal and financial planning. We assess what is working well, what is working less well, what are the goals, and what are the resource available to meet those goals. Most people want to age in place at home. Care Right puts those supports in place and oversees the care. While most people do want to age in place, life has its own agenda. Care Right works with families to pro-actively find facilities they would be comfortable living in if the need arises.

Some of their clients have local families who are simply burned out from the ongoing demands of family caregiving while our other clients have no one locally to oversee their care and advocate for them. Families call Care Right their advocate and consider Care Right a concierge service for their family because of the scope of services.

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