The World of Opportunities with Business Succession Planning

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Business Succession Planning

What You'll Learn

Scott Bushkie, CBI, M&AMI is the Founder and President of Cornerstone Business Services. With more than 20 years in the M&A industry, Scott is a recognized leader in the field, providing exit strategies, sell- and buy-side transitions, along with valuation services in the lower middle market.

During this session, Scott will teach you how to:

  • provide a service to your client that no one else has even talked to them about
  • have the exit strategy conversation with your clients
  • help your clients understand and maximize the value of their business 
  • sell more life insurance and increase your AUM while doing the right thing for your clients. 

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“That this service is available!. I plan to contact one of my clients to suggest meeting then suggest the EOV. I would like to pass this along to a newer agent, can he just go to your website to request notices of upcoming webs etc?” -Deb Wagemann

“I’m still learning about business succession planning, and it certainly is more involved than many people in our industry make it out to be. Continued study and learning.” -David Kinder

“Did not know this service was available. Spread the word. Hope I can make the RW Tour this time.” -Joseph Guess

“I can approach small business owners about this topic and don’t need to reinvent Scott’s resources for myself to get in this market. I’m going to add this approach to what I’m doing and practice it until it’s natural.” -Elisha Aharon

“As a financial advisor and 25 year veteran in the residential mortgage business how do you view managing debt and cash flow as part of the retirement planning agenda and how do you incorporate it in your practice? Also, how do you feel about SPIA with Life insurance combo versus Monte Carlo with sequence of return risk during decummulation?” -Jim Farhadi

“Cornerstones process for succession planning.” -Zee Glavan

“65% of business owners don’t have a plan. Ask more questions. Great stuff!.” -Dennis Dean

“Always talk to your clients about getting a business evaluation. Relook at my client base.” -Susan Riedel

“New opportunity. Learn more about succession planning resources and marketing support by your organizations. Not now.” -Muthukrishnan Mudaliar

“The unfilled need of business owners. Approach more business owners. This is great information. You do a wonderful job presenting key issues for our benefit and offering different ways to look at how we approach our clients and build new clients.. Thank you.” -Beth Hoffman

“Need for insurance when selling a business. Ask the questions. Already have Harlan’s book. How can I get a discount on joining Real Wealth? Suggest having Dean Vagnozzi on webinar. He is a top producer in IULs and life settlements.” -Fred Nesvet

“Very clear and well prepared. Prospect more with them about many options.” -Michael Campbell


“The opportunity. Having a conversation with business owners. Excellent info today.” -Dan Jankelunas

“The questions in general. Ask better questions.” -Steve Fleming

“That the EOV service is reasonably priced. I am going to concentrate on Business Succession Planning. I think this could be very valuable for my future.” -Kym Housley

“Starting the process for a business owner early. Ask better questions to business owners.” -Jonathon Olivas

“Help business owners consider exit strategies in advance. Raise questions.” -John Zimmer

“There is another way to serve a business owner. Start engaging business owner’s in a conversation on exit strategies.” -Robin Washington

“The importance of evaluating a business. Ask business owners if they have evaluated their business and have they updated their buy” -sells. I am interested in the Real Wealth tour but possibly may not be able to attend the webinar.

“How business evaluation, specifically EOV’s, should be part of our value add for every business owner. Incorporate EOV’s into my discovery process with every business owner, once I get a handle on how to do so.” -Paul Carag

“There is quality help available or will enable a referral for a lot of small business owners. Ask Scott’s questions much more often!. Your diversity of programs is fantastic and most of the time, so enlightening.” -Douglas Bird

“Not much that benefits my practice at this time.” -R Allan Jensen

“Help is available for valuing a business outside of the CPA guesstimate. Talk about the subject with business owners.” -John Mueller

“How to present to business owners regarding their planning needs and the sale of the business. Use the questions he referenced.” -Gail Van Nest

“So much meat about business valuation and tools to use in developing relationships with business owners. Use this material to really work the small business owner market. Feel like I’ve already gotten a year’s worth of value in less than a week of membership.” -Bill O’Donnell

“Lots to learn in business succession planning and that Scott can be a great resource!. Get more involved!. None, Thanks for the webinar!.” -Zachary Nielson

“Taking 5” -10′ for commercials at the beginning of the presentation is over the top. These presentations are typically very helpful, but we don’t have the time to listen to a self

“Ask the questions.” -Leon Avila

“Questions for the business owner were helpful. Have a conversation with Cornerstone. I have been receiving their 30 Second emails and work in the business owner space. Even though I enjoyed the presentation, the first 20 minutes of the presentation were basically a sales pitch for Cornerstone and that was a bit of a turnoff. I would have preferred you jump into the meat of the presentation much sooner.” -Patrick Kohler

“The questionnaire to give to my clients who own businesses. Focus on the potential sale of the business or practice. A little long today.” -Maureen Kirschhofer

“There are reasonably priced competent resources for a Business Valuation. Put additional time to refining the process of developing the business transition conversation. This type of presentation on how the process begins is very valuable.” -Brad Ober

“How to be more confident in approaching business owners. Study and get more versed with Buy Sell Agreements / Insurance.” -Paul Crouch

“Good to know Cornerstone is available as a resource. Ask the question of business owner clients. Have you considered a way to offer CE credit for insurance and/or CFP licensee’s with these monthly podcasts?” -Dean Callison

“Intro to Scott as a resource. Will be calling a client that is in process of selling his business worth between $16” -20M to find out more about how he came up with that estimate and to see if he is interesting in an EOV.

“The ability to expand services to existing clients, especially from the standpoint of engaging in a simple conversation of a few questions. Lead with more questions without a predefined product list of what I want to do or the service I wish to promote.” -Richard West

“Cornerstone as a resource for the M/A small market space. Add Cornerstone’s newsletter to business client communications. Great Job!!.” -Dan Guck

“All question to ask business owner about goals and dream and retirement plan. Ask clients and help them to set up the plan.” -Lanh Phan

“How unprepared most business owners are to transition their company and/or exit the business. Talk with business owners and their advisors about this topic. Great presentation. Thank you.” -Curtis Matlin

“Definition of ESOP. Prospect with more business owners. This is Jade. I’m testing this and want to know what you can do with survey results in PlusThis.” -Jade Paczelt

“I work in the business transition market, but it was great to hear some of the stats and perspective from the M&A side of the business. First I want to build a relationship with Scott and his team and then utilize them as a resource for my clients when appropriate. This was a great presentation and timely given the boomer market heading into the business transition period of their lives.” -James Persinger

“Pursue business owners. Pursue business owners. Really appreciate the presentation…Thank you, John.” -John Hemenway

“Clients may think that they are prepared to sell their business when it comes time, but might actually have no clue on the value, the process and the implication on their retirement lifestyle goals. Great information!.” -Tyler Watson

“EOV. Ask questions to small business owners. Not now. Thanks.” -NAYAN MEHTA

“Doing an EOV earlier on. Asking more questions in this space. I thought it was a good webinar. Good topic.” -Kevin Zeyen

“Questions that might be asked. Coordinate review of this issue with baby boomer clients. Great session, what do we need to do on our premier site to add the business drip an social media campaigns to our business clients?” -Timothy Smith

“Questions to present to businessowners to get them thinking properly about this topic. Present the questions to clients for whom I feel they could be relevant.” -Brad Mainster

“Who to contact for help in this area. Include these key questions during my planning for business owners.” -Darcy Long