The Family Meeting

What You'll Learn

How does an advisor in a town with a population of 4,004 become a million dollar producer?

The Family Meeting is THE #1 strategy that Top Advisor Jim Silbernagel attributes the majority of his success. Jim’s personal practice is located in the small town of Kewaskum, WI, and he’s been a consistent MDRT Top of the Table producer since 2000.  During this month’s webinar, Jim will teach you how these meetings will turn your business into a multi-generational machine! Learn how to:

  • enhance the value of your practice by making connections with the next generation
  • create unlimited referrals
  • earn AUM and avoid losing it when one generation passes wealth to the next
  • strengthen relationships with existing clients

… while doing the right thing for your clients.

Key takeaways:

  • How to help your clients understand the importance of having this meeting
  • How to run the family meeting
  • What to say and how to say it

Stay on the line for live Q&A to have million dollar producing advisor Jim Silbernagel personally answer your specific questions! Jim has been successfully conducting family meetings for decades, and is currently working with his 5th generation client. Jim is also a Member of Forum 400, an elite organization comprised of leaders in production and innovation in financial services.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“One thing? I absorbed multiple gifts today. I believe the concepts you spoke of today are absolutely essential for families. I see a unique approach with yours and I feel blessed to have learned from you. Thank you! You are an innovator, and one professional that deserves the ultimate respect. Whether you eventually charge for the Family Meeting services or not, I believe this is a critical discussion. And I believe you are the real deal. Congratulations for making our profession look good. Keep up the excellent work! Givers like you are such a blessing in our world.” -Beth Hoffman

“Increase value, referral service and planning opportunities by conducting family meetings with immediate family members of parents and children. Take the opportunity to conduct more family meetings with immediate family members.” -Joe Anthes

“That I have to be proactive in setting up a family meeting or it will not happen. Review my book of business, specifically the ages of my clients and their children to determine if it might be the right time to set up a family meeting. Jim is a prince! Appreciate all that he does for our industry.” -Michael Baer

“Involve the family now or fight with some of them later. Even with smaller estates, it is important to have a family meeting.” -Douglas Bird

“Include every blood relative every time. Do family meetings at least selectively. Your presenter is funny even when addressing serious subject matter.” -Edward Bond

“The support staff! They are the true rockstars!  More family meetings.” -Brian Byars

“‘I am applying for the job to be your advisor’. Ask to meet with the whole family.” -Michele Byers

“How to build your business! GREAT PRESENTATION!” -EUGENE CHOATE

“The importance of including family members and in depth family considerations. Stress the importance of family inclusion.” -Celeste Caldwell

“Family meetings will be part of my new practice. Brand new.” -Kurt DeCoria

“Wording on how to face objections for family meeting. Make family meetings more important.” -Jordan Delp

“Reinforcing the importance of attempting to make a family meeting happen. Be more consistent with meeting agendas.” -Chuck Drawbaugh

“Very intentional about every step.” -Doug Fisher

“Family meeting discussion. Use Family meetings more. Keep doing the good job that you all do!” -Daniel Flees

“Questions. Use agenda.” -Steve Fleming

“Clearly knowledgeable and I can tell he actually practice what he discussed. I already conduct family meetings but not with every client. Going forward, I will incorporate it in my practice with everyone who has a beneficiary. Session was longer than I expected, but the material was worthwhile.” -Euletta Gordon

“I attended the Veterans’ Benefit talk last month which was GREAT. Thank you.”

“Have Family Meetings. Have Family Meetings.” -Michael Halloran

“Agenda and language for speaking to the kids. Work on setting up family meetings. Hope to receive the resources, Red book. Thanks!! Great as always!” -J Hepburn

“Practical way to apply a generational approach to client planning. Design an approach for a family meeting I can use with my clients.” -Matt Hodges

“Importance of meeting with the whole family.” -Judy Johnston

“Set the meeting with mom & dad; leave it to the kids to prioritize their schedule and make it there. Set the meeting, leave it to the kids…” -Joe Neal Kerr

“To listen better!” -R. Terry Lawson

“The family meeting will lead to referrals. Understanding and how to conduct a family meeting. I have heard about the family meetings, but did not know how to conduct.” -Nicolas Lenz

“Set the appointment with the parents and then make the kids fit that into their schedule.” -Michael Long

“That Family meetings are a must in our Kemner Iott Benz Practice. Design and implement a family meeting practice.” -Glenn Newlin

“I have been wanting to do family meetings for a while now. The format that Jim uses is great! Thank you!” -Mary Owen

“Everything. Gather material to start getting ready for these. Keep doing what you’re doing. Great presentations always.” -Rhonda Paluck

“His extensive agenda.” -Paul Peele

“Family meeting value to maintain family assets for the future. Up my game on family meetings and deliverables. I’m very impressed with your system of helping advisors.” -Rick Shaheen

“The preparation for the meeting and the inclusion of family members in the process. When done in a holistic manner it improves the referral opportunities for family members while helping the parents an children to understanding the process.” -James Sharpe

“Prospecting opportunities from the family meetings. Use family meetings.” -Timothy Smith

“The agenda, kids’ roles. Attempt to include more children and utilize them for future referrals.” -Virgil Smith

“Family meeting concept as a whole and all the components. Add to my practice.” -Gail Van Nest

“How to create a list of questions to guide the family discussion. Maintain a standing list of questions. Unfortunately, I joined late. Even though I’m not a premium member right now, I’d like to get access to the recorded session.” -Bill Vivian