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What You'll Learn

It’s Mueller Time!

Van Mueller, the Ultimate Questions Master, returns to Power Session LIVE with the latest & greatest headlines that will help you set more appointments.

Key Takeways:

  • Van’s latest & hottest questions that will get you more appointments
  • How to get your prospects to reveal what is important to them
  • An update on the economy and our nation’s debt… and how to take advantage of the issues.
  • How to position yourself as a problem-solver
  • Why NOW is the greatest time ever to be an insurance agent!

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Great opportunities for lower income people. Practice questions. Keep up the great work!” -Garth Hassel

“Understanding 1040 Instructions & Information. How to calculate SSI Taxation & how to avoid that situation. I want more coaching. Ask Questions and Practice asking Questions. Excellent Information / Contents.” -Eugene Hill

“How to use the 1040 form to find the dollars to transfer. Use Van’s questions and have more conversations to clients in this manner.” -Glenn Newlin

“Range of questions, and who can benefit from a properly structured whole life policy. Incorporate some of the questions to facilitate better discussions with clients.” -Steven Helling

“Loved the questions!!! Start asking questions!!!” -Gail Van Nest

“Too much to write. More questions.” -Steven Block

“How valuable the 1040 can be in getting a sale. Focus more on the 1040 with my potential clients.” -Frederick Callahan

“ Prospect effectively.” -Ivy Shen

“Keep wallstreet, IRS, Banks and NH out of your pockets and keep more for you, family and business. Better elevator speeches.” -Tammy Douthit

“The questions, ss and wage stats angle. The questions, ss and wage stats angle.” -Erin Vick


“Questions. Questions.” -Roger Leftwich

“Talking to Seniors 65 and older regarding their Social Security Income, applying the new tax law deduction and, investing a portion or the difference left over from expenses into Life Insurance Cash Value to increase their tax free assets. Ask more questions! Stop focusing on products and more on what the product does or, the solutions. Great Session…always love listening to Van Mueller… have seen and listened to him several times…it never gets old!” -Joe Anthes

“I need to know whats in the 1065 IRS forms. Check out and become familiar with the 1065 Information.” -Richard McBryde

“Write the questions down and don’t apologize for reading them. Write down the questions.” -Douglas Bird

“Ask Questions and practice! basic but a great reminder. Practice the questions and know the relevant parts of the tax code.” -Bruce Barteau

“How to talk about the tax problem. Show how to solve the tax problem. I want to know more about your marketing product.” -Ron Parsons

“Everything was good. Practice more.” -Grant Thompson

“That I can get Van’s questions by sending an email to him. Ask some disturbing questions. Van’s enthusiasm is fantastic!!.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Questions. Ask more.” -Howard Silvermintz

“To plan for the future. To show your people the importance of Life Insurance when you pass to be able to pay your taxes on your retirement plans.” -Phillip Weiford

“So many great questions to ask clients! Ask the right questions!” -Joshua Sirek

“Van is the newest Energizer BUNNY. Talk to more people. Thanks for the financial educational entertainment today.” -Alan Blecker

“Asking more informed questions. Practice even MORE.” -Sean Kern

“Asking questions is far more effective than spilling out all the knowledge I know. Ask more effective questions. Great session!” -Alan Farley

“Questions. Using tax returns to leverage client assets. Great program,thanks.” -David Beaty

“Capital transfer. Ask more questions. Good stuff.” -Chris Liebum

“Van is the best!” -Andrew Powers

“Using the 1040 tax form. Say..May I ask you a question?” -Cindy Grommes

“Need to ask better questions. Try to learn those questions.” -Mark Nichols

“The Questions to ask a Prospect. Ask those Questions. Great session this morning!” -Joe Blake

“I learned that clients can move a chunk of their tax deferred savings to subsidize tax free life insurance. I will mine my book of business to talk to my IRA clients about this strategy.” -Shaun Conahan

“The numerous questions that are effective for getting people’s interest, and causing them to act..” -Gina Mills

“Being reminded about a Split Annuity. Showing more SPIA’s and SPL.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“I think what you guys are doing is outstanding for our profession.” -Tom Geraghty

“Taxable to non taxable money. Educate clients better. Thanks for everything you do.” -John Davis

“Finally starting to get a grasp of the small, but important, nitty gritty information. Study more in this specific area to become more fluent in it. Would be helpful if Van had these steps and phrases scripted out and perhaps he does, but that would really be helpful.” -James Magadanz

“Besides the fact that I can’t write like Van talks? I liked his 30 second position statement “I ask people all sorts of questions… Practice, practice, practice.” -Wade Scott

“I never stop learning!!!!. Use this material and practice.” -Larry Matson

“Tax advantages of IRA conversion. Talk more about IUL benefits.” -Bryan Oswald

“Taxes are more important than any fees that a product might offer when planning for retirement. Cash Value Life conversation.” -Joseph Andrade

“Great opportunities in the life insurance business. Good question?” -Michael Kirsh

“Check into the usage of life insurance connected with SS.” -Michael Campbell

“Questions and Conversation lead to success.” -Mike Fergen

“Questions, and practice. Get questions list set and practice.” -Timothy Smith

“Simplicity is golden in sales. Make things more simple and ask more questions. Great Session.” -John Brooks

“Vans inspiration. Practice those questions.” -Sara Finkelstein

“Questions to clients. Look up tax code pages.” -Fred Feinberg

“Ask questions vs trying to sell, and all the different opportunities and vehicles available for people in different situations. Ask more questions to everyone. Not assume there isn’t an option to help certain people.” -Kole Harms

“Practice practice practice!.” -Elie Aharon

“Practice. More Practice.” -Bill Popko

“It reminded me what a valuable tool whole life insurance is. Engage more people in conversations in relationship to life ins. Great Session.” -Philip Ulett

“Ask questions. Ask Questions and get a basic understanding of the tax codes. Great job! Definitely should be on any new agents study list!” -Kurt DeCoria

“Have more questions in my mind to ask. Ask questions….don’t give opinions. Thank you for sharing such good speakers!” -Robert Stoltman

“Making life insurance sales by knowing and understanding the tax code and the effective rate of taxes. Yes, would like to receive from Van his list of questions and template for creating questions of our own. Thx.” -Robert Billingsley

“ASK MORE QUESTIONS!!. Ask more questions… Always great!.” -Richard Orred

“Using the 1040. Write down some questions. Good stuff, thanks.” -John Zimmer

“Ask a lot more questions. Practice more.” -Raymond Sternberg

“Questions and practice is what I need to be doing. I am writing questions and letting people tell me what going on and I can ask them what are you doing about. Lets do this.” -John Cairns

“Everything was valuable. Ask more questions.” -Heather Chacon

“Tax implications. Better understand these effects and put them to use.” -Jeffrey Posadzy

“Know the Tax laws! Cash Value Life Insurance is very important! Ask Questions and Practice!!! I look forward to meeting Van next Tuesday in Omaha. I am signed up to see him on the Road Show!” -Lori Moody

“Need to ask the questions. Practice asking the questions. Great!” -BRUCE MURPHY

“Value of cash value life insurance. Ask Questions.” -Susan McWright

“Where to find tax law information and how to use it! Practice on the questions which I hope to get from Van’s website.” -Sarah Kerr

“Questions, Wage statistics. Try to come up with different ways and strategies to customize the taxes that my prospects and clients pay so that we can get them as low as possible for their retirement future.” -DAVID BABULIC

“Ask the right questions. Talking more about tax benefits.” -Na Li

“ASK, don’t tell. Ask more questions.” -Kim K. Colby