Provide and Protect Income for Your Clients (DIAM Special!)

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What You'll Learn

If your clients stopped working today, would they be okay?

It’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month!

Do you focus on life insurance, securing Assets Under Management or wealth transfer? Do you assume your clients will work until retirement? Have you considered what would happen if they can’t?

During this session, David will help you evaluate the broader implications that an unexpected accident or illness can have on the financial well-being of a client, their family, and their business!

Protecting a client’s income, overhead expenses and retirement plan contributions will help clients avoid having to liquidate assets of invade retirement accounts to cover expenses. By providing this important insurance, you can deepen your client relationships, salvage your clients’ retirement, and create additional revenue.

This session features David Blake, a top DI agent who, in collaboration with colleagues, has put over 10,000 policies in force throughout his career.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identify hidden pitfalls in a client’s employer-provided disability insurance coverage
  2. Evaluate how policies are created to replace retirement plan contributions and to create a more secure long-term financial plan
  3. Evaluate if your business owner clients have taken steps to make sure their businesses have enough revenue to cover overhead expenses until they recover

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Every speaker has been great and MDRT level quality. This is taking the place of our Monthly NAIFA meetings.” -Larry E Ricke CLU, ChFC, MDRT since 1975.

“The language was great. very polished compared to some other presentations of disability insurance. You can tell he’s geared toward the higher end client where it is great to get that from someone who is doing it. I’m going to re-listen, incorporate some of the language for asking questions and bringing up the topic of income protection.” -Mark Kokosko

“The limitations of group coverage. Have DI be part of initial contact.” -Robert Snyder

“Offsetting and limitation clauses in Group DI policies. Examine clients’ Group D I Policies more thoroughly to understand what language and limitations are embedded.” -Joe Anthes

“Reinforcement. Keep doing it!” -Arcadio Casillas

“You can’t contribute to a qualified plan if you are totally disabled. Ask if their retirement is insured.” -Zary Lete

“Apparently you can change the ‘income offset’ definition at no cost in a group DI policy.” -Mark Pittleman

“Some new things to look for in group ltd policies. Pursue DI more forcefully.” -Albert Brodbeck

“The importance of disability insurance. Talk about it more.” -Andrew Chymych

“Direct Offset on Group LTD contracts. Not much as I have always included disability in my discussions ever since my days at Paul Revere. Happy Birthday Jim

I really enjoyed the Real Wealth Symposium.” -Tom Schmidt

“David did an excellent job .He did a wonderful job of highlighting different policies and riders. Work with more producers. Looking forward to listening Scott Brennan, one quality gentleman.” -Robert Rosner, CLU

“My role as a fiduciary includes educating prospects and clients on Individual/Corporate Disability Income. Share with everyone I meet. I love all the shared knowledge. I’ll be sure to pay it forward.” -Heather Chacon

“More than just disability income.” -Anthony Melsi

“Good review. This is where I already specialize. I look forward to getting more information and answers to my questions. Thanks.” -Greg Nelson

“Group definitions. Ask for DI group booklet.” -Brian Boesiger

“Reinforcement of the “fiduciary” role. Make sure I’m more thorough in my meetings.” -Christopher Sparks

“Checking the group certificate of coverage beyond % and cap. Check everyone’s group certificate! Happy Birthday Jim!” -Drew Powers

“I am selling DI for the first time. Building a new Business in JAX FL. David just lit a fire under my a**! Thank You. I am looking for DI agency to work with, So I could conduct through policy reviews. I will be asking my prospect what they don’t know about DI can bankrupt them.” -Vincent Barone

“80% of baby boomer businesses will close their doors vs sell business. Begin DI marketing campaign for high income earners.” -Doak Belt

“Variety of DI products.” -Robert Stoltman

“Always ask the client about their Group DI coverage and take the time to review it and point out the differences between Group and Individual DI.” -Eric Federspiel

“Analysis of a group policy. Ask more life prospects to see their group plan. Let the speaker talk and tell more stories, not the interviewer.” -Howard Silvermintz

“Transitional Occ! Make sure to introduce benefits to more prospects.” -David Dahl

“Individual DI.” -Mik Fergen

“I sell lots of Disability Income policies but it was great to hear someone else present.” -Maureen Kirschofer

“Would you rather insure the goose or the eggs? 🙂 Start raising the disability questions again. Happy Birthday, Jim!!!!” -John Zimmer

“Group LTD secrets. Sell DI.” -Adam Thielen