My Shadow Ran Fast

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My Shadow Ran Fast

Is retirement an age or a state of mind? Does it always have to be about having enough money? Can someone retire and still have a deeply meaningful life? If someone’s work defines them, can they ever actually walk away from it? In this session designed for the right side of your brain, you will eavesdrop on a 35-year MDRT member who has cheered on people who have retired well and dug deep to help those that have not. Brennan will share multiple ideas designed to allow us help people repot themselves.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Scotty has the same demeanor today that he had when I first heard him a dozen years ago. I believe he is genuine. Keep working on my daily attitude and outlook. I so much appreciate having Real Wealth as a partner in my business.” -Steve Caldara

“Be persistent. Be more optimistic and keep following up.” -Ramit Saha

“‘Consistency of persistence. Adopt the ‘one-card system’ and see more people. Today was an awesome day that I needed very much. I would be interested in a program about how to create/find a mentor relationship.” -Alfred Current, III

“Reminder about relationships. Revisit my written goals.” -Kym Housley

“Manage Relationships. Work on relationship building first.” -Robin Washington

“Revisiting old ideas, 10-3-1 and story telling and persistency. 14 appointments might be what it takes to close.  Goal setting on the personal, family and business levels. Great job – One of the many benefits of NAIFA Membership.” -David Bailey

“Keep on trucking, regardless, until I can no longer truck!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Scott!  Also, Make more calls. Thank You.” -Alan Blecker

“This business is a calling and its up to me. I also need to here that this business is hard for others to and not just me. I will keep the focus. Never give up. Thanks for doing all this.” -Dan Cairns

“Such a wise man who reminded me of what’s really important in life: people. Work on empathy and connecting with people.” -Leisha Willis

“Lead with emotion, not numbers!. Listen more, ask better questions!” -GW King

“See the people. See the people.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Be a good listener Be more persistent. Ask better questions. In the business 48 years and working to service what I have sold.” -Dean Puyear

“Be persistent. Be persistent, follow up more. I enjoyed this webinar. Scott was awesome. Can’t wait to hear the recording. I would like a list of the phrases he say to retirees when they think they don’t need life insurance. He was awesome!” -Sandra J. Bailey

“Scotty’s great attitude, and some of his helpful thoughts on how to visit with prospects, clients. He also reminded me of some former questions that I “used to use” and will now go back to using them. Keep bringing on speakers like Scotty.” -Robert Joki

“Life insurance cleans up messes. View the world differently!!!” -Gail Van Nest

“This is how Scotty impacts his friends in this business when he speaks: I’m going to buy more life insurance.” -Adam Solano

“There is an important place today for the career life insurance agent. We have to have the courage and character to call on people. Decide every day when I wake up to: be thankful, be optimistic, be enthusiastic and be kind!.” -Patrick Brough

“Back to basics, in the best way! He’s inspiring. Start working 10-3-1 again… it’s been a while, but we moved to a new city, so I get to build my business again in a new place!” -Elie Aharon

“Amazing Speaker.  Too many items to mention because I’m still re-thinking the Stories! Appreciate folks. Be better prepared as a Story Teller. As an unofficial member of the RW Team, I always enjoy bragging about you. In fact, this morning while on a NAIFA-Maryland Leadership Call, I reminded everyone about the 2nd Friday “Power Session LIVE” events, the List of upcoming Sessions and, of course, the May 6-8, 2020 2nd ever Symposium. I am hoping THAT many NAIFA-Maryland folks will be attending w/ me!” -Michael Garrity

“Attitude and more focus on the “Heart.” -Cliff Wilson

“Attitude and how to keep being enthused as a 45 year agent! Good work Scottie. Great seminars!” -Anthony Melsi

“Stay in the game. Stay in the game.” -J. Garcia

“Attitude and activity. More activity.” -Larry Kaufman

“It reinforced what i already thought. The best performers make things look simple. Focus on making things simple and being myself.” -John Brooks

“The Power of a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I’ll read my notes of his presentation every week.” -Craig Jewett

“The importance of being real, and forcing people to take action by your words. Be more direct ask more questions.” -Georgina Mills

“If somebody passes through my life they should be better for it. Activity Breeds Activity. Look into and utilize the 1 Card System. Thank you for offering Power Session LIVE by Real Wealth FREE to NAIFA Members.” -Heather Chacon

“Learned how hard retirement is for people. Prepare lists and questions prior to meetings more often.” -Brian O’Laughlin

“To always remain appreciative and that life insurance is an exchange of emotions. What we do matters. Lot’s of great little sayings. I always enjoy listening and talking with my friend Scotty Brennan. Always try and find a way to be appreciative, even when I am having a down time. Great sessions.” -Tom Schmidt

“”Have you been asked for your autograph before?” Look for a role model in the life insurance agency or profession. Exemplary presentation. Jim and Jade were great also!” -Robert Snyder

“Scott is such an excellent role model to all insurance agents. Liked his use of human relations business. I am pleased to know Scott for over 20 years. Going back to written goals. I am in my 48th year and stopped writing them down.” -Robert Rosner

“Refresh a lot of things I’ve forgotten.” -Steve Milazzo

“Be persistent. Be more optimistic & positive.” -Edward Stuehm

“ATTITUDE IS THE KEY. Always look for the good, also be more persistent. Jim, Always great….Thanks for spending time with my son, Matt at the MDRT MEETING.” -Larry Ricke