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BONUS/Specialty Session:
LTC- The Tsunami of Opportunity

What You'll Learn

LTC: The Tsunami of Opportunity

Don’t be left behind!  The tsunami of opportunity is upon us!  Learn how adding traditional LTC sales to your practice will differentiate you from all the rest.  Joining us is Marc Glickman, LTC Actuary, Trainer, & educator, as well as Brian Byars, Member Forum 400, US Accredited Claims Agent for the VA, & Medicaid Specialist, and Jim Silbernagel, a leading LTC Producer with over three decades of LTC sales experience.

Key Takeaways
  • Everyone else is selling linked benefits, so learn about unique products that fill the gaps left by linked benefits
  • Get details on the shortcomings of linked benefits and the real solutions you can provide to your clients
  • Learn more about how to best take advantage of resources like VA Benefits and Medicaid

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