LTC- The Tsunami of Opportunity:
A BONUS/Specialty Session

What You'll Learn

LTC: The Tsunami of Opportunity

Don’t be left behind!  The tsunami of opportunity is upon us!  Learn how adding traditional LTC sales to your practice will differentiate you from all the rest.  Joining us is Marc Glickman, LTC Actuary, Trainer, & educator, as well as Brian Byars, Member Forum 400, US Accredited Claims Agent for the VA, & Medicaid Specialist, and Jim Silbernagel, a leading LTC Producer with over three decades of LTC sales experience.

Key Takeaways
  • Everyone else is selling linked benefits, so learn about unique products that fill the gaps left by linked benefits
  • Get details on the shortcomings of linked benefits and the real solutions you can provide to your clients
  • Learn more about how to best take advantage of resources like VA Benefits and Medicaid

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Sales ideas and possible tax advantaged sales ideas to business owners. Commit to learning more information about LTC products and hybrids. I have some experience in both markets, but this information challenged me to be better informed to recognize opportunities to help my clients. It’s not an all or nothing approach.” -Cindy Moyers

“How the NGL policy can be formulated in comparison with the hybrid life/LTCI concept.” -Mark Pittleman

“That there’s a group that specializes in LTC case design. Consider getting some help with my LTCare cases.” -Lori Hunt

“Would be interested in contracting with National Guardian or working w a GA that brokers them.” -Adam Solano

“Use LTCi w/ ALL of my Clients. Ask the (4) Questions.” -Michael Garrity

“People really need help figuring this out. I will offer to help.” -Dan Cairns

“Tax deduction for business owners.” -Ray Steinborn

“Exchange of NQ annuities for LTC 10-pay.” -Sue DeBruin

“Tax benefits.” -Aaron Minor

“Question: Are you a business owner? For sales support, use Benefits Buddy.” -Robert Snyder

“Large variety of premium funding options for LTC coverage. Affordability of LTC. Seek out more information.” -Dennis Jones

“Unique, value-added information and perspectives. Check on my NGL appointment and review training resources.” -Jessie Washington

“..that lifetime coverage is available. Ask more questions of the prospect. I am interested in learning more about LTC products and marketing assistance, especially the NGL.” -Phyllis Holmes

“Stand alone LTC is still a very viable market. Mutual of Omaha is not the only carrier, in fact I was very impressed with NGL and key points of product design.Re-engage in the LTC prospecting; learn the approaches and prep required for each. As a 27 year veteran NALU/NAIFA member I am impressed with your marketing platform and guest speakers. I am a former FR with Guardian, so reinventing myself over the past 5 years with a quantam-changing market has been a challenge from traditional prospecting. I’d like to learn more and how I can regroup on my approaches in my local market.” -William Jeffrey

“Very informative and well presented. Work on strategy to present to business owners,” -Robert Reinert

“Live, quit or die options for traditional LTCi. Dig deeper on the LTC conversation with my clients and prospects. This should complement my Medicare business well.” -Christopher Besonen

“Plan design. Showing more options.” -Luke Johnson

“That a flexible, “traditional” LTC product is very viable. Review my client list to see who might benefit from the NGL Essential LTC product.” -Michael Baer

“ENGL has good concepts available that clients may need to see. I’m dedicating to contacting a person/couple daily to talk about LTC solutions.” -Doug Bird

“LTC options. Talk to more clients about LTC.” -Chris Liebum

“The need to have a LTC plan whatever that may be is something everyone should have and getting a LTC policy is a very cost effective solution. Ensure as I sit with client looking at overall financial goals to include the LTC topic as part of the agenda.” -Kal Patel

“Well organized, simply presented and let us know that the power point would be distributed. This allowed for listening without fear of missing important information. Examples were also helpful. Check Essential every time. The biggest drawback is the daily benefit, especially for people with funds who may want to stay in their homes longer and bring in help. See above. I am very impressed and pleased with the many options of Essential LTC. However, the daily benefit is a serious drawback.” -Lisa Beers

“The flexibility of the products today vs the problem. Begin talking about this issue with every prospect.” -Glenn Newlin

“The flexibility of the plans and offering of worksite plans. I would like to more info on how to get contracted.” -Gwen Johnson

“This is still a market out there for LTC coverage. Become more knowledgeable about the NGL product and download the software. Get appointed if needed” -Timothy Berlin

“Tax opportunities with the return of premium rider.” -Leca Harris

“Tax Deduct even for 1 or 10 pay.” -Zary Lete

“Talk more about LTC.” -Sam Rose

“Options with Traditional LTC.” -Robin Washington

“Refresher on product benefits. Concentrate on the rider benefits.” -John Evers

“That there’s a great stand along LTC option available. Offer more options.” -GW King

“Lifetime & 10-pay are available. Call on business owners.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Great Content and Ideas. Use them. I’m limited on what I can do with New York Life but I want to know how I can incorporate Real Wealth’s Resources into my business.” -Kevin Dyer

“A carrier that is offering lifetime benefits. Have more LTC discussions.” -Tom Schmidt

“The value of LTCi and new options. Obtain more info. Thank you.” -Charles Nunez

“Growing potential for sales of this product. Become more knowledgeable in order to promote and sell this very important product.” -Gail Smart

“Transfer risk reminder. Discuss LTC more.” -Rich Slavin

“The 10-yr paid up option. Ask biz men and women re their LTC plans and do they realize their tax-advantaged options.” -Michael McGranahan

“Want to get started. Do more LTC planning. Can you please send me the information on how to get started, as well as when the next training webinars are?” -Greg Nelson

“NGL product and presentation approach.” -John Weiss

“The many possibilities of case design with NGL! I am going to look at every business owner as a potential client.” -Sarah Kerr