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Marc Glickman, FSA, CLTC

BuddyIns, CEO and Co-Founder

Marc came up with the concept of while working as an Actuary and Chief Sales Officer at an insurance company home office. He wondered, was there an easier way to help clients understand the value of long term care planning solutions? With this vision in mind, BuddyIns was born.

BuddyIns develops technology, educational resources, and implements LTC programs for a community of LTC planning advocates and specialists. Our mission is to help our society prepare for future LTC needs. We want our clients and loved ones to avoid the fate of the over 50 million Americans who are unplanned caregivers today.

BuddyIns partners with over 30 different carriers across 7 different types of LTC planning solutions. BuddyIns helped educate and plan for over 10,000 prospects and clients last year.

Marc earned a degree in Economics from Yale University. He has 15 years of experience as an Actuary with a specialty in investments. Marc is a licensed insurance agent in all 50 states. He is on the Board of Advisors for CLTC, the premier training organization for LTC insurance professionals.
In 2019, Marc was recognized by NAILBA’s ID Twenty Awards as one of the “most courageous innovators and visionaries who have important contributions to the insurance profession”.

Marc lives in Southern California with his wife, Sharada, and two kids, Sam and Maya. Sharada is also an Actuary and CFO of BuddyIns. Sam and Maya are actuaries-in-training.
Marc can be reached at or by phone at 818.264.5464.

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