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Karyn Buxman

Neurohumorist, Author

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HUMOR. BRAINS. EXPERIENCE. Striking just the right funny bone, Karyn Buxman is a neurohumorist who shares her hilarious insights on the brain and humor with a variety of audiences. A former practicing nurse, Karyn has first-hand knowledge of workplace stress –and the restorative power of laughter.

Corporate culture needs a dose of levity for a variety of reasons: it fosters creativity, strengthens bonds between employees, and leads to increased productivity. One could even argue, based on studies, that it’s vital to a healthy work environment.

Karyn’s keynote speaking engagements not only entertain, but they inform employees at all levels on how to bring humor and happiness to the workplace. Drawing on a growing field of research, she demonstrates the science of humor and its effect on human health.

Her clients include NASA, State Farm Insurance Co., AARP, The Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, American Heart Association and the U.S. Air Force. When she isn’t leaving her audiences in stitches, Karyn contributes characteristic wit to popular magazines Marie Claire, Shape, Woman’s Day and professional journals such as Journal of Psychological Nursing and American Journal of Nursing(AJN). She is also the author of the What’s So Funny About…? series, with a new title, Funny Means Money, forthcoming from Forbes Publishing.

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