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Karen Sparks

Certified Divorce Specialist


Divorce Financial Strategists™ provides clients with focused analysis and strategies for marital asset division. Services are provided nationwide to clients for divorce and separation matters.

Karen D. Sparks, CDFA™, J.D. is the principal and owner of Divorce Financial Strategists™. In her capacity as a CDFA™, Ms. Sparks provides her clients with professional services as a trained and certified financial neutral expert with a unique blend of expertise in family law and the allocation of marital assets. Collaboration with the client includes asset analysis affecting child and spousal support, retirement benefits, investments, stock options, social security, real estate, tax implications of marital property trade off or buyout and many other areas of asset distribution including post-divorce matters.

As part of her client engagements, Ms. Sparks has been a retained expert and trial expert witness for clients on the subject of marital standard of living. Ms. Sparks has also been a featured speaker on the topics of “Demystifying the Financial Aspects of Separation and Divorce” and “Maintaining the Status Quo-Present and Future Marital Support Considerations.”

Key areas of emphasis during client engagements include but are not limited to:

  • Working with clients to establish financial goals
  • Establishing current budget requirements and setting priorities for post-divorce budget practices
  • Determining support requirements and tax implications for retaining or selling various client assets
  • Reviewing certain foundational documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank and investment statements, business records, credit card statements, credit reports, etc. in order to create projections for marital settlement proposals
  • Guiding clients in identifying and finalizing specific post-divorce tasks relevant to their situation

The ultimate objective for Divorce Financial Strategists™ is to assist clients in establishing financial strategies for successful living.

Ms. Sparks provides financial consultation regarding divorce and separation to attorneys, individuals, mediators, alternative dispute resolution professionals and other family law service providers.

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