Funny Means Money

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What You'll Learn

Funny means money!

Do you think that humor and business don’t go together? Think again! There’s a good reason why American Express paid Jerry Seinfeld millions of dollars to star in their ads. They know that “While logic tells, emotion sells”—and that humor is the quickest route to the emotions. In this keynote you will learn: How humor functions as a leadership tool, a sales aid, and a customer service strategy; how humor goes to the bottom line; the neuroscience behind how and why humor bypasses people’s logic circuits, and influences their buying decisions through emotion; and specific strategies for utilizing humor in your business—and your life.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I need to lighten up. Try to embrace more humor during the workday and presentations.” -Gina Millsc

“I got some great ideas on using humor in written as well as verbal messaging. Add humor as often as possible. Keep up the great work.” -Bill Popko

“Her experience & willingness to share. Thanks Karyn! Use Humor on purpose! As always, your Team, your Speakers & your Enthusiasm to help us is outstanding. I use your group everyday I assist Clients, Recruit New Members to NAIFA and grow my relationships w/ more outside Advisors. Looking forward to hearing your next Program on Sept. 13th.” -Michael Garrity

“I have to start using humor.” -Erland Reuter

“The importance of humor and connecting with clients. Try to include more humor in my presentations.” -Keith Eakins

“Incorporate humor into my world.” -Gail Van Nest

“If you have a decent sense of humor, relax and let people “see” it.” -Michael Patnode

“Being funny and having a sense of humor are different. Better apply a sense of humor. You are doing a great job!.” -Robert Snyder

“Foes will not believe or go with your idea even if you are right.” -William Avon

“It is okay to be humorous. Tell humorous stories about myself.” -William Riley

“Be intentional. Build a pause for humor in presentation.” -Zary Lete

“The neurological effects, I am such a nerd! Remember that emotion triggers a decision; logic, not so much.” -Margaret Aldrich

“Keep it real. Use a little more humor.” -Kevin Hennessy

“How to create a great environment with clients. Make our meeting more fun. Just trying to motivate staff.” -Mervyn Fried

“I need to work on being intentionally humorous. Having more humor in everyday conversations at work, play and home.” -Lisa Skinner

“No “one best”, the presentation was a solid reminder to find and use humor more often. Incorporate more humor into presentations and social media posts.” -Victoria Panzer

“Embedded humor in Website and marketing materials. Be more strategic with humor.” -Chuck Foster

“It’s okay to find ways to show your humor on your website. I’m going to add humor to my website and social media.” -Mary Gruenberg

“That I can actually develop the skill of using humor intentionally. Practice.” -Glenn Newlin

“Humor sells.” -Larry Ricke

“People perceive those at a higher level instinctively want to pull away. Humor can break this tension, and assist in putting you at the same level. Incorporate more humor into my sales presentation.” -Jeff Chernoff

“Making humor consistent. Put it on my calendar to have humor to start my day every day.” -Shari Sitzmann

“Lighten Up!, I actually didn’t learn it today, I stumbled upon it it when I visualized the “fall from Grace” off the stage! More of the same.” -Douglas Andrewski

“Humor is important.” -Chuck Redstone

“Lighten up! Use humor as much as possible. Use humor more!” -Will Merriken

“Light humor in business is okay.” -R Allan Jensen

“Consistency trumps commitment every time. Work on being strategic with humor in my business and look for humor around me everyday. You guys are doing a great job at consistently providing high level of training. Thank You.” -Robin Washington

“Lighten up! Look for the funny/humor. Great job! Great topic that we can transfer into our day to day attitudes. Thanks guys!” -Mark Miller

“Using Humor to develop trust. Importance of bonding I was surprised by the positive results of humor. It reminded me to practice always being of good humor. I AM PERSONALLY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR POSITIVE INFORMATIVE PERSPECTIVES & SESSIONS.” -Albert Kirchner

“Inject humor in to client meetings. Keep it humorous when talking to clients.” -James Goodacre

“Humor adds value and moves the client along to a favorable decision.” -Douglas Bird