Fast & Furious Sales Ideas with the Living Legends Panel
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Fast & Furious Sales Ideas with 5 Living Living Legends

Broadcasting online AND live in Orlando from NAIFA’s Performance + Purpose Conference!

Get sales ideas from FIVE of our industry’s living legends in ONE session! This fast-paced session will feature these successful producers firing off their hottest sales ideas one after another.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Practice and ask good questions!” -Rick Gurdjian


“Ask more questions…. don’t let fear get in our way of being great. Ask more questions.” -Cara Colvert

“Life insurance that enables you to use the proceeds while you are alive. Practice ‘questions’.” -Albert Kirchner

“Ask Questions. Lead by asking questions.” -Thomas Ehlinger

“You are responsible for asking good and appropriate questions of your clients. Help them help themselves! Ask even more questions, take great notes, and find concepts and solutions that fit their needs and wants!. Keep it up!! Always great to listen to and spur my creative juices.” -Bryan Johnson

“I’d like to get Vans 40 questions. Check out the Life Happens Information.” -Bo McKinney

“Ask the right questions that are appropriate to each individual client. Also, find out from the Underwriter how much LI, each client would be eligible to get!. Always ask the Underwriting dept how much capacity each client is approved to receive.” -Joe Anthes

“Everything presented can be learned with diligence. Revisit my questioning habits.” -Garth Hassell

“The importance of taking an idea I hear from someone and PRACTICE it and then USE it. I am going to adopt ideas, adapt them to my style and personality, practice them and use them.” -Patrick Brough

“Ask questions!!! Practice, practice, practice. Thank you very much for sharing great people and great information!!” -John Mackarey

“Ask lots of questions. Incorporate questions when speaking with people.” -Robin Washington

“You ave 2 ears and one mouth. Use them proportionately. Ask more questions.” -John Brooks

“Ask questions. Get a better list of questions together.” -Gail Dodd

“Probably not important to most but to me explaining the “China Egg” analogy to my team is going to be extremely beneficial. Sometimes “old is gold”: We often forget the old saying which was repeated today “We have 2 ears & 1 mouth -use it in proportion.” Plus asking a friend/acquaintance “Would you be interested in hearing how you can use life insurance while you are still alive?” You folks do a very good job. There was so much great information!” -Carol Drake

“Need to develop the art of asking questions. Ask more questions.” -Stanley Hunter

“Using the story of cv life ins. as an employee and all the benefits that can be derived from it. Practice my questions more!. Keep up the great work! I’m semi retired but staying active in the business.” -David Janson

“Focus on 5 or 6 questions and be passionate. Life Happens information. “We create money where none existed before” Ask more questions and talk to more people… Good session…We need some women on that panel next year!!” -Cheri Stanwix