Converting Suspects to Prospects, and Prospects to Clients

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What You'll Learn

Converting Suspects to Prospects, and Prospects to Clients

Simon used to sit in meetings and try to absorb all the information he heard.. First he’d get confused, then he’d forget, then get intimidated and then get depressed. So, here are some processes he’s come up with to help you convert suspects to prospects, and prospects to clients

What You'll Learn

Key Takeaways

  • How to gain access to new clients
  • How to create a more meaningful 1st meeting
  • How to create strategic alliances with Attorneys/CPAs
  • What to say to get them interested and to take action

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Simon is outstanding and I have had the pleasure of listening to him multiple times. Thanks! Learn how to ask better questions by describing the situation vs. using terms, which may confuse or turn -off people early. Thank you for everything.” -Michael Garrity

“Great questions to ask. Re-tweak my list of questions and practice how i present (or ask) about solutions.” -Mark Kokosko

“Great questions, was very fast. Prepare. Great info packed into this call, glad I have access to a recording.” -Steven Holtz

“The importance of turning statements into questions. Turn statements into questions.” -Patrick Brough

“Be prepared and proactive. Need to be a better “student of the game.” Don’t get overwhelmed but start somewhere. Develop a better introduction of what I do and how I can help. Great speaker knowledge but it was definitely at a breakneck speed. Thanks.” -Dan Carr

“Working with other advisors and how to approach. Hone my questioning. Information on the singer seminars.” -Gail Van Nest

“I learned the ?s to ask and how to use ?s.” -Vicki Tuua

“Reinforced how important it is to ask great questions, actively listen, get the prospect to actively participate and sign off on goals/objectives. Refresh and relearn all the great questions. Thank you! Great session!” -Will Merriken

“Ask Questions. Remember to ask questions.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Letter of Introduction and shock & awe package. Can’t wait to try it. I have added Business Consulting to my Business & Insurance Practice to open new doors to Business & Professional owners through Integrity Business Solutions, LLC, the most Comprehensive & Proprietary Business Consulting firm in the USA! Our mission is to provide the markets we serve the most advanced and sophisticated Cost Mitigation, Recovery, Consulting, Lending and Management platforms available today. We help Business Owners become more profitable and GREAT.” -Robert Lien

“Ask questions!” -Jim Hatlestad

“Good questions to ask. Work with other advisors more.” -Jeff Hochwalt

“Art, Language and tone of questioning. Learn and practice Simon Singers art of questioning. Thank you for putting up such a powerful and valuable learning program.” -Gobind Hemnani

“Facts/Opportunities/Results & Not just identifying the problem and providing solution, but verifying they want to solve the problem before proceeding. Using Samples instead of Proposals. What a time saver! Rethinking approach with other professionals for cross selling.” -Chris McCoy

“The power of proper wording what your service does, not what it’s called. Better prepare for meetings, ask better questions, listen carefully before offering a solution.” -Mark Richards

“Make sure to clarify the clients goals. I’m going to make sure I clarify my clients’ goals!” -Dennis Canfield

“Client sign off on goals, “F.O.R. Method” was great!” -Mark Pernicano

“Ask questions. Ask more questions. Also talk about what products do, not what they are called.” -R Allan Jensen

“That when approaching other professionals for referrals, making sure there is something in it for THEM. Just “helping the client” will not motivate them. Be more mindful of other peoples’ motivations.” -Craig Mohr

“Ask specific questions. Write down a list of questions for interviews going forward.” -Dave Skutnik

“New/ better questions for my question bank. Developing a professional team. Work on my CPA networking.” -Kurt Sieve

“Ask the right questions and script the beginning. Implement what I learned.” -Kevin Hennessy

“Ask questions!” -Alfred Current

“Communication is critical. Communicate Better.” -Craig Jewett

“Always get the client’s goals and objectives. Ask more questions.” -Dennis Dean

“Asking questions again the key factor. More questions.” -Tony Woelfel

“Turning objections into questions. Proactively reach out to more CPA and Attorneys.” -Corina V Vaquera Dlugosz