Create opportunities by understanding real-life retirement & aging challenges

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What You'll Learn

Create opportunities by understanding real-life retirement & aging challenges

Learn about the real challenges retirees will face when it comes to aging, and you’lll learn how and why you’re a critical part of helping people age with confidence and dignity.

What You'll Learn

Key Takeaways

  • Learn Dr. Bob’s famous “5 Ws of Long-Term Care”
  • Find out about the caregiver crisis
  • See stats on long-term care and its costs so you can better position yourself as a solution and not a salesperson


What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“The changing landscape and need for LTC. Be more confident in my discussions on the topic and likely sell more.” -Ken Magaro

“Older parents are cared by older children. The “hidden” costs of family caregivers….decrease earnings, decreased future social security benefits. Open more conversations about aging and the need for planning.” -Patrick Brough

“Thank you. I appreciated this webinar.” -David Day

“Good health and healthy living are good but only delays the need and the need will cost more with the delay. Be more persistent. Thanks.” -James Morton

“AGELESS. Make LTC part of every conversation.” -Dave Skutnik

“How much bigger the issue becomes as people get older. Delay, not prevent. Family impact. Hard to have enough money in retirement.” -Rich Slavin

“Language wow….they are prolonging their health issues. eye opener. Use some of this language. Thanks Dr Bob.” -Shari Sitzmann

“Excellent slides that can help the conversation with clients. Be more aggressive in bringing up the topic.” -John Zimmer

“Some of the data/statistics were presented in a very innovative and useful manner. Going to talk to people who have been resistant to the LTC planning discussion.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Ageless! Exercise every day you eat. Demographic Statistical Shock.” -Edward Bond

“People are starting to understand the risk and seeing the results of not planning!. I’m currently asking nearly everyone, What plans are you making for long term care? Thank you for all you are doing and the wide variety of topic you are bring to us.” -Douglas Bird

“Various statistics on aging and needs for LTC. Tell my healthy clients that being healthy doesn’t prevent illness, it just delays it.” -Roger Sims

“If you are healthy you only delay LT care. Continue to share and educate.” -Fochson Fung

“Taking care of your health only postpones the need for LTC. Keep asking what do they have in place to take care of the possibility of LTC. Keep up with the great speakers that you have.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Health care costs will be higher for healthy aging people. Discuss the fact that Medicare and Medigap DO NOT PAY for LTC! As well as sharing the cost to family in immediate and deferred costs. Great talk! Love the AGELESS acronym and holistic approach. How does having family caregivers impact how a long term care contract will pay?” -William Pollak

“Statistics. Download that presentation and use key numbers from it”

“Reminder of the magnitude of a long-term care crisis. Be more confident in LTC discussions.”

“That we need to plan for long term care services in our retirement. Bring Long term care planning into the conversation. Very informative speaker!” -Robert Lien

“Wow the % of individuals who will need LTC if they live long enough. Share openly about the need for adequate planning for LTC. I am a retirement planning with Fairway IMC sitting in on sessions to expand my understanding of issues seniors face. Thank you!” -Verna Fischer

“Stats. Keep the focus on ltc.” -Frederick Saide