The Secret to Taking [Long-Term] Care of Your Clients

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SPOILER: The secret is that you can get the government to pay for Long-Term Care insurance for business owners and selected employees.

If you or your clients are small business owners, it’s important to know one thing: that both traditional LTCi and certain Hybrid Life premiums may be a first dollar tax deduction for nearly all profitable businesses. Marc Glickman, Actuary, LTCi expert, and CEO of BuddyIns will share the strategies that top LTCi specialists are using for their business-owning clients to help them protect and prepare their family for future long term care events by implementing before year-end can help save money in today’s market.


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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Use a partner with LTC expertise. Do extra LTC Prospecting. Great program & Q & A today.” -Robert Snyder

“Reinforcement of the CLTC Master Class material that I just completed … I am delighted to see that Marc (BuddyIns) can work with me along with my IMO as I move into a more focused effort at seeing prospect and clients re: LTCi. Complete CLTC designee training / exam, and contact Marc to understand further how Buddyins can really help me significantly “ramp-up” my LTCi business. Keep up your good work, as these presentations are ALWAYS informative and helpful.” – Anonymous

“Proposal System. Maybe use the proposal system that was shown. Keep up the great speakers.” -James Goodacre

“The importance of the order in presenting to clients and showing the break even point. Revamp my presentation. Not ready to work with Marc right now, but I will keep his contact information handy. I would like to receive the information he said he would forward to you. Thanks so much for the great programing you provide. I am most grateful.” -BJ Cottrell

“LTC is important.” -Manuel Esparza

“The tax deductibility strategies. More open discussion.” -Steven Block

“Tax deductibility options in more detail.” -Gerard Goulet

“How to present long-term care to clients.” – Anonymous

“Unique software to compare benefits to premium and the ratio idea. Talk more about benefit amounts, not premium. ”  – Anonymous

“Options available and tax advantages. Look for help if needed.” -Tony Woelfel

“Tax aspects of premium for LTC.” -Barry Moore

“Questions are good reminders. Emotional connection. Already doing most of this.” -Rich Slavin

“Be more flexible. Visit with my IMO to see what is available . Been using OneAmerica.” -Doug McMurry

“Filled up a page with great notes from this presentation. Press harder for LTCi in the presentation proposals I send out. I mention it now; will emphasize it in the future. I was out of the LTCi business for some years, just earned the LTCi renewal certificate, and am wish to re-establish in this product. The tax aspects are impressive. Comparing ultimate benefits vs. monthly premiums is an oldie but a goodie.” Roger G. Bensman, CLU, ChFC 281

“Love the software and business owner information. Scheduled a call with Marc already to get more information. Great job-love your guests and that they get into the details of what we need to hear.” – Anonymous

“Additional LTCI options which I doubt I’ll be using, but look forward to Mark’s responses. Good refresher as I’m dealing with a case for an AA pilot, who may have a job, or not. Look forward to Mark’s re demographics, my LTCI history, etc.” -Roger Relfe

“Portfolio Approach. Talk more Long term Care. Keep it going.” -John Zimmer

“No matter the business structure, there is a tax deduction. Also, the software Marc has available. Be more educated regarding LTC as I have included this more in my practice. Awesome presentation!.” -Roberto Corral

“How to stage presentation. Be more open to different options like STC. ” -Michelle Sweeney


“Business owner sales. Will get back to view recording” – Anonymous

“New potential carriers -most all of it was a refresher. What is the split to be able to use Marc’s software?” – Anonymous

“Value of BuddyIns tool. Try to access the above tool.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Tax deduction comparison between c corp, s corp and individual. Present more LTC. Thank you.” -Joseph Aragona

“I am a one armed paper hanger! There are so many opportunities. Now, I need to figure how to get more hours in my day!” – Anonymous

“Present Total Benefit & Monthly Cost; The detailed explanation of the tax Benefits. Start Calling on clients & bring up LTC.” -George E Jones III

“Uniquely Intuitive Software. Call Marc.” -Edward N. Bond Jr. CFP

“Tax information. Partner with an expert. Liked Jim’s suggestion about having door openers ready. Any resources on door openers for other lines of business?” -Timothy Smith

“Some good opening questions to get conversation started. Comparison to self funding. Utilize some of these questions. Be more open to Traditional LTC. Need to figure out a way to shorten meetings somewhat.” -John Brooks

“The tool is awesome. Add this to my practice in the near future.” -Jose De Jesus Rodriguez Jr.