The Value of Versatility with Van Mueller

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there is more than one way to make a sale. If Van Mueller can reach his 30th year at the Top of the Table during a pandemic, why can’t you? Diversify your offering with life insurance and using cash value to your clients’ advantage, and learn how to get appointments even now. Being versatile enough to make that sale across any platform and having versatile offerings shows your clients that you know how to control the situation instead of being controlled.

What Van will cover, in his own words:

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?


“What would happen if you weren’t here to invest the money for your family? Be more proactive. Tell Van he’s Aces!” -Paul Hansen

“Engage & inspire people to take action. Ask questions and more questions. Tell existing clients I appreciate their business and ask them if there are other ways I can help them.” -David Oldenburg

“Approach a situation thinking about what it is that I would want to hear from someone that would inspire me to want to take action. To go and TRY the things I continue to learn about.” -DAVID BABULIC

“We all would rather be alone watching Netflix, than being beaten up every day, trying to convince people to do what they SHOULD be doing any way!!! I liked the live video in your conference room!!!” -James Van Ham

“Questions to ask -Rockefeller strategy.” -Anonymous

“Only (4-pages) of Notes today. We need to “Inspire people to take action.” Another great quote, “Be in control vs Being Controlled.” Finally, I’m looking forward to reviewing the (40) Questions and writing down my favorite (8) by showing folks the doc as “I Ask the Questions.”See Notes Above. Keep setting up & scheduling the great monthly Speakers.” -Anonymous

“How to better use questions. Use some of Van’s questions and techniques.” -Glenn Newlin

“Too much!. Practice my craft, learn Van’s questions and the US debt clock, look at his newsletter, and I like the SPIA/SPWL combo for those that have CD money sitting in the bank. Great webinar… always!” -Roberto Corral

“Ask Questions! Ask Questions!” -Gurdayal Singh

“Don’t use ‘Free’, instead use ‘at my expense’. Keep on practicing asking great questions. Great presentation.” -Rodney Trottman

“The Questioning approach. Questions.” -Joseph Aragona

“Be more proactive in asking people about building a guaranteed income in their portfolio. Have a conversation and ask questions to every client and prospect about using insurance and annuities to build tax-free and guaranteed income.” -Anonymous

“Lots,Be Referrable, Have agenda, Stealth tax(inflation), Practice the questions. Ask questions more, and practice them. Love Van, He was guest presenter at my first Naifa meeting I ever went to (in Duluth) back in 96 or so. Been President of local and Lilli member, because of people like him, and Jim and Tom Hegna, and what you all do. Thanks.” -Tom Eng

“Have an agenda for meetings and have list of questions so can control meeting and make it about them. Focus more on efficiency and hold myself more accountable to actual number of meetings per day/week. When to talk? Would like to learn more and specifically how to market better than I do now.” -Anonymous

“We always have something to help people…. Talk to more people.” -Richard Orred

“Need to ask more questions. Ask more questions..practice, practice, practice.” -John Mackarey

“Use questions instead of selling. Been using virtual selling now for 20 years and will be making stronger use of question-based marketing. Any special suggestions for me? I’m 84 years of age, still in life/health insurance practice, have no plans for closing up shop, having too much enjoyment; but, occasionally wonder how long in the future I should be making long range plans in my business. Single producer agency with one assistant. As to question 7, I would like to be contacted about my answer. Roger G. Bensman, CLU, ChFC 281

“Go to Van’s website, get his questions and practice 8-10 of them and create a script! Call more of my clients! Thank you for keeping us primed and ready for action. The World needs us so badly and doesn’t realize it!” -Anonymous

“To keep asking questions” -Anonymous

“Ask questions! Ask way more questions!” -Joshua Sirek

“Questions. More questions.” -Bruce Murphy

“Questions are the key. Talk less, ask more questions.” -Brian Keane

“Practice, Practice, Pratice! New questions around the debt clock.” -David Kikoen

“Sources of info, consensus of opinions, not necessary to run illustrations to place products, and more—much more. Follow information and suggestions from today. Fabulous presentation today!!” -Sarah Kerr

“How such innocuous and nonthreatening questions can engage people. Try to do some of the above.” -Randall Reichenbach

“You can approach and talk to anyone by asking them questions about how they feel about what’s going on in our country and our world right now. Study Van’s 40 questions, practice them and use them!.” -Patrick Brough

“List of questions. Ask more and recognize small steps can be a big help.” -Rich Slavin

“It’s not about me. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. Ask more questions.” -David Bridges

“Get the 4-5 questions that will be the best for your style to get your people to talk to you about their issues… Get those 4” -Anonymous

“Defining my market and starting list of questions to ask. Structuring the time frames I will be we involved with clients.” -Robert Priganc

“Van’s use of questions. Ask more targeted questions.” -William Franklin

“Keep going, don’t stop. I am doing this now.” -Robert Rifkin

“Answer to my question about financial planning software. Ask more & better questions. You are doing a great job; awesome program today!.” -Robert Snyder

“Keep the questions going in reference to helping and being of service to the folks. This was an affirmation of what we’ve been taught by Van and Jim over the years. Keep working on refinement and getting better. Good morning pick me up. :)” -Doug McMurry

“Simple marketing ideas that we can use now. More structure leads to more referrals which leads to being more referable.” -Donald N Pacheco Jr

“Van’s questions. Rephrase my questions to client/prospects. Great job, guys!” – Anonymous

“Resources. More questions. Will try to get my data base ready for the premier membership again.” -Bert Hermelink

“Ask Lots of Questions. Ask more questions.” -Will Merriken

“I learned a lot around the questions that Van. Working on developing stronger processes.” -Haile Lytton

“Ask more questions.” -Coby Harper

“Van’s creative questions to ask prospects or clients.” -Zee Glavan