Global Glance: Global Markets and Opportunities

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Annuities, Life insurance, pay the tax now, LTC, combo plans. In other words what I have been doing.”

“Emphasize Value proposition. Update speaking points.” -Timothy Smith

“The slides that Ryan shared. Talk to my clients more about tax planning.” -Lewis Linkugel

“I got to be more involved. Continue to do what I am doing.” -Jose Rodriguez

“Bear markets don’t hurt as much as what you do during that bear market. Bear markets are usually short but feel long. I’m calling clients. Love Real Wealth, someday I might be more independent and use your service. Cairns” -Dan Cairns

“The breadth of Russell’s offerings.” -R Allan Jensen

“I really don’t do investments. Because of the compliance issues I gave up my broker dealer business.” -Joseph Aragona

“The value can be proven mathematically by calculating the values saved in the six categories. Again, try & direct more clients towards Roth IRA’s with the oncoming Tax Freight Train! As always, a great insightful presentation with value to be shared with my clients, that will improve their Financial Navigation of today’s marketplace.” -Joe Anthes

“Slide decks were great today, great talking points on markets and advisor value.” -Thomas Brophy

“3 things for 2020 ( Pandemic, Protests, & the Election) indicators /impacting News. Make calls.” -Thomas W (Henry)McFadden

“Market updates in a different light A, B C P T.” -Tony Woelfel

“Buy and hold -don’t try to time the market.” – Zakutny

“Reinforcement of tax-managed and clarity on how to describe my value proposition. I am going to develop a plan with these numbers to share with people about my value. Great job” – Anonymous

“The value of advice. Impress upon clients the value of tax managed investing.” -David Bruno

“You can have peace of mind with today’s market and virus situation.Appreciate being able to tune in. My associate runs the business and I’ll share with him my thoughts from today.” -Robert Priganc

“Focus on long term. Be even bolder in communicating my value to clients. Keep up the great work!” -Steven Daniel

2020 has been a record year so far, in more ways than one. Please join Russell Investments’ Mark Eibel and Ryan Dooyema as Mark shares his knowledge and perspective on the current financial markets and changing investment opportunities by contextualizing recent market events against the backdrop of long-term investment objectives. Ryan will cover how to increase your value as an advisor and both will answer your questions in hopes to boost your confidence with today’s market environment.