What Does the PPP Mean for Me?

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The Small Business Association and the Paycheck Protection Program have come onto the pandemic scene with loans that can help small businesses pay their employees.  As potential advisors to small business owners, or small business owners yourselves, join CPA Neil Narveson and the CEO and Founder of Acuity Mortgage Brian Wickert as they explore the rules, application process, what it takes to qualify, and all of the other details getting lost in the shuffle on this Power Session!

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“Mortgage info showed me that I need a reliable and professional mortgage broker.” -Roberto Corral

“The mortgage market today. Talk to my clients about building liquidity.” -Daniel Altmire

“PPP info was outstanding.” -Fredia Hawthorne

“A much better understanding of PPP. Make certain to get the PPP Forgiveness data in within 8 weeks. Great meeting.” -Jim Metzler

“Loan info was valuable.” -Roger Lintner

“Deadline of 06/30/2020. Try to help educate Business Owners. Good update information.” -Robert Lien

“The rules and how to apply for loan made for an awesome presentation.” -Norma Aros Holmes

“Thanks Neil. So down to earth. Pragmatic and solid.” -Edward N. Bond Jr. CFP

“Have to apply for PPP loan before you wait to file your 2019 taxes.” -Joseph Aragona

“My clients can use the mortgage advice. Include mortgage as a topic to discuss. Thanks for what you do!” -Elie Aharon

“How the realtor promotes Equity loans to clients. Broader knowledge in the industry helps me more confidence in my profession.” -Tsuneko Nakatani

“Great info on bank loans and the PPP.” -Gail Dodd

“Current mortgage trends. Another fantastic resource webinar today…you guys are great!” -Spencer Woolley

“Advise clients to check out refinance possibilities. At age 85, I am not doing much business anymore so far as acquiring new clients. If I were still active it’s a great program for educational value.” -Bill Brantley

“Referral to sba.gov website. Look more closely at reverse mortgage for consumers. Awesome!” – Snyder

“Mortgage information. Connect w/ Clients Review High Equity Clients ($1M) w/ a Realtor & Mortgage Broker.” – Michael Garrity

“The changes in the mortgage industry and the current state of the PPP.” -Jamille Shands

“Some of the PPP information. Become more technologically efficient.” -Jose Cerda

“PPP Loan info. More online meetings.” -Steven Sahagian

“How to get my PPP!” -Steven Holtz

“PPP vs EIDL.” -Tammy Douthit

“PPP Loan Info.” -K. Jones

“Mortgage market has many problems.” -Thomas Brophy

“More clarification on PPP. I am talking to more people about reverse mortgages and helping clients with cash flow. I am not sure I would be able to do the quantity I need to do but want the information in case I have other business contacts I could share it with. Would be a great giveaway for companies that do events for later in the year!  Thanks for all your time and the great information you share.” -Robin Edgar

“Lots about PPP forgiveness.” -Richard Gurdjian

“Not all business expenses are forgiven on the PPP Loan like stamps from the post office. Remind the business clients they can still apply for the PPP Program since 100 Billion is still available we think. Keep up the great webinars you do for us NAIFA members it really adds value to being a NAIFA with 50yrs of membership.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Additional Information on the PPP forgiveness process.” -Peter Miles

“PPP loans are not dependent on Covid 19.” -Judith Shonnard