Pandemic Panel: What Now? with Dr. Michael Finke, Tom Hegna, Van Mueller, and John Wheeler

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“This is a time of great opportunity. Plan and ask questions!. Contact more people every day. I am so grateful for the great webinars you provide. Thank you!!!” -Barbara Cottrell

“Buy income and invest the difference. So well said. I’m going to use buy income and invest the difference as well as I have no equal when it comes to protecting your money. Great session. Thanks, look forward to next month.” -Ellen Tillman

“This is a great time to sell life insurance! Learn how to use the internet more effectively.” -Dale Whiting

“Dead people don’t complain. 🙂 The key to success is access to money! Learn to ask lots of good questions of the client. Ask more/better questions. Look to use Life and guaranteed income for essential needs and increase my recommendation for emergency savings from 3 mo. to 6 mo.” -John Woodward

“Taxes are going up. Will ask more questions.” -Dumitru Popovici

“There are opportunities in what seem to be trying times. Talk to people about securing income in retirement.” -Randall Reichenbach

“I liked “Buy income and invest the difference.”Answer more questions.” -Tim Hutchinson

“That these Pros know how to get the message across better than I do. Talk about what annuities and life can do for them in the future.” -John Davis

“Make more call s and practice the questions. Keep them coming!” -David Parker

“Call ALL clients! Contact all my clients.” -Mark Havig

“Van Mueller’s discussed of action inspiring questions. Consider 401K rollovers in light of many people changing jobs at this time.” -Ken Magaro

“Capture the Gain. Protect. Smile. ” – Anonymous

“Don’t hide from your clients. Contact them. Van’s question about knowing what you know now, after the past 90 days, would you want to put yourself or a loved one into a nursing home.” -Geoffrey Wright

“I’m doing a lot of things right. I need to do more calls at this time while locked down. I’m getting older but I can still advise. How can I use tools to work for me while I’m still able to.” -Robert Priganc

“It was a GREAT reminder that what we do with life & annuities is the competition. Ask more questions.” -Steven Carlson

“Positive towards cash value life insurance. Be more assertive of how I can help my clients.” -Dan McGivern

“Reviewing the positive impact of information and questions to share with each client to hopefully make them feel you are looking out for them. ASK QUESTIONS!!” -Richard Linsday

“Opportunity to help folks has never been higher.” -Steven Ford

“There are storms in the future -taxes, pandemics, market crashes,  defaults” – Anonymous

“Language. Ask certain questions.” -Shanan Boyd

“How we should be staying in touch with our clients!! Utilizing many techniques learned today to touch base with my clients.” -Mark LaViola

“Yelling I’m selling & crying I’m buying” -Anonymous

“Learned I have a lot to learn. Ask better questions. Teach me. How do I reach you?” -HOWARD FARKASH

“Be there for your clients at these challenging times and help them financially. Ask the right questions like Van does.” -Zee Glavan

“We represent financial stability in a world which craves stability, and I can be a strong calming force to my clients and prospects. My primary purpose is really to conserve wealth and to protect my clients vision. Be really confidently present in the lives of my clientele so I can bring happiness and stabilizing competence to them. Use professional referrals, your wonderful offerings, and your Real Wealth posse, Angela…haha. Great Show. Loved it. Be Well…” -Edward N. Bond Jr. CFP

“There are reasons they are considered legends in our field -their knowledge and ability to share it. Communicate more with clients.” – Anonymous

“Van’s Great Questions and John’s key points on getting & staying in front of your Clients & Prospects made for a great Virtual Presentation. Excellent programs.” -Michael Garrity

“Plan for uncertainty. Using the third party to increase the client’s trust.” -Corina Chou

“Too many to choose just one. The importance of non-correlated assets. The importance of mitigating future taxes to the extent possible. Importance of buying income and investing the difference. Transfer as much risk as you can be it taxes, income, LTC, etc. Educate clients more as to the importance of the items listed above. Speak with them about transferring as much of the various risks as they can so when the next crisis comes they are better prepared.” – Anonymous

“Take advantage in low interest rate environment. Reach out to clients.” -Sue Tam

“Increase my Confidence not only in Life Insurance, Reverse Mortgages, etc, but also towards the ultimate direction of Income Taxation. I discuss this daily with my Clients.” -Gary Wolfe

“I can’t pinpoint one thing because it was all good material. Talk to my IRA clients about Roth Conversions and Discuss permanent insurance more. Q7 above; I need to get clarification from my B/D.” -Raymond Sternberg

“Continue to share the certainty of the products we sell. Make sure I am contacting clients often, to thank and encourage them. Need the details for the Premier membership.” -James Linenger

“Go back to basics and that I have been good reaching out to all clients. Make sure I ask questions of the client before he or she asks me questions. Good job.” -Robert Rifkin

“Security in bad times. Talk more about life ins as asset.” -Fred Feinberg

“As I already knew, there is nothing more important than whole life insurance.” -Diane Marcus

“Remember to share we offer guarantees. Work on setting up a webcam.” -David Ion

“Van. How to have COVID conversation about how to avoid nursing home.” -Raymond Shimizu

“Roth Conversions. Ask more questions. Excellent. I always get great value out of your seminars, and would love to be a member. I just have to discuss the structure of my business, and what changes can be made to increase revenues. Would love to have someone contact me.” -Stanley Hunter

“Good refresher from Van & Tom. Continue to study Van & Tom.” -David Babulic

“Realizing that all the other avenues of supposed guarantee or better returns have fallen away over the past 3 months & our products are the real safe haven for our clients. Proactively reach out to my clients & restart conversations about permanent coverage.” -David Eisenberger

“Reminded me how valuable and versatile life insurance really is. Work in progress. Thanks for another great webinar.” -Jeff Reilly

“Reminded about the guarantees of our products and peace of mind. Call my clients. Catch up with them and ask how I can help them. Great information. Thank you!” -Joseph Swiderski

“Selling concepts around the current environment. Try to engaged from a total protection perspective.” -John Beville

“Questions from Van for clients. COVID email. What is PPP? Could we hear again from Corey the D.I. Advisor?” -First Name Snyder

“Phrasing. Use some of the phrasing.” -Frederick (Fred) Saide

“More value to the CSV life insurance. Use some of Van’s language! Nice job on this webinar…timely and GREAT speakers!.” -Shari Sitzmann

“Not enough space to add everything. I took notes. I would like to listen to the recording. Please send me the recording of today’s session.” -Javier Perez

“The alignment with my thinking about Roth IRA conversions, future tax rates, and Long Term Care planning. Adapt some type of questioning about “What if there was a …?” I do want to grow my business. Great job coming together like this!” -Kathleen Flynn

“My best take away was the client questioning. Make more client calls to inquire about “how they are doing, do they have any concerns that I can address with them?” -Ray Lighthart

“The urgency of doing more IRA to ROTH Conversions for those who’s income may be down temporarily. To look at this situation more as an opportunity and not as just something to be managed through.” -Larry Weatherford

“I am on top of my Career and understand that I am with the right people at the right time and the right place. I am proactive getting all my Contracts in place, Signed up to Real Wealth Marketing Membership. Listen I am busy. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.” -Jose Rodriguez Jr.

“The uncertainty folks who have not been smart enough to employ us will cope going forward. Continue to call clients and past prospects from College Workshops, etc. A very uplifting hour and a half, with 2 guys I know personally and excellent input throughout.” -Roger Relfe

“Be there for your clients. Be there for my clients.” -Timothy Smith

“Being proactive vs. reactive. I am not sure yet. I subscribe to Van and I work with John, some of the concepts I have heard before. I would like to rewatch and review so that I can process everything.” -Kevin Clingan

“Connect with clients. Be more active to reach out to clients and peers. Thank you and the Team taking the time to share your ideas.” -Lang Eng

“Some good power phrases to use When discussing / reviewing ones plan (s). Continue to follow our accounts, on a more often schedule.” -Bob Joki

“Potential for future tax hikes. Spend more time on tax implications in the future.” -Michael Mire

“This was a phenomenal session! Loved Van Mueller’s questions for clients in particular. Continue reaching out to current clients to check in, and also follow up about potential rollovers if they are changing jobs, etc. Thanks for all the great info-these guys really know their stuff!” – Anonymous

“Are you a stock or a bond analogy. I have to take some time to digest what was discussed before I can answer this.” -Leroy Kawai

“Language, importance of reaching out. More calls to clients. Great session!” -Jessie Washington

“Timing. Positive and proactive.” -Gregory Ahrendt

“Each of the presenter’s had great information that I can use immediately. Call everyone of my clients just to check in. Excellent job today.” -Dick Jacobs

“LI and Annuities are uncorrelated assets that need to be added to a portfolio. Ask more questions.” -Calib Donnell

“Key phrases that they spit out and this worthy of incorporating. Language/terms is key.” -Mark Rogers

“That the conversation about guarantees do matter when the world collapses…
and cash value life insurance is cash is king when liquidity is an issue… Getting more forceful about retorts from brokers who tell their clients they will never be broke…
I want now to see that in print and what it looks like from the broker…otherwise its all smoke and mirrors as the broker is not going to write him a check the yr his income is down and the client cannot make up his losses in income… Can we get a copy of Van Muellers 4 questions to a client about money??!!” -Jay Miller

“Clients need me. Ask more questions.” -Nicolas Lenz

“Contact clients. Ask more questions.” -Bruce Murphy

“Buy income and invest the rest. In times of uncertainty, people seek certainty. Contact all my clients.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Keep communication going.Questions to ask. Value of cash value/guaranteed products. Review cash options for emergency funds.” -Marla Norton

“Questions provided. More questions. Keep the great speakers showing up…..I will have to look at how I can provide support…” -Edward Sanders

“Thank you for another great webinar.” -Thomas Brophy

“That my own fear of the pandemic is hampering the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of my clients and prospects. I am in control of this and it will change as a result of today’s meeting! Get back to prospecting the way I had before this situation came up. Buy more insurance protection in my personal life, and be enthusiastic with everyone about how much I can help people in these uncertain times!” -Mike Weaver

“I have to learn the Van Mueller questions better! Practice, practice, practice!” -Elie Aharon

“Cash value life insurance is best protector. Talk more life insurance.” -Rhonda Paluck