BONUS Q & A with Curtis Cloke: Navigating retirement fears in a world of uncertainty

After our Power Session with Curtis Cloke on the reality of the recent market crash from this Black Swan Pandemic, we decided to host a BONUS Q & A Session to answer any lingering questions you may have!

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“My training confirmed. Status Quo as before. Keep on top of being there for folks. Now intend to follow up with folks who did not sign up with my College Funding program and looking at virtual Workshops!!” -Roger Relfe

“Learn about the volatility buffer and about different annuities.” -Roberto Corral

“About really dialing in on retirement planning.” -Joseph Swiderski

“Everything! Talk about guaranteed income. Appreciate your instruction!” -Stan Fortier

“The 3 things to bring to an appointment. Use the 3 things to bring to an appointment.” -Greg Nelson

“Statutory reserve and insured obligation based on present value. Buying income vs withdrawals for income. Reinforced what I do is use insurance options and still have assets in managed money for growth. Communicate differently with clients about their situation.” -David Oldenburg

“I can sleep now at night knowing someone already did the work to create this system. I’ve been doing research on this for a long time and now I got it. Very cool. TRUST NAIFA code of ethic and anyone associated for the best practice of my career lifetime development.” -Jose Rodriguez

“Bless your Hearts…” -Edward N. Bond Jr. CFP

“Tools for review and adding changes. Great session going to check out more from Thrive.” -Thomas Brophy

“Explanation of why now not later. Better language.” -Kim K. Colby

“Danger Zone Risks. Be more confident on annuities role. Lets talk.” -Daniel Altmire

“On the first one great stuff. ” -Julie Ann Hepburn

“That I need to leave this discussion to final planners!” -Fred Feinberg

“Language and software tools. Get out and help people with income plans.” -Nicolas Lenz

“Reminder that a blended solution is best.” -Chuck Foster

“How to simplify the initial discussion. First appointment, minimal on the client’s side.” -Gina Mills

“The software. Be more comprehensive.” -Michael Kolacz

“That dynamic testing is the only way to get great positioning of client money for a secure retirement.” -Elie Aharon

“Thank you.” -Jane Eddy

“The software seems valuable. Be a better prospector.” -Mark Pernicano

“Too many to count whenever I listen to Curtis. Of course, his #1 topic or program is his Software & his promise to help you, even if you choose not to buy the software & ask him & his back office to provide the service instead. Buy his Thrive University Online program and look forward to attending the (2021) Philadelphia Live class in the near future. As usual, an Outstanding presentation. I keep inviting my NAIFA-Maryland friends to join this program especially since it is FREE w/ their NAIFA Membership.” – Anonymous

“Conscious competence meaning.” -First Name Snyder

“Retirement risks. Would like to get a copy of the derailment booklet.” -Charles Hamilton

“Dynamic testing available with Thrive software.” -Ken Magaro

“Value of layered vehicles over time.” -Randy Mader

“Illustrations and the retirement optimization plan.” -Zee Glavan

“We enjoyed the beginning part of the presentation the best. Explain the guarantee/safety features of annuities in a new way.” -Douglas Thompson