Navigating retirement fears in a world of uncertainty

Economist Wade Pfau and Curtis Cloke join Power Session to review real retirees current case studies and reactions to the 2020 crash. On this webinar, Curtis and Wade explore core competencies that can provide an ‘all-weather’ retirement roadmap for current and future market conditions, in addition to helping you learn how providing retirement advice based on these new market conditions with near 0% interest rates can reveal different potential strategies, and most of all, discover how to turn this pandemic into more sales and referrals.

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“Much of the presentations I have seen before but, like Jim, I must be a slow learner. The Q & A session was very illuminating. Call people.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Loved lots of things! My favorite were probably using the terminology of “Promise” -Based vs. Risk

“Timeliness. Continue what I’ve been doing.” -John Wheeler

“I need to become securities licensed. Learn more.” -Alfred Current

“Reinforced that promise -based assets create higher retirement income in a safe way. More confidence. Working on integrating ideas better. Great content.”

“Buffer Assets. Stick with the 4 L’s.” -Doug McMurry

“Learned better how to communicate that 4% rule doesn’t work anymore.” -Bob Sink

“I learnt that I have a long learning curve (I was able to relate only 50% of the material/concepts that were presented by Chris. I need to read and do deep advanced courses to be able to follow with all that was being presented. I will re-listen to the webinar and make notes to get some clarity or direction.”

“I need to attend either the upcoming Thrive U or RW Symposium – or both.”

“The importance of starting planning as early as possible. Reach out to people at a younger age than before. Great content!” -Alan Farley

“That I’m doing the right things for my clients and the more I learn from both of these men the better I will be at communicating with them. Just keep educating myself with these guys. I already signed up with Thrive.” -Ray Burns

“Always get the facts before you give advice. I have already been to 2 of Curtis’ training sessions. One in Iowa and the other at OHare and looks like I need another 4 or 5 meetings with him.” -Richard Lazarski

“All the resources Curtis makes available to us… I can make myself into a “rainmaker” and hand off cases or do joint work with his back office. Amazing!. Prospect prospect prospect. Learn what the minimum assets required is, and watch for prospects as I persue other things. Thanks, this business is getting more fun that I ever imagined!.” -Elie Aharon

“It was interesting to me that his client started securing retirement income 9 years in advance. I will focus on trying to set this up with my future clients.” -Sandra Bailey

“Overview of retirement Income.” -Bill Corley

“Use the Bucket & Ken Fisher is being quiet now!. Make calls to client’s & ask the question do you want some of your Portfolio Guaranteed?” -Thomas McFadden

“Continued reinforcement of the power of actuarial science in planning for retirement income; not simply using the market for that income. May evaluate software usage.” -Robert Walker

“More information on the software and system. More confidence in rethinking my ability to start charging an annual fee and give the clients this information that they really need. Thanks for your leadership in helping our community to be more informed and educated. What you guys do is very important. I want to learn more about the reverse mortgages and I need to try and clear my schedule for Curtis Thrive University. What was the monthly cost for the software I did not hear that? Also how are you using this software vs the RPS software?” -Robin Edgar

“The power of DIAs and SPIAs. Push more buffer assets and SPIAs/DIAs where appropriate. Emphasize their power.” -Sarah Mosley

“So many ideas..Hybrid Bucket could be best. Need to call more people and share ideas. Great session..enjoyed and grateful for the information
no better way to spend lunch!.” -John Mackarey

“Income you can’t outlive. Get fired up!. Rock n roll! Happy Good Friday!.” -Randy Mader

“We are in the Right Business at the Right Time. I’m not going to Disneyland Angela” -see ya on the 23rd. Awesome.
2! Preeminent, Peerless, Credentialed Great Guys, Wade and Curtis, Educating advisors while scientifically Legitimizing our Profession! Jim, though a Prisoner, delivered masterfully from his legion, pragmatic, substantial Real World Client Experience. Angela, my SuperPal, without your Unique Creative and Precision, Production Performance skills, these guys
would be on a conference call fighting for airtime! HaHaHa! Thank You” – Ed Bond

“Some good lingo. I think both needed more time to expand on ideas so would’ve been better separate. Wish you had Canadian content. LOL. Always the same. Thanks for your great work.” -Julie Kranitz

“How impactful the planning is. It not just about products, it’s about peace of mind and giving folks that in these crazy times. Promised Income vs. Risk Income.” -Brian Lacey

“Confirming I’m on the right track in what I am recommending to my clients.” -Geoffrey Wright

“The 4 L language was good stuff… I may become a user of Thrive software.” -Adam Solano

“I liked the whole life model with Cloke’s software.” -R Allan Jensen

“SPIAs are still a viable option in this low interest rate environment. Rethink my income planning for clients.” -David Henderson

“Tell stories….people generally understand numbers, pictures and graphs, but they REALLY relate to humanized stories such as Curtis’ rendition of Hegna’s “road trip to Death Valley” when describing the concept of “the utility of joy” in retirement planning. Personally, I’m still visualizing the conversation of the 4 people in the SUV, with no A/C , low on gas and the windows open in Death Valley and all the opinions as to how to conserve fuel! My favorite four words are……What could go wrong? Ask better questions!. The subject matter was spot on, but Curtis and Wade (at times) went down a couple of “rabbit holes” that I couldn’t quite follow and left me a little confused with some of the subject matter.” -Alex Shibicky

“Too complicated for my client base, but obviously excellent for the wealthy. Moving to trying Virtual Zoom College Planning Webinars but follow up using Messenger where prospect facts established, hence check marks below. Feeling a little(largely) overwhelmed and having to rationalize. However, good contact with happy clients and some referrals who cannot meet even though they want to proceed. Not prepared to go virtual with client NPI: still use faxes which tend not to be hacked!!.” -Roger Relfe

“It confirmed that I am doing planning correctly. I need to expand further on what I am doing. Listen more and talk less. Provide more value to clients and prospects.” -David Oldenburg

“That even though there are tons of opinions about what to do for retirement, there are ways to get the best results using all tools avaiable. Look closely at the tools available and the trainning from Curtis Cloke.” -Roscoe Orton

“How the 4% rule is changing due to markets.” -Richard Cross

“How SPIA’s & DIA’s can help provide additional retirement income. Evaluate with clients SPIA’s & DIA’s and promised based income vs risk” -based income. I’m not familiar with Dr. Pfau’s 4

“It’s good to be an agnostic when it comes to retirement income planning. Redouble my efforts to stay in touch with my clients through this ordeal. Keep these events coming!.” -Jeff Layne CLU ChFC LUTCF

“Great reminder of retirement income planning. Signed up for Thrive University! This was a great presentation filled with valuable information.” -James Christian

“Not to hesitate to contact clients in this environment!. Call clients after sending them Real Wealth emails.” -Sarah Kerr

“Now is the time to get out there and secure peoples retirement income as they are approaching retirement distribution years. Brush up my retirement planning process and may consider the resources you had on today.” -Richard Price

“Knowledge and the Best use of it. Share the Wisdom of Curtis and Dr. Wade. And , as always, that of Jim, and not to forget Angela and All she does. Symposium very possible.” -Robert Van Slyke

“Medicare part B tiering considerations. Finish my RICP.” -Shawn Copeland

“Too many to name one. Adopt Curtis and Wades best practices. Great and informative webinars!” -Greg Kuzmits

“The 4 L’s of Retirement. Get the message out to our pre” -retirement clients.

“WE R VERY VALUABLE. Review QLAC & annuity options 4 clients.” -Alfred Opas

“Curtis’ system. Attend Curtis’ workshop. Will there be follow” -up info on signing up for Curtis’ programs?

“Wouldn’t it be great if “all” the software out there could do what Thrive U can do??? Try to decide on Fee Based, or stay commission model.” -James Van Ham

“Trust and Cooperation, Empathy and Perspective. More consideration of clients fears and how real they are. Angela, Thanks for putting this event together. It was some great information.” -Richard Coffin

“Priorities. Revisit software options. Keep those cards and letters coming!” -Steve Gonzales

“That there is software available to potential do everything I do with a spreadsheet and calculator. Learn more about Curtis and his practice.” -Kevin Skaltsis

“Best time to do planning. Get in front of more quailed prospects.” -David Janson

“Roth Conversions. Just get going on conversions. Thank you for the invitation.” -Robert Stoltman

“The Buffer Assets and how to use them after retirement. That was easy and great!!. Keep learning to be as good as these presenters. I AM HOPING TO JOIN THE ADVISOR SYMPOSIUM, JUST HAVE TO LOOK AT BUDGET FIRST. THANKS SO MUCH!!.” -Jacqueline Lugar

“Just started RICP class and lots to learn.” -Wes Casaus

“Not doing enough testing of plans. Seek resources to mitigate the above. This was a terrific session. I would like to share a replay with my advisers if possible.” -Thomas Brophy

“The importance of enhancing expertise. Use more specialists. I’d personally like to change rolls and interview Jim. He’s had the most insights while hosting this program for many years.” -Frank Lojewski

“Great Presentation and overwhelming. Use Great Sales idea “Promise based vs risk based income” and great analogy with vacation story with next gas 180 miles. Sometimes add a case study to your virtual meeting.” -Joseph Aragona

“Illusion of Liquidity. Review these risks deeper.” -Bekki Harper

“Retirement income planning is very involved and not a one” -size fits all. Not sure, thinking about thrive u. Thank you.

“The bond ladder provides no protection regarding longevity. We are NAIFA Proud, thanks.” -Barry Delp

“Withdrawal rates.” -Ramit Saha

“Support of guaranteed income. Discuss promised based income more often.” -D Peterson

“Dynamic presentation” -Also great refresher on retirement strategies


“The four Ls that are Retirement Goals. Talk more about Lifestyle, Longevity, Liquidity and Legacy. GoToWebinar works well.” -First Name Snyder

“Refresher on the language/process of the retirement income plan. Have more confidence as I plan with clients. This was one of the best webinars in recent times. Excellent timely information presented concisely. Thank you.” -Gina Mills

“Lifestyle is the utility of Joy. Continue as I have been working with Curtis and the RNG software. Awesome session. Thanks much!” -Nan Lesnick

“Confirmation that diversification is key. also from Wade that income annuities are a better ‘buy’ than bond laddering regardless of interest rates.” -Julie Miller

“Reverse Mortgage information and ladering. Take some new courses.” -Jacob Thrailkill

“I am glad there are others who are interested in doing the “deep dives” so that I can lean on them. Use the phrase “I have refined” when telling people about my financial services to attempt to create curiosity about how I might be different. Great job!.” -Steven Daniel

“Reach out to clients with large cash values in life policies to remind them that is available to them if they need it. Consider SPIAs more.” -Giny Fallon

“The importance of holistic approach, looking at the pros and cons of each alternative to see which best meets clients needs and still letting client decide. Make certain both spouses are at first meeting, and letting both understand need to protect and provide necessary income, once there is only one. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and firing up my enthusiasm.” -Barbara Cottrell

“The concept description of “promised based vs risk based income”. Ask more questions. Excellent program today, Curtis’s concepts are great, I would love a copy of the slides from Curtis and Wade if possible.” -Ray Lighthart

“I learned that I get to be excited about who I am surrounding my self with and trust your Leadership in this industry. I learned that these Teachers are willing to give a everything they know to make sure we are set to be Successful ADVISORS. I am going to take advantage of the opportunities you are all offering. I am grateful.” -Jose Rodriguez

“Concepts of retirement planning and the power of tools in the process.” -Kurt Sieve

“I need to focus more on different retirement income strategies for clients. Learn more.” -Kathleen Owings

“Planning never ceases in good or bad times. Continue to get to meet and add in virtual meeting as a valid option that does work to stay current. I am not retired but on vacation working with a younger associate who has bought out my practice because I like the relationships and want to keep sharing high quality insights I receive from these sessions.” -Robert Priganc