Becoming a Virtual Advisor

Life and technology has brought us to point that understanding how to run at least part of your office is essential to being able to provide excellent service. This panel of top producers and virtual advisors will share their experiences, their favorite technologies, and a collection of virtual office know-hows.

Each of these advisors have tapped into the virtual office experience in different ways, and present a multitude of options for remote work, be it an entire office, just your assisstant, or how to service your clients from your virtual office.

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“This was the most appropriate, timely, knowledge-rich webinar I have ever attended. Nice Display of Competence” -Ed Bond

“I am doing the right things. Will look at a couple of enhancements.” -Timothy Smith

“It’s relativity simple to become virtual and inexpensive. You just need to do it. I want to do more of this especially in the next 4 or more weeks!.” -Glenn Newlin

“Hav to pick out the details that best fit our producer’s situation. Now is a great time to double down and be proactive in contacting our customers. Share a positive mindset with my agents and make the most of every day. People appreciate being checked on and are likely available for a visit…by phone or computer.” -Dan Carr

“This affirmed that the direction I have taken two weeks ago is a good one. I just received my new free-standing camera, I subscribed to Zoom, I have engaged BombBomb etc. Investigate CRM integration. I would love to get the list of vendors/applications that Caleb has offered. Nice job today.” – Anonymous

“Conduct business virtually. Utilizing technology. Changing how I do business. Incorporating webinars and virtual solutions.” -Charles Lape

“I learned that it can be done.” -Andrew Wayt

“Confirmation that my process and proactive outreach is the best thing. That I need to get my RW platform up and running and use that technology. Great call.” -Robin Edgar

“We’re the second responders. Using technology properly.” -Rich Slavin

“Liked the tech tips. Be less concerned/nervous about having virtual meetings with prospects.” -Christopher Sparks

“Confirming the importance of whiteboard to virtual operation. Going to continue the migration to a virtual environment. Absolutely excellent! Attending this session answers many of the questions I’ve had which could never be answered in words. Like jumping in the pool with several instructors to learn to swim. Perfect! Thanks!” -Neal Ewing

“Thank you for always having great speakers and sharing.” -Heather Chacon

“Names of tech services and types of hardware the speakers use. Consider Barry’s training to learn from his success providing financial services on a virtual basis. Love the visual line-up of speakers and written questions being asked. Easier to follow along “virtually.” : ).” – Anonymous

“Change your paradigm. Do more to create remote business. Develop a new plan and paradigm.” -Martin Bailey

“How to locate a virtual assistant. Research several of the apps that were mentioned to decide what would be most compatible to my style. I am a 73 year old semi retired agent who has just moved to a new state, and I sold my prior practice so I am starting out cold like I did in 1975.” -Alan Zalewski

“Reinforce some of the technology I already use. Practice to become more efficient with the technology I already use.” -Marc Maretsky

“Caleb’s points were helpful.” – Anonymous

“Ideas for moving more in a virtual direction.” -Richard Price

“There are a lot of companies out there to plug. Teach advisors how to professionally run web meetings from home.” -Bob Coleman

“Drip Campaign that reinforces the products/services that I offer to my client base. Send Drip campaigns and also realize that I am a 2nd Responder for my clients. Great job and thanks for your time.” -Darin Parks

“Old school…want to move into virtual sales. Everything… Very informative…” – Anonymous

“I’m totally new to the industry, so I learned a ton of things and took copious notes. I’m going to work on better streamlining my client communications. Looking forward to the next one!” -Patrick Johnson

“Social media is the new wave of doing business. Start using FB and begin conference calls with my clients. Great Information!!!!.” -SONJA SIMMONS

“Funnel down what I want to do and find ideal client. Use technology to simplify business to be more efficient.” -David Oldenburg

“I need to learn to learn and start using many of the ideas presented. Start with Zoom and go from there.” -James Morton

“Virtual selling is easier than I initially thought it would be. Start using Zoom & a white Board.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Learning about the disability income virtual practice of Corey A. along with his offer for us to listen in once. Learn and do more with Red Tail. Thank you for the free resources! When speakers said “screen share”, what particular service were they talking about?” -Robert Snyder

“Great job… nice information from a great variety of producers and it’s timely!.” -Shari Sitzmann

“How technology in the advisor capacity has become the way. Look in tech further.” -Robert Van Slyke

“The variety of practice applications. Review the process and interaction with tech. The list that Caleb was holding up might be very useful.” -Barry Delp

“It can be done on the phone & the internet. At the age of 80 and over 40+ years in the Life Insurance business, not sure just yet. It is all very exciting. Back in the day your program would be a no brainer, it still is for the man or woman that wants to go the top. Thanks for a great presentation.” -Charlie Weaver

“Now’s the time to grow my technology and really go after “my 3,000″ clients that Jim talked about!. Add CRM, VOIP. Call everybody on my client and prospect lists. This was an amazing webinar! Changed my entire year.” -Elisha Aharon

“Learning about a virtual business. Just got introduced to Zoom. Look at building the on-line presence more & more. Keep up the good work!” – Anonymous

“That multiple technology platforms need to be used in combination to achieve a virtual practice. Use online webinars and video conferencing. I look forward to a webinar about using virtual technology for prospecting to Niche markets.” -Robert James

“PDF Annotator and not using technology in a webinar that requires you to look down a lot.” -David Dahl

“How much technology is available to run a successful business of any size.” -Lena Polishuk

“Mentioning the software they are using. Going virtual makes sense with the current business climate.” -John Mueller

“Names of different programs that were spoken of. Follow up on some of the things discussed. Many are not geared to a small office and will utilize free ones if possible.” -Rennae Padderud

“Type of tools out there and the names. Based on Coronavirus it’s clear being virtual works and the presenters are ahead of their time.” -Randy Sienkiewicz

“That I need to get better virtual marketing looks like missing the boat. See about getting office set up correctly. Tell Jim to have his camera eye level so we have to look up his nose. LOL.” -John Davis

“How to optimize the virtual office for the best quality of client engagement (not just what to use but implementing your ideal process supported by the right tools). I am going to test drive more technique and tools for my virtual office, I am going to research my favorite client profile and market to that demographic, and I am going to familiarize myself with NAIFA because I so impressed with the membership that presented today/their practices/idea sharing. My manager shared this email with me -I wish I knew about you sooner!” – Anonymous

“Need to implement more tech. Invest in better tech.” -Bruce Murphy

“How this virus can be an opportunity to grow our practices and improve our skills. Pay more attention to virtual learning.” – Anonymous

“I learned so much in today’s presentation. Most valuable were the names of the apps/programs/software that advisors are using like Bomb Bomb.” -Drew Powers

“I must learn to operate in a virtual world. I need a better back ground for virtual meetings.” -Mike Emmert

“The suggestions on how to utilize video and conferencing appointments. Put a process in place for future appointments. Thank you for this webinar. Very useful!.” -Cynthia Bong

“Virtual NOW. View Notes Pick three ideas to implement. Do a session on how to develop clients virtally.” -Ralph Adorno

“Grateful to hear everyone’s advise and comment especially identifying my ideal market/client …. still learning. Start implementing a virtual business practice which could take a while being that I don’t quite embrace technology as much as I needed to. Thank you for the fantastic group of speakers, sharing their secrets in their business practices. Blessings to everyone!!.” -Francine Naas

“Drip campaign on clients, starting with welcome email.” -Don Martin

“Virtual is the wave of the future. More open with older clients about meeting virtually.” -Heather Lindsley

“Rethinking my current strategy of NOT using live video. Possibly live video and a white board. I am 100% a LTCI Specialist so many of your sessions are not applicable but today’s was, thank you!.” -Laurie Gaugler

“Listening in on an appointment with Corey. Call more customers while we have the time. Thank you! Always great information and sharing and I value the transparency.” -Holly Spann

“Already moving towards more virtual meetings and driving of business. Please schedule how Caleb and Barry prospect for new clients.” -Steve Helling

“If Jim is adapting to technology we all can. Refine the tools that are necessary and scrap those that are not. Please do another webinar on the topics that some of the panelist mentioned I think it would be a huge plus for all.” -Curt Gibbs

“Use of technology to run a virtual office. Implement some of the software that was presented by panel.” -Richard Lewis

“All the different tools that can help me run a virtual practice. Pick 2 or 3 tools and implement them in my business.” -Robin Washington

“The possibilities of working remotely are endless and the opportunity is great. Learn how to operate virtual appointments. I did not know the webinar would run 2 hours, and missed the last 30 minutes. Thank you.” -Gina Mills

“Marketing and technology tools and techniques to enhance our customer acquisition and experiences. Drip marketing.” -Ken Magaro

“New ideas to work with clients. More drip campaigns.” -Steven Silverman

“If i implement even half of what was discussed, I will be a success in my eyes. Take action – virtual will become more important in our new reality! Double down and engage with my ideal prospects. Nice program today.” -ROBERT LIEN

“It’s always nice to hear what other people are doing.” -Kendra Robinette

“That going the virtual route is the future. Move to more/exclusive virtual practice.” -Dean Meyer

“Communication amongst team members needs to be streamlined. There should be a process in place for each task to be completed. Figure out these processes!.” -Alejandro Lofaso

“The different tech programs that people use. Look at doing more virtual meetings.” -Kym Housley

“It’s possible to successfully serve clients via a virtual platform. Save money on gas!” -Roger Sims

“Different forms of technology. Incorporate Facebook marketing videos.” -Tom Sunny

“Drip email.” -Mikhail Leyon

“All different technology that’s out there. Not sure just yet as pretty reassured.” -D Peterson

“The ease of going virtual and importance of it. Figure out how to use Zoom. The information was great.” -John Lawler

“I liked the “second responders” part, and the idea that this time is actually a great opportunity for us to stand out as advisors and take great care of our clients! Be more proactive in reaching out to clients and prospects and providing helpful information! Although we already work virtually quite a bit, most of our advisors do not use video or webcam – which sounds like would be a good idea to add!” – Anonymous

“Options for CRMs.” -Amy Watkins


“Technology has passed me by. I need to hire someone that knows technology to get me set up to go forward with being a Virtual Office. If I could get set up with a portion of what these guys know I would be very successful.” -Ray Burns

“I need to get out of my comfort zone. Set up more tools for remote client meetings.” -David Ion

“Using technology. Use zoom. Looking forward to learning about safe money options.” -John Holloway

“The diverse way we all do business and technology. Re-think virtual assistant and target my existing book. Great speakers and presenters.” – Anonymous

“I am trying hard to utilizing Tech to increase virtual contact with my clients and prospectors.” -HyunSook “Lisa” Lee

“Shifting my practice to virtual would be huge. I think that I will need to make that shift for sure. I got a lot of good ideas. Look more at the people that we are hiring. Target people who have a strong ability to work remotely or outside of the office. Also work on targeting the type of clients that we want. This was a great session. I would love more information like this around the virtual aspect.” -Haile Lytton

“There are many ways to make money in this industry! Take Barry’s class! Great Job by all!!” -James Van Ham

“I have to continue working on technology.” -Tom Schmidt

“After 51 yrs in bus, hard to relate to the tech aspects and investment needed to go virtual. Have seen that fewer people want to meet face to face, so do a lot by phone and email. Interesting to see those who have never met prospects and turn them into clients!” -Fred Feinberg

“Great learning that BOMB BOMB VIDEO in email increases click through rates! Get crystal clear about the audience I want to serve, and the problem I want to solve. Then create niche videos and send via email to targeted audience of my ideal client. I will never pass up an opportunity to help someone.” -Margaret Simonds

“All of the different technology options that each of the presenters used to run their business. Look at ways to make our office run more virtually.” -Rich Falck

“Be organized.” -Henry Di Iorio

“Different prospecting ideas. Be more open minded to technology changes and virtual meetings. Great presentation thank you!” -Kelsey Foucart

“Great to hear what technologies people are using to keep in touch with clients/prospects. Move more of my business to the internet.” -David Williamson

“I want to look at PDF annotator and stuff. Thanks. Great as usual.” -Julie Kranitz

“Virtual operation is here for good and we must adapt to that platform. Hoping my carrier allows this for us. Fear nothing and reach out to clients and assure them and introduce them to zoom type technology for conducting business.” -Bob Boston

“Some good take aways. Thanks.” -Chris Liebum

“That the virtual office and marketing platform is truly the face of business today. Those who are behind the curve have work to do to become relevant in today’s marketplace. I truly believe that the public is more tech savy than is commonly believed.  Change is difficult, but we are acknowledging it is necessary to remain relevant. Virtual meeting platforms are the order of the day.” – Anonymous

“Digital marketing presence is being planned and implemented. Great webinar, with great speakers!” – Anonymous

“There is a huge opportunity to work from home and online. Set up more of a virtual practice.” -Rosemary Guilfoyle

“That there is a real community of virtual advisors that have been making money and helping people before covid 19.” – Anonymous

“That I need to get set up & comfortable as a virtual advisor. Get set up as a virtual advisor. Very good webinar.” -Terry Hellenbrand

“There are many tools available to help you be successful virtually. Be more confident in working remotely, and be better equipped. The webinar was very informative.” -Alan Farley

“I could be the one who helps older clients learn how to keep in touch with grandkids. Family photo in zoom waiting room. Would love my firm to embrace RWM.” -Garth Hassel

“Leverage family photo during zoom calls.” -Corey Cyr

“Software being used in virtual offices. Move to a virtual office setting.” -Mark Hupe

“Family picture on the screen when you start the meeting. Confidence in technology.” -Kyle Vander Loop

“Technology ideas. Be proactive.” -Gail Van Nest

“Technology is no longer optional! Invest in more technology.” -Greg Kuzmits

“The best technology to use. More virtual meetings.” -William Counts

“The importance of using White Boards during online client meetings. I will also look into a virtual assistant. Upgrade the technology I use.” -David Newbill

“It can be done virtually. Do a better job of utilizing all the tools we have available.” -Jim Jody

“Insight to “step into the virtual water”! JUMP IN!” -Jeff Layne CLU ChFC LUTCF

“Prepare To run a virtual office. Great presentations …. very valuable.” -Larry Ricke

“There is a lot out there we could be using to be more efficient. Great Overview! I took a page of notes!” – Anonymous

“Think about continuing to work virtual. Consider a drip program.” -Robert Rosner , CLU

“Utilizing all 3 technologies, phone, video and scream share, as well as different CRMs to implement. Use Screen share more and get an app like PDF annotator to draw. I thought this was a great presentation. I appreciate everyone taking the time to put out this information.” -Kevin Reidinger

“I learned about a lot of tools to make my practice more efficient. Reach out to more clients via zoom to talk about COVID-19 and the opportunities it presents to improve their financial position. I appreciate the time you took to present solid content and ideas. Well done!” – Anonymous

“Integration of many products. Use of video messaging and ZOOM. Bean. Great two hours.” -David Bailey

“Have to integrate technology.” -Joe Puetz

“Use BombBomb to communicate with clients. Make better use of FREE technology. Very good webinar.” -Rodney Trottman

“Hearing from each Advisor and Agent was inspiring and encouraging. Become more virtual.” -Paul Ewell

“All the different tech choices. Good stuff. Have already been working on streamlining tech and processes. Will continue and with acceleration :).” -Bekki Harper

“Good job! Thank you..!!” -Craig Mohr

“The advantages of working remotely, saving clients and producers time. Start doing more remote reviews with clients. Thank you, a lot of useful information to incorporate in my practice.” -Don Dietzenbach

“Getting a list of the tech that they are using to make their practice virtual. Look into the tech and see how the integrate into what I am currently doing.” -Stephen Patterson

“Use a family pic in Zoom to help build a relationship. Expect that people want to meet online. Offer it to more clients that live near me to help them save time.” -Steve Grimes