Becoming a Virtual Advisor

Virtual Advisor Panel

Trying to get ahead of the Virtual Office curve but not sure how?

Our panel of Corey Anderson, Barry Brooksby, Adam Solano, and Caleb Guilliams, join our host, to share their experience with running offices that are fully or partially remote.

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Real Wealth® is dedicated to providing Advisor Training Webinars that are timely and helpful, as well as trying to keep our advisors ahead of the curve. This webinar covers topics all the way from favorite technologies to total cost breakdowns in order to give the best holistic picture of what “remote” really means. Our system seamlessly and automatically markets to your clients and prospects to keep them hot, educated, and thinking of you – and these advisors show you how integrating with more technologies can save you more time and money!

We’re kicking off this webinar alongside some brand new discounts in the Advisor Toolbox like P3C Technologies and Amazing LIfe Agent’s Virtual Advisor Training to help you kick start your virtual endeavors. For Premier Members, check out the webinar page for more exclusive offers!